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Zones we hate

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I'm a Sonic 'nublet'ish, I started on Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast, so let's see how my list varies:

Sonic the Hedgehog

-Marble Zone

It's the lack of multiple paths that actually bugs me here. D: The music is epic, though. <3

-Spring Yard Zone

Is it sad that I found this stage to be hard? Like, frustratingly so? D: Flying around everywhere...

-Labyrinth Zone

Yeup. I think everyone else summed it up pretty well.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

-Chemical Plant Zone

Well, it's only the platforms that flip over or move that frustrate me in this level; I find classic Sonic incredibly 'floaty', so trying to get him to land on them reliably is a nightmare for me. I like the other bits of the levels though. =)

-Mystic Cave Zone

D: Is it just me, or does this stage go on /forever/? Something about the aesthetic of the level bugs me too, but I couldn't really pinpoint it. Also, that freaking pit. xD...

-Wing Fortress Zone

Pains me to say that, really. I love the music and idea of this stage, but truth be told, I've never beaten it legitimately. :X I keep getting lost/fall everywhere and die.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

-Carnival Night Zone

Barrel, drags on forever... the 'cutscene' towards the end of act 2 also still runs the timer, and I've timed out during it. Also act 1's bosses had me puzzled when I was younger.

-Ice Cap Zone (Special Mention)

Okay, since I last played it, I didn't find it so bad, but the water during (I think) act 2 and those springy trampoline like things used to frustrate me so much as a kid. Not sure if I still dislike this stage, though. Gonna have to go through it a few more times before I can make up my mind, haha. Yes yes, the music's cool too.

Sonic & Knuckles

Can't think of anything off the top of my head. Perhaps Flying Battery for it's bottomless pits and the aforementioned floaty-Sonic issue I have/had. But other than that it's okay.

Sonic CD

@_@ I haven't beaten this yet, but so far everything has had a whack level design imo... The Spindash kinda bugs me a bit too. :C

Sonic 3D Blast

Everything. xD I'm sorry, I'm not a fan of this game. I remember the second level really really bugging me though. Wasn't it Dusty Garden or something like that?

Sonic Adventure

-Lost World (As Sonic)

BLEUGH. This level just strikes a chord with me. Waiting for that dragon to hurry up and make it's way over to me (then subsequently nearly flying off of it), Walking up those wall platform things (Before I knew you could easily skip them), those flaming rocks that jab you inside of those cylindrical tube things... :C The music really bugs me too, while it fits the level... I feel as though the level really just doesn't fit the game, y'know?

-All of Big's levels

Fishing. Sonic Game. Blah blah, you know the rant. These used to not bug me, though. o_O Upon playing through again, they really annoyed me, especially getting all of the extra missions done too.

-Hot Shelter (Amy)

This just feels really sluggish and tedious to me. Especially the bit where you have to open the door with the 4 coloured key block things.

(Interestingly, I used to dislike Gamma's stages, but upon playing through the game recently, I enjoyed all of Gamma's levels more than anyone elses'! I was surprised!)

Sonic Adventure 2

-Cannon's Core

This whole stage just wasn't fun to me. The first bits with Tails and Eggman frustrated me a lot as a kid, especially the Eggman one. My memory's a bit fuzzy as I don't play that level much anymore after getting all of the A Ranks on it, but my mind wants me to type "Lasers" and "Green plasma stuff".

-Mad Space

Yeah, the whole emerald hunting thing wasn't bad for me, except in Mad Space. @_@ This was just because of how big the level was....

-Security Hall(?)

The timed hunt for the Chaos Emeralds always had me frustrated until I discovered in the Dreamcast version you can unlock the safes by doing an uppercut/screw kick infront of them. Eggman egging(lol) you on also made me feel nervous throughout that level too...

-Rouge's Pyramid level

I don't even remember the name for this stage, but the Egg Beetle thing really annoyed me, and I always felt like I was lost. @__@ Death Chamber for Knuckles was similar, but it didn't bug me as much. Those hourglass doors irritated me, too.

Sonic Heroes

-Hang Castle

Bleugh. I don't even remember why I hated/hate this level. I just recall having to play one part over and over again. (I must've been doing something wrong) Mystic Mansion was fun though.

Shadow the Hedgehog

I don't remember much about this game actually. I don't own it, so... D:

Sonic Advance

Can't think of any off of the top of my head! :'D Do the special stages count...? They're hard to judge where you're positioned in, I guess. D: I really love Sonic Advance though.

