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  • SEGA Is Going To Be At Summer Game Fest 2024

    Back once again

    It's almost June, which can only mean one thing for gamers: a ton of video gaming news. There's plenty of presentations coming soon, and there's also an event called Summer Game Fest. It has been running for multiple years now, and SEGA has really enjoyed revealing and showcasing new and upcoming games, including Sonic titles. So, it isn't surprising that the tradition is continuing and SEGA will be at Summer Game Fest once again!

    The official Summer Game Fest Twitter account confirmed the news today. Although they didn't get into any specific details, they did list SEGA as one of "more than 55 partners" that will be participating in Summer Game Fest's festivities next month. They are just one company in a list that includes Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, EA, SNK and much more.

    So, what is SEGA planning? Well, at the very minimum, it is safe to say that a Sonic X Shadow Generations trailer will probably be revealed at some point in June, and Summer Game Fest is a good time to premiere it. The game still doesn't have an exact release date yet, and fall is less than half a year away, so if the game is going to release in that time window, then SEGA's going to have to say something, and soon. Meanwhile, they'll likely give Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble some time in the spotlight before the game releases later in the month.

    Of course, you're also probably wondering what playable demos SEGA will  have there. Well, the odds are very high that Sonic X Shadow Generations will be there. Sonic has been a yearly occurance at this event, with Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Superstars being playable at the event in previous years. It's not out of the question either that Sonic X Shadow Generations may get a playable demo at the event. However, since the only new content is technically the Shadow story episode, don't expect a news cycle that is anything close to the ones that Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Superstars had.

    Remember that Summer Game Fest is technically a 2-part event. There is a presentation showcase that will be happening on June 7th. This will be immediately followed by Summer Game Fest Play Days a day later, an invite-only media and influencer event where attendees can play demos of upcoming video games. Summer Game Fest Play Days will be taking place over the course of the weekend. Meanwhile, companies such as Microsoft and Ubisoft will be having presentations around the same time, which Summer Games Fest is promoting. As always, we'll keep you all up to date on what happens with a certain blue hedgehog there. In the meantime, here's Summer Game Fest's tweet:


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    Let's hope they'll show off the Sonic 3 trailer before Summer Games Fest... I for one don't wanna wait that long...

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