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  • Sonic United Website Continues Stand Against MIDI Madness, Contacts SEGA

    More revelations over the absurd Sonic MIDI Copyright/Sonic United saga.

    This article is a continuation of a previous one.聽Click here to read the previous News Story.

    Sonic United, after sending the message to their server hosts backing themselves up for the use of MIDI files on their website, have received a response from聽Elite Webservers.net.


    "We have no issues with your Midis. The issue is that the Midis are of copyrighted music written and produced by people that hold the copyrights to them. What other sites and other companies do is not an issue here as well. Our ToS states that no copyrighted material is to be placed on your site with out written permission from the copyright owner. We also must have a copy of this Terms of Use Agreement between you and the copyright owner for our records. This is to protect both you and us from any possible legal action...

    We understand that you are simply trying to promote Sega and their games but unless you are an authorized community by Sega or they openly authorize Any and All usage of their copyrights then you are required by Federal Law to get such authorization from them."

    Brandon A, co-webmaster of Sonic United, is following the case by contacting SEGA about their policy on the use of MIDIs on fan websites. Sonic United remain adamant to, in the meantime, keep their MIDI files online,聽"since there are so many other sites that have theirs up as well and haven't had any complaints from SEGA".

    The MIDI Madness continues, hopefully with a peaceful outcome. Watch this space...

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