Sonic Advance 2

I don't really play this often, since for some reason I don't like it very much. I just remember getting stuck on Sky Canyon(?) forever, though. The special stages were hell to get into as well. :C But I guess in keeping with the spirit of the topic, let's go with Sky Canyon.

Sonic Advance 3

BLEUGH. The entire bloody game. I can't stand the level design for any of the stages. Littered with bottomless pits, Sonic (and company) seemed floaty to me, and the game would let you think it was time to start going fast, then chuck a random enemy or bottomless pit with tricky platforming at you without any warning. @_@ The partner thing seemed pretty useless in most cases too.

Sonic Rush

-Altitude Limit

@____@ SOOO MANY BOTTOMLESS PITS. It's so frustrating to overshoot a jump or boost and then go flying into a pit. I recall there being a laser beam rising from the bottom of the stage to make you rush, too. (or was that stationary and I don't remember it well? XD)

Sonic Rush Adventure

Uuum, I can't think of any off of the top of my head.

((I'll skip Sonic 06 for obvious reasons. O: I'll take this time to mention that I really love Sonic Pocket Adventure. I also can't really think of anything for the Storybook games, so I'll skip those and the Rivals games as well... XD))

Sonic Unleashed

-Dragon Road

Ugh, Those spinning platform bits with the missile bomber things shooting at you... I'd often try to homing attack them and then boost off into oblivion too.

-Arid Sands

I can't actually remember exactly what I dislike about this stage at the time being. I just remember always avoiding it for...some reason. I think it had something to do with bottomless pits...


The longest stage bloody /ever/. My game also glitched and made the laser beams invisible, so that was hell. I fell through the ground a lot during the Werehog segments as well. X__x I recall there being a part with a ton of Eggman springs in a room, and getting fed up in there as well.

((Interestingly, I like all of these stages in the Wii version.))

Sonic Colours (Wii)

I like all of the levels in this game... EXCEPT for (and this might make people rage):

Planet Wisp

I find that Planet Wisp is the worst stage in this whole game. There's something fantastical and amazing about each other level in the game, but this one feels underwhelming. Welp, it's a construction site on grassy plains/planet Namek. I mean we had a space resort/circus, Candy Land, a parade in space with battleships and junk everywhere, Underwater ancient Japan, A space rollercoaster, and the last level being pretty intense... Planet Wisp seems to be the outcast here. There were a ton of sidescroller 2D parts with the Cube Wisp as well (Which I mostly disliked), and to make it worse, I remember one of the acts being over a bottomless pit, then myself continuing to fly off of the stage frustratedly due to the power running our or accidentally over/undershooting jumps. I guess that it's my fault, but this is a topic about levels we don't like, not how good we are at the game. XD Also, everyone I know loooves the Planet Wisp music, but personally I'm indifferent to it... I greatly prefer the rest of the soundtrack over it, and while it fits the stage nicely enough, it feels (to me) that it's not varied enough, somehow. It's not because it's a mostly piano song; I love Aquarium Park's piano oriented music... I guess I just don't like it.

EDIT: RIGHT, and there's a part within one of the acts (The first I think?) where it tells you to drift around a corner (my favorite of Sonic's new moveset), but the corner seems slightly too wide to take the corner while drifting, because I kept going flying into a pit towards the inner corner of the turn. If I don't drift, then I go flying off into a pit on the outer edge of the turn, so I just stop and walk slowly during that part. xP

=O So yeah. that's my huge list of doom.

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Metropolis zone - i really HATED the part on act 2 where there are the spinning gears with a platform between and lava below, i always fell and couldn't get back up cause of the gears. then when i thought i finished metropolis zone i got to go to act 3. Awesome D:

Launch Base Zone (act 1) - i know plenty of people love this level, but i really hated the first act, and the playing had so much to do with going in those elevators, and spinning things, the platforming was a bit dull

Any of Tails (sa2)/Eggmans/Big's levels in sa(2) - just really boring, no speed, and platforming was mediocre at best (same goes for werehog levels in unleashed)

Marble Zone - The Platforming aspect would be better suited to a mario game in my opinion, not alot of speed was required.

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Zones I dislike (none I hate in this area):

-Wing Fortress of Sonic 2. I have a love-hate relationship with this stage, partially because the music and art is so cool, but the stage is quite tedious. Then there's the boss made of balls.

