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The Road to Season 4: A Skylanders Dimensions Retrospective - Episode 3: Favorite Character Combos!



Welcome to the penultimate episode of Road to 4!

There has been dozens, if not over a hundred unique characters that has come and gone throughout all the interconnected RPs that Skylanders Dimensions is involved with. With this massive cast, so comes a ton of character dynamics!

Our community wants to foster an environment where people are encouraged to interact with other Writers, forge their own stories, arcs and interactions that could only be done with the impromptu magic of roleplay. So many unexpected but beloved duos, trios and beyond have come from this between unlikely characters.

And today, we want to give you a taste of that as I asked the Skylanders community what they believed are their favorite character dynamics between two are more writers! Crossovers, dead ahead!



In my time in the Skylanders Dimensions RP, I’ve been introduced to countless characters, and many of those characters have become very special to me throughout the stories and interactions all us different writers have shared. There are so many combinations of characters from different writers, and many fun dynamics that have been made, and that’s one of the coolest things about this RP, just seeing what characters will click, how they might bounce off each other or what developments might occur between them. I may have joined far from the start, but I have gotten lots of wonderful interactions with my own characters and those of others, and I’m happy to share some of my favorites!

Sayaka Miki @Failinhearts and Jessica Powell @Spin Attaxx: Seeing Sayaka’s hopeful outlook on life bounce off of Jessica’s introverted, sometimes pessimistic nature is not something I would have thought I would enjoy, but their dynamic really is one of my favorites in the RP. One thing I really do like about the relationship these two have is that Sayaka likes Jessica for who she is, and she doesn’t try to make Jessica change. And in that way, Sayaka shows Jessica that it’s okay to be herself when others might not like the grumpy side of her. The characters, along with their writers, have a long-storied friendship, and reading up on that in the recaps and seeing just how far they’ve come together, characters and writers, has been amazing! It’s also given us the gift of the SayaJess ship, which of course is just a joke… or is it…?


Trinity @Ryannumber1gamer and Kyubey @Failinhearts: I knew I wanted to have Trinity on here, though there’s a LOT of dynamics with her that I love, so choosing just one from the bunch was difficult. Whether it was her emotional dynamic with her sister, Ray (written by Jova), the fun prankster dynamic between her and Shade (another of SpinAttaxx’s characters), or her somewhat family dynamic with Dimitri (one of my characters), Trinity has had a lot of great moments and interactions that make her one of my favorite characters in the RP. However, I ultimately decided on this one. Kyubey and Trinity both share a journey about proving that you can be more than what other people say you’re “supposed” to be, and I have always loved those sorts of stories. They bonded a lot over both being more digital beings, struggling with thoughts of being made to be controlled by someone else, and were just a really fun and wholesome friendship. Both characters were kind, playful, a bit mischievous, and just played off each other so well, and I am glad that Trinity will be able to carry on Kyubey’s legacy in Season 4 and beyond.


Robrainiac @Emperor Robrainiac and Shade @Spin Attaxx: This dynamic is very unique and fun to me because it’s a pair of villains (at least self-proclaimed) who still fight on the side of good and know their limits (whether they always admit it or not). Robrainiac being more level-headed and Shade being the picture of chaotic makes for fun back-and-forths between the two, and it was neat to see their interactions at the start of the Dark Elemental’s Playhouse story. Both characters on their own make for unique dynamics within the Skylanders due to their pasts, but together are even better. This is another instance of longtime Skylanders having well-built dynamics, which I think is a testament to the bonds the characters and their writers can make over time. Hopefully more characters can shake things up with dynamics like these two villain-ish figures!


Otto Octavius @Winston and Doctor Strange @Lady Marie: It was very neat seeing these two characters interact and bond, building on what happened in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The interaction that comes to mind first when I think of these two takes place pretty shortly after they joined the Skylanders, and it was a somber but very genuine one. Strange and Otto both got to bond over the mistakes they made, better days gone by, and people they loved, and I think it was a really well-written interaction that came at an emotional time in the overall narrative, too. As a result, it was powerful and allowed the characters to grow closer through their shared struggles. Seeing how they both struggle with trying to make up for their past mistakes is inspiring, and I hope we get to see more of them together in the future as well!


