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Sonic Speed Simulator - Cyber Station Zone Act 1 Music Note Location Mini Guide


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A smaller addendum guide to go in conjunction with the Overclocked Silver event guide, and Symphony Showdown event guide - the latest update brought in addition to ESP Silver - a brand new hidden music note that was strangely missing from the initial batch.


The new music note brings us back to Cyber Station, which was mysteriously missing from the initial batch of songs. Why that is, I'm unsure - but either way, the track to the zone has been added to the game so you can fully collect your jukebox collection. The above image roughly shows where the music note is from the spawn.

Unfortunately however, this is the one music note that requires a mount. Luckily, if you have followed the ESP Silver guide yesterday, you'll not need to worry about this requirement.


A Astral Tornado mount is available for completing the third task of the event - gaining 10,000 total points in Tornado Assault in Emerald Hill Zone, so if you haven't done so already, go and do that. Once you're done, ensure the mount is equipped, and enable it. You'll begin flying in the air, where you'll want to go in a straight line from where the image shows Super Sonic above - towards the back of the world.



In my experience, this is one of the easiest to miss music notes due to it's completely bizarre location. But you'll know where it is via three landmarks as noted below.

1. You'll see a large holographic red Eggman icon - it's to the left of this icon.

2. You'll see a series of green pillars that make up the back wall of the world. You will get hit by a invisible box trying to land atop them.

3. You will see a large holographic blue cube between the Eggman icon and the green towers.

If you fly towards this blue box, you'll see the music note come into view, although it can still be awkward to pilot the mount into it due to the size of the plane and how close to the world barrier you are which will despawn the plane if you hit it. 

Luckily, you can get high enough with the plane, and then using either Super Sonic, ESP Silver, or Neo Metal Sonic, jump out of the mount and immediately start flying via boost - you can then use the flight to make your way to the music note.


With that, your jukebox collection is complete once more!

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