-I'd almost say Marble Garden should be here, but that would mean I have no soul. It is a bit of a bore to play, though.

-I'm not afraid to say that Flying Battery gets on my nerves, though. Never been a fan of that stage, and I don't really understand the hype behind it. It's decent, though.

-Marble and Labyrinth are okay, but they do kind of break the pace of Sonic 1.

-All non-speed stages in SA2. They're pretty decent to play, but they just aren't that great compared to the speed stages, by any means.

Zones I definitely hate:

-Every one of the stages from Sonic Advance 3. Every one of them.

-On that note, I truly despise Sky Canyon from Sadv2.

-Sonic 4's Mad Gear Zone. A bad excuse for a Metropolis remake, and just a plain chore to play.

-Final Fortress from Heroes. Ugh.

-Cannon's Core is evil.

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By jumping very carefully?



After defeating it on my second shot, (with no rings, what a miracle) Labyrinth really isn't that bad, just the boss was a little insane compared to the cake walks you had before.

My least favorite in Sonic 1 is probably Scrap Brain. IMO, that was a random difficulty spike, and then for the third act it changes entirely and goes to Labyrinth Zone again... Weird. Not that its a terrible zone either, its fun to play through just my least favorite because I get hit left and right.

Haven't played Sonic 2, 3, Knuckles, and CD yet (I'm trying to beat 1 first) so I'll have a larger list later.

Also, in Unleashed I never liked Arid Sands. Don't know why, compared to the other day time stages I just wasn't feeling it. The music, the YELLOW, jeez, way too yellow. Presentation affects me a lot, to be honest. Nothing compared to Eggmanland though.

In Adventure 2, I also didn't like Pumpkin Kill (that was originally a typo but I kept it =p). I did so bad at that stage, and for some reason it took a lot longer than it should have.

There wasn't really a Zone in Sonic Colors I hated, I thought they were all pretty easy.... I guess the Aquatic Asian Land gave me trouble. I never really liked Water Zones, and while this one definitely wasn't that bad at all, and the Drill underwater was awesome it was probably the one area I kind of wanted to get over quickly. Again, I'm just not a fan of water areas, in any game, period. They just freak me out.

I can't really think back to the other Sonic games I've played. I've either forgotten or none really stands out at me. In Rush Adventure I remember having a LOT of trouble with Sky Babylon until after I beat it. I died loads of times and got a couple of game overs. I remember that I finally beat it after remembering where to go, jump, etc. Then the Pirate-Boat area (name escapes me, sorry) really annoyed me too, that was probably one of the places I had the most trouble with.

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Sonic the Hedgehog- Labyrinth Zone. Like so many others, I just despise the zone. It's so slow and there are so many traps. I also despise the enemy placement in this level; I've found that many times there's an Orbinaut located right in front of the bubble I need to survive, which means I usually die because the Orbinaut hits me and knocks me away from my air.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2- Hill Top Zone. Can anyone say 'boring?' Everything about this stage in underwhelming and the music is just irritating.

Sonic and Knuckles- Flying Battery Zone. It may only be the second zone, but I only beat this zone for the first time the other day. The music is awesome, but the level is a pain.

Sonic Adventure- Speed Highway. It's not the concept behind this stage that bothers me, actually it has a bit of potential...my problem is that this zone is that it's a glitchy mess. Plus, the environment basically being suspended over a giant botomless pit is more than a bit frustrating since the controls are very slippery. Don't even bother spindashing here; you'll either be flung off the edge of a road or mysteriously fall through it.

Sonic Adventure 2- Security Hall. I. HATE. THIS. STAGE. I have no idea how much time I spent on this thing, but when I was little it would make me SO ANGRY. Plus, it clearly hates me: the first time I beat it I was THRILLED. I tried so hard to beat it and before I could save the game...we lost power. It took me months before I could beat the zone again, and when I finally did...the data on my memory card became corrupted somehow and I was forced to start the entire game over.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006- Pretty much everything in this game sucks. I like Kingdom Valley's Sonic sections, that's about it. I guess if I had to single out certain zones I would say that White Acropolis is particularly awful and Tropical Jungle is terribly easy to get lost in. Dusty Desert with Silver sucked majorly as well.

