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Why is the japanese version of SONIC X better?


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I'd say the greatest sin of the dub is just the godawful music. Severe mackering can be tolerable in certain instances, such as with dubs like Kirby or 4kids Pokemon. Some dubs can grow a life of their own like Yugi-Oh. But what often brings down a 4kids dub is just that awful music that plays out more like noise than anything.

Characters have recognizable themes to them in 4kids dubs, and the instruments aren't even that bad in terms of audio quality. On their own these tracks can be alright. But then they are mixed into the episode, and themes are playing on top or each other, and the instruments just lack an identity to them that makes the actual show stand out. It's that same synthesizer crap you hear in every 4kids dub that just gets played on top of each other in a competition of noise because the dub track wasn't made to the Japanese timing.

What really drags it down is just how all of it blends together, there's no one instrument that stands out aside from generic midi horns or endless strings. You'd think Sonic would get a guitar for his theme, but no, he gets this mess of horns that just doesn't fit him.

And that I think is what really brings down the 4kids dub. More than the edits, and more than any script changes. You can laugh at bad dialogue, but it sure is hard to laugh at bad music when it's playing over and over for 78 episodes.

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Without the Sonic X Dub we never would've gotten Mike Pollock as Eggman the best casting 4kids has ever made;  Dan Green as Knuckles who I still believe did the best job; and although it took time Jason Griffith had really nailed down Sonic in Sonic Unleashed which is still my favorite Sonic performance thus far; thats why i was so disappointed that he was replaced not long after; just as Jason had hit a sweet spot with the character in comes Roger Craig Smith and his okay monotone no emotion Sonic. I don't hate Roger Craig Smiths Sonic but I always found his to be lacking and that the other actors performances like Travis Willingham and Mike Pollock would constantly overshadow Roger's.

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