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Sonic Forces- Classic GHZ Gameplay


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1 hour ago, Roboat06 said:

Yeah, I guess...


Literally a city in a green hill, it even has waterfalls:



Fuck me, Switzerland is eye candy.


I really want to know what's going on with the plot... but watch Sonic Team don't go as deep as we want, and give "reasons" just so Sonic can make jokes out of it: "- ALL THIS SAND'S GONNA GET IN MY SHOES HA HA FUNNY :^)".

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7 hours ago, GuyWithThePie said:

It even bounces off the logs and falls off the edge once it's done rolling.

They spent more time developing badnik gib physics than they did Sonic's.

Stuff like this kinda works with Havoc out of the box.  Applying that stuff to a controllable force in a tight, consistent manner is a much bigger task that Havoc can only provide a starting point for (for example, Zelda Breath of the Wild uses Havoc but what they managed to use it for in-gameplay with the toys they give you is an absolute technical marvel).

Of course it is absolutely a challenge that Sonic Team should've taken on but yeah, just saying they didn't "develop" the gib physics necessarily, prolly just fine-tuned them a little to get the visual effect they wanted.

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Looks bland af. The sand doesn't seem to create any new and interesting gimmicks to the stage (could change in an Act 2 though?). The music sounds like a generic animu though hopefully it's just a placeholder. Boost pads, boost pads everywhere. Oh and invisible springs! It's Green Hill Zone with sand, whoo. It still feels SO pointless and redundant that Classic Sonic is in this game when we already got another game coming out this year with him in it! With no improvements made to his physics from Generations, the comparisons between Forces and Mania gameplay will be inevitable.

The only positive I can think of is that it looks really pretty. Yeah...damn. Come on E3, please be better. 

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Is it possible Eggman rebuilt and upgraded the Scrap Brain Zone using the (insert whatever allowed him to takeover 99% of the planet here), turning most of South Island into a desert except for Green Hill, which is why it still has some green left?

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