Sonic Unleashed- I love all of the Daytime Stages, so there's no zone that I hate entirely, but the Werehog level for Arid Sands was an absolute nightmare. It's a long, boring stage, where you fight terrible enemies, over and over and over again. Eggmanland's werehog sections are really bad as well and if it weren't for them, I would actually really like the stage.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4- I really only like Lost Labyrinth, everything else is meh, at best, but I harbor a special hatred for Splash Hill Zone. The level is very wide and open, which makes the physics issues more noticeable than in any of the other zones.

Sonic Colors- Asteroid Coaster isn't my favorite level. I don't think I "hate" it, but I don't really enjoy it. It's kind of ugly, whereas most of Colors is beautiful, and it just has some cruel and unfair sections.

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OH MAN. Totally forgot how much of a train-wreck this stage is. Took me 45 MINUTES to complete. I think it's safe to say I won't be returning to it any time soon!

It actually only took me about 15-20 minutes on my first try, I guess I'm alone on that one, though.

I really can't say what zone I hate, I do hate Mazuri in Sonic Unleashed Wii mainly because it isn't even a zone, just a boss.

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Everything in Sonic '06, but the two worst? Crisis City and the boarding part of White Acropolis. Fucking glitches everywhere. For example, I'd be going straight, but then it would randomly push me off to the right and have me fall off for no reason, or I'd get stuck in a wall and not be able to get out. I quit playing the game right when I got to Crisis City.

Final Rush and Security Hall (Sonic Adventure 2). I always dread these parts every time I play through SA2. Honestly, these levels are hell.

Labyrinth Zone (Sonic 1). Need I say more?

Sandopolis and Carnival Night (S3&K). Again, no explanation. I love S3&K, but I could never stand these levels.

Night Carnival (Sonic Rush), just because of its boss.

Hill Top Zone (Sonic 2), like SpookyMulder said. Underwhelming, and has the most annoying music. It hurts my ears.

P.S. Unlike most people, I quite enjoy most of the treasure hunting and shooting stages in SA2. One of the reasons I love SA2 is because of its variety of gameplay, and each style of gameplay is fun and enjoyable, or at least to me anyway.

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Stages I hate:

Marble Zone: Too big a difficulty spike from green hill and it's boring.

Labyrinth Zone: more like How-NOT-To-Design-A-Sonic-Level Zone

Mystic Cave: It's just not that fun to me, and that snake pit is a pain.

Wing Fortress: good god. If you don't know the shortcuts here it's a tedious level

Marble Garden: drags on forever and is pretty uninteresting. Boss fight is good though.

Every mech/treasure hunting/fishing/werehog stage: need I say more?

Every Heroes stage as Team Chaotix: extremely tedious and boring

Most Shadow the Hedgehog objectives: Most missions in that game were just so horribly tedious that it made Team Chaotix in Heroes seem fun. Central City, I hate you so much. Even just point A-Point B objectives weren't that fun.

Sonic 06 as a whole: glitches aside, this game takes mistakes of past 3D games like alternate gameplay(Silver), tedious missions(Shadow), bad basic stage design(Sonic) and makes it more glaringly obvious. Admitedly, I got a bit of a kick playing as Silver since his gameplay was unique, but things just got bland and tedious after Crisis City. Shadow's story made me beg to play as team chaotix in Heroes, and Sonic, while having a few interesting bits here and there just wasn't much fun at all, bar Kingdom Valley.

Every Daytime Unleashed level: What the hell is this crap? All you do is hold the boost to win the level! I troll, I troll. Love them.

I may add more from Advances & Rushes later.

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Sonic Unleashed's Night Stages(Boss fights were decent) Slow and boring

Labyrinth Zone

Eggmanland since it forces you to play as manhog Werehog as well. Sonic alone would be much better.

Bigs Fishing levels.(getting the Rank A Emblem...My face when I spent half an hour then losing the fish)

Chaos Angel(SA# last zone) Act2

Sky Babylon(both levels)

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  • 11 months later...

Why the hell do people hate Altitude Limit? It's easy (well, the acts are. The boss is a little tricky) and the bottomless pits are NOT annoying/cheap. Seriously, Sky Babylon's insta-death electric fields were more offensive (but still not exactly cheap or unfair)

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Crisis City as a whole is an amazing looking stage, but very glitchy and unfair. I'm talking about the first part with the board, and the fourth part with the "tornado carrying a car." There's just so much shit going on that before you know it, you're dead! Other stages in Sonic 06 have a similar problem but this one takes the cake.

