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^ Uhh... forgive me if I'm missing something, but that sounds exactly like the drift in Unleashed anyway.

Yeah, I'm sorry if it's just like that, I haven't played Unleashed yet. ^_^; Though from what I can remember from the control scheme of the game, is there a trigger for drifting left or right, and not just one universal drift? And does holding the trigger make you drift automatically?

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You have to turn AND hold the button to drift, yes. The general best way for the tightest controlled drift is to begin to turn, then hold the trigger. But indeed, the drift is not really in any way automatic.

On 360 and PS3, you can use either trigger to drift in either direction (though I tend to use whichever direction one I am going in as it's easier).

On Wii, one button serves both directions anyway as none of the controllers have double shoulder buttons/triggers (the quick-step is given to the shoulder buttons on Classic Controller/GCN Controller). Dunno about PS2 as never played it.

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Huh, well then my original post and null and void than. ^_^;

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I don't understand why they made the drift it's own separate move with it's own button when they could have just made it part of Sonic's normal course altering ability. That would have prevented snaking, and made it a zero button maneuver.

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But the point was that it would stiffen when getting that fast so you wouldn't have such a problem staying on said sections I listed. The drift would be for not just making tight corners, but also for proper turning in general.

EDIT: Then again, I think I'm getting more used to your idea, Phos.

Then again, it usually ends up that I have an idea; Phos states how to improve off this idea, I deny it, wait a bit, think it through for a while, and then agree with him. =P

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