I didn’t want to mention too many examples of dynamics involving my own characters because I don’t like drawing attention to myself much and don’t want to be biased, however, I wanted to include at least one dynamic where one character is mine, simply because I want to show appreciation for some of the people who interacted with my characters even when they didn’t have to. I’ve felt welcomed and accepted in the community, and it fills my heart with happiness to see others wanting to interact with the characters I love and see the relationships we come up with together! 


Byleth @Morganoire and Rexy @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon: It’s been honestly very surprising and very validating for me to see how far Byleth has come in the relatively short time she’s been part of the rp, and how willing people have been to interact with her. As such, she’s had a lot of different dynamics that I love, and choosing just one to mention was hard. In the end, I went with her and Rexy though, as both characters share a connection of being killers in the past who garnered fear from others. Byleth took on a teacher/mentor role in helping Rexy overcome troubles and insecurities, and Rexy’s determined and proud nature made her something of a unique challenge for Byleth. The two did a lot of growing together, sharing their struggles and desire for vengeance, learning to let go of things past, and forging a strong bond that resulted in cool fight scenes together and even very wholesome moments!

This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, and there are loads of characters and dynamics that I love! These were just some of the first ones to come to mind, and my memory can be pretty sporadic. That said, I can’t wait to see more interactions and dynamics form come Season 4!



Snowy @CharDragoncaster and Blanc @Morganoire: While it wasn't in Skylanders Dimensions, I really liked Snowy's interactions with characters like Blanc in the non-canon Prime Empire RP. Kinda had a wholesome vibe to them since Snowy honestly is a really clueless pup when it comes to the world at large.

@Lady Marie


I've had a lot of fun seeing the interactions and different dynamics between writers and their characters in my short tenure with the RP. It's probably my favorite thing about it. Seeing how people can get their characters to mesh so well despite being from completely different franchises is great. Here are some of my favorites that I've seen:

Dimitri @Morganoire and Trinity @Ryannumber1gamer: I've only been able to see a bit of their interactions, but what little I have seen is very wholesome. It's a fun and deep sibling type of relationship that is very heart warming, even to the point of the fun joke that Trinity pulled in the finale where she imitated Dimitri. Dimitri being present when Trinity was gaining control of her powers again was very sweet as well. It's always nice to see characters help each other through tough times, and I think that fits the two of them to a T.

Sayaka @Failinheartsand Jessica @Spin Attaxx: These two fit the definition of "brother from another mother"... or maybe "sister from another mister" is more fitting? You get what I mean. Every interaction they have shows how much they care about each other and how much they've been through together. That kind of relationship is one of a kind and also puts on display how deep the bonds characters who have been around for a long time in the RP go. I think this dynamic serves as a prime example of two writers who care deeply for their characters and know how to write meaningful moments for them with others. It's always a delight seeing their moments together.

The Chaotix @Winston, @Danj86, and @Ryannumber1gamer: With each character in this trio being handled by different writers, it's cool to see how well they all stay true to the characters and keep the dynamic of the group up so well. They're a fun bunch to see whenever they appear. Having each of their temperaments and personalities meld together into a somehow functioning group is entertaining to watch. It may be a bit of a nostalgia bias for me as well, but it reminds me so much of what I loved about Sonic Heroes as a kid. I think each writer does an amazing job with these three and I always look forward to seeing what shenanigans they get up to next.

There are a bunch more I could mention, but I'll leave it here. I look forward to seeing what new bonds and interactions everyone comes up with next season.



Trinity @Ryannumber1gamerwith Various: It could be a bit of a cheat, but given how many people have had a impact on Trinity and the number of dynamics she's had with so many over the years, I felt this was a decent enough exception to the rule. From Dimitri and Byleth acting as a caretaker for her, Shade being that one edgy friend who keeps trying to get her to pull pranks and get up to mischief, her dynamic with Kyubey that grew through their shared problems, insecurities, and their determination for change in their circumstances, Otto Octavius relating to the idea of having done a lot of bad in the past and wanting to right those wrongs and be a better hero, her rekindling her family connection to Quint and coming to see him as a legitimate brother, and all the others, from Geo, to Astolfo, Lumina, Hiss, and so on, there's honestly too many when it comes to Trinity to list. I enjoy all of them. 

