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Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed: Bug Thread [PATCH UPDATE 3/21/13]


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14 hours ago, Moonboy65 said:

Not sure if this a bug/glitch but it's rather annoying.

The music will randomly skip for no reason when you go through the transformation gates in Dragon Canyon, Temple Trouble, Galactic Parade and Dream Valley.

for reference:

Dragon Canyon skips a part of Flight (2nd/3rd laps when changing back to Car from Boat/Plane), Empire (2nd lap, when switching to Boat) and Worms (3rd lap, when switch to Plane) 

Temple Trouble skips a part of Jungle World (from Car to Boat) and Monkey Island (from Boat to Car)

Galactic Parade will skip a part of Starlight Carnival when you switch from Car to Plane and back to Car (during the asteroid section)

Dream Valley skips a part of Paternal Horn (after going through the portals) and NiGHTS+Reala (when going through the portals)

I can't confirm this on the physical disc copy of the Wii U version because I don't have it, however... the digital copy of the game (AKA eShop) does skip a part of the song when going through the transformation gates on these tracks. Not game breaking, just annoying.

EDIT: The skips DON'T happen on the PC version

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The following are not glitches/bugs but they confuse/irritate me.

When someone grabs an all-star on let's say... Race of Ages, WHY THE HELL DOES IT CAUSE THE MUSIC TO PLAY FROM THE BEGINNING!?! I want to hear the best part dammit!!!

In Graveyard Gig, why does the music start off with Revenge instead of the Theme of the Magician? Should have just played the Theme of the Magician and then Revenge, I would enjoy the track even more with the music in that order.

In Galactic Parade, why do the transformation gates force a music transition? The track only uses Starlight Carnival for the music so what was the point of doing that?

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