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I'm not too sure. I suppose flame core from Sonic 06. Poorly designed, dragged on for far too long. The design was so flawed, you could get to an unfinished path by just one small jump from the main path.

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I... I don't have a specific level that I hate, what is this madness??? I can't count 06 levels since they're bad because of bugs and glitches... There are stages I like "less", but not one that I hate hate :/ Maybe I should throw here: The Doom and Lost Impact, from ShadowTH.

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I actually really like Labyrinth Zone. True, honest-to-goodness story. Once you get the hang of the different controls for under water, it's quite fun I think. And I really like the music and art design for everything (level and enemies).

But Act 3 can go straight to hell, so it might as well take the other two with it.

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Planet wisp Generations. Both. God the stage is just so boring,annoying and repetitive. IN BOTH ACTS! I mean modern kind of gets a little saving grace because of it's first half which was amazing, but classic....God that stage was bad. The overuse of Spikes, the design of the level, the length of the whole stage. I just hate that stage. Oh and moderns music. But it's not as bad as 06's Aquatic base to me. It was just a broken level to me. Well any stage in 06 was.

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The Doom and Lost Impact from Shadow the Hedgehog. I shouldn't be able to wind up lost in a freakin' Sonic game, man. Just sayin...

The music for both action stages are nice, though... but still.

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Oh, surprised I never did a serious post in this thread. Well here's the levels I tend to dread in each Sonic game:

Sonic 2: Metropolis - I'm better at it these days but it's still loooong.

Sonic & Knuckles: Sandopolis - Again it's just so long, and Act 1 is especially dull. Don't like the music either.

Sonic Adventure: Sky Chase - Boring as hell and you have to do it four times to finish the game.

Sonic Heroes: I dread most of the game but Casino Park and BINGO Highway are pretty annoying with their awful pinball controls. Also Robot Storm.

Shadow The Hedgehog: The Doom and Lost Impact, what else? It's a shame too because Lost Impact has beautiful music.

Sonic Unleashed: I have a particular hatred for Arid Sands Night Act 3 on the HD version. The rage at the final fight area in that level broke my laptop years back because it was in the vicinity when I lashed out furious at the unfairness of it.

Think that's all of my big ones.

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I actually like Labyrinth Zone in its entirety. I like the music, the aesthetics, and even the nerve-wracking underwater element. Also, water slides! It's a silly little level. On the other hand, Marble Zone gets my ire because it's such a pace killer. The level theme and music are so understated as to feel gloomy, and the slow, blocky platforming and push puzzles serve to accentuate that. It's just really not a fun level. The best thing about it is that its placement in the roster makes Spring Yard that much more awesome by comparison.

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Fuck you Meteor Herd.

That's not how you spell Mad Space.

Seriously, it's probably the most appropriate sounding name, as that zone drove me out of my fucking mind; it's everything that's wrong with the 3D games gameplay wise.

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Reading some of the earlier posts, I have to agree that Sandopolis is the worst level in 2D Sonic games I've ever had the misfortune of playing. I would rather play Sonic CD with a broken controller BLINDFOLDED than play that fucking level.

"Oh but Act 1 isn't as bad as act 2" Yeah, and Sonic Gens 3DS isn't as bad as Sonic Advance 3 (or vice-versa if you prefer), what's your fucking point?

Hate that level. Hate everything about it.

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RE: Sandopolis

Its not the level design or anything. Its all well executed, but it suffers from Planet Wisp (Gens) syndrome of being too fucking long.

Even when you're blasting through it with Super/Hyper Sonic it still feels slow, especially in Act 2 and its cramped spaces and endless loops.

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That's not how you spell Mad Space.

Seriously, it's probably the most appropriate sounding name, as that zone drove me out of my fucking mind; it's everything that's wrong with the 3D games gameplay wise.

The only huge difference is that Mad Space suffers from being not Mario Galaxy, and is basically a huge bottomless pit.

Don't ask me how there's a bottomless pit in space, because I have no idea.

RE: Sandopolis

Its not the level design or anything. Its all well executed, but it suffers from Planet Wisp (Gens) syndrome of being too fucking long.

Even when you're blasting through it with Super/Hyper Sonic it still feels slow, especially in Act 2 and its cramped spaces and endless loops.

I beg to differ.

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