Mario @Emperor Robrainiac & Luigi @Danj86: Given how Luigi is one of my favourite characters and it took so long for Mario to properly show up in the roleplay, both Emp and Dan did a fantastic job with reflecting how I like to see Mario & Luigi's brotherhood, with Luigi looking up to Mario as his ideal role-model, and Mario being a bit overprotective of him (ironically, something the movie would validate just a few months later). I was happy to finally be able to have Mario to play off with in the RP, and I can't wait to see him again in S4.

Edgeworth @Ryannumber1gamerand Robrainiac @Emperor Robrainiac: One of the most unlikely of dynamics in the entire RP, I'd be remiss not to talk about it. What started out as a very antagonistic dynamic with Edgeworth and Robrainiac at each other's throats developed very nicely into a strange respectful friendship. The two still act like adversaries, but I think they both learned a lot about each other over the seasons, especially following Edgeworth's reflections on Brand Victor, and it helped give them more understanding.

Eggman @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeonand Wily @Ryannumber1gamer: Not a whole ton to talk about with this one, because the best way I can describe it is I really enjoy how Eggman and Wily play off each other in the Worlds Collide comics, and in my eyes, their dynamic within the RP reflects upon their dynamic there very well. A respectful best evil friends dynamic where somehow two of the most egocentric doctors out there managed to strike up a friendship, as unlikely as it is. It's also nice that it follows Worlds Unite where they remained friends after the fact

Sayaka @Ryannumber1gamer and Jessica @Spin Attaxx: two of the oldest friends on the Skylanders, and two that really brings out the best in each other. They really do a good job of showcasing the age old 'Opposites Attract' concept, and the fact that they remain best friends to this day after so many years goes to show how great the dynamic between them are.

L.O.G. @Tori Himemiyaand Various: LOG and the Skylanders is another one I'd like to mention, although again might be a bit of a cheat. Still, I enjoyed seeing his attempts to go from the antagonistic force of the season to a actual ally of the Skylanders, learning lessons from them that caused him to become inspired and find a new and better way of doing his show, and how some of the Skylanders grew to see him in a new way, especially the likes of Sentinel Sonic, Trinity, and Kyubey.

Floyd @Ryannumber1gamerand Waluigi @Winston: is the last one I want to mention, and I just love this comedic pairing since it was brought up on a whim. The way Floyd constant sticks to the contract terms of the Befriend a Friendly Floyd contract, and therefore treats Waluigi as a good friend, and Waluigi's just sheer hatred of the whole affair cracks me up every time. Winston does a fantastic job writing Waluigi as is, and this remains one of my favourite dynamics. 

@Spin Attaxx


Trinity @Ryannumber1gamerand Various: When it comes to character interactions, to start off with one that doesn't involve any of my characters, one that I really like seeing is Ryan's Trinity and Morganoire's Dimitri/Byleth. I've often joked that the two are almost like her adoptive parents who want nothing but the straight and narrow path for her... even if her innate mischievousness means she'll sometimes play pranks and do good through less-than-honest means. Really, Trinity's always a fun character to see no matter who she's interacting with. She is a certified Babey(TM).

When it comes to her interactions with my own cast, the two standouts in my opinion are with Shade and Jessica. The former's developed quite the bond with her due to their surprising similarities (be they physical or personal), and she's helped to bring out some depth to this grotty little slimeball as one of probably only two genuine friends he's ever had... even if he's still the metaphorical devil on her shoulder. In the season to come, I hope together the two can get up to some zany schemes and hijinks as partners in crime. And if Dimitri and Byleth are Trin's "parents", and Shade is her "cousin/uncle/brother/something" trying to get her to do bad things, I see Jessica as her "cool aunt/older sister" who encourages her to do the right thing, even if it means bending the rules or doing unconventional things. When it came to Trinity's spotlight story ("Become One With Us"), I noticed some point of commonality between her Jessica, and saw it as a way of showing Jessica's seldom-seen but always present empathetic and friendlier side.

Hiss @Emperor Robrainiac, Shade and Jessica @Spin Attaxx:Robrainiac's cast of characters are another delight to see - I'm impressed by his ability to create interesting character designs and personalities from something as small as a video game's character creation tool. The star of his cast in my opinion is Hiss, who like Trinity is a joy no matter who she's interacting with. Her rapport with the mechanically-inclined Skylanders is sweet, and the way she and my own Ivorn will geek out over gadgets and gizmos and put their creativity to work (even if the results often vary) is seldom dull. Outside of that, I remember a significant moment from a recent story ("Killing Unity"), where she was there for Jessica while the latter was going through a... well, a not very nice time. And there's one character of his that he's shown off before who'll be appearing in this next season whom I'm very interested to see... but I suppose I shouldn't say much more.

Voidica @Spin Attaxxand Pyro Jack @Polkadi~☆: One interaction that always stuck with me was one that was with an NPC, of all things. Polkadi helmed a Persona-themed story in the past, and at one point, one of my characters (Voidica) encountered a Pyro Jack enemy. She was nice to it, and to my surprise, that Pyro Jack became her loyal friend for the rest of the story. I don't think I was expecting that (I'm not even sure if Polk did!), but for such a minor character, that just stuck with me.

Sayaka @Failinheartsand Jessica @Spin Attaxx: And to end this off, I have to end with probably my personal favourite paring - Failinhearts' Sayaka, and my Jessica. These two go a long way back, when I first joined on a whim in the earliest precursor to the RP. I think they have a perfect dynamic - the emotional extroverted girl who chose to be a hero and has achieved a high status among a group, and the antisocial introvert who seldom smiles, fell into the role of a hero, and is trying to do what she can with what little she has, all while hoping no-one sees her for the fake she believes herself to be. The way these two have bounced off of and influenced each over over all these years is remarkable, and I don't think they're ever dull together. In a way, just as Sayaka helped Jessica come out of her shell in those early posts, I did too. Not completely - I don't really talk about my involvement in the RP outside of that circle, and prefer to keep it a small personal hobby aside from my actual larger-scale ambitions with these characters, but it has been a vital means of me figuring out and defining who these characters are over close to a decade. I went down paths and discovered possibilities I otherwise would never have considered. And I'll always have that first meeting between these two dorks to thank for that.

@Emperor Robrainiac


One thing that makes this RP so memorable is the crossover aspect. Many members here have characters from shows, movies, cartoons, games, or even OCs…  just about anything you can think of! It’s always a delight to see who will come into the RP. But the best part is that some of these characters end up becoming best friends and rivals! Here are just a few of my favorites.

Trinity @Ryannumber1gamerand Kyubey @Failinhearts: Trinity is a character from Mighty No. 9 who is played by Ryan. This character has formed many friendships within this RP, It’s really hard to choose which one I love the most, but in the end, I decided to pick her and Kyubey’s relationship. It’s really interesting and adorable seeing the friendship between these two develop, such as their tech-based backgrounds, their tastes in their music and almost a sort of sibling-ish relationship. So needless to say, it makes the sacrifice from Kyubey to save Trinity’s life all the more meaningful and tragic. It’s a friendship that’s built up and pays off in a bittersweet way in the end, where the two end up becoming one/ 

Robrainiac @Emperor Robrainiac and Edgeworth @Ryannumber1gamer:  As for a personal pick of mine, I decided to go for another one that was built up and had a good payoff. Robrainiac is an OC of mine who is a supervillain who started off by trying to break into the Skylanders base, only to be mistaken for a student of the Skylander. Edgeworth, the prosecutor from Phoenix Wright (Played by Ryan), serves as the principal of the academy the Skylanders attend, and needless to say, these two did not get along at first… A sort of delinquent and principal type of relationship at first, where Robrainiac would grumble about Edgeworth, only to be scared when he realized that he’s standing right behind them. However, as Robrainiac stays with the Skylanders, he begins to warm up to them, and at some point, the two go from enemies to friends, or rather friendly rivals of sorts. I’m quite happy with this interaction as I was not expecting this interaction to turn out this way, and it just goes to show that sometimes things don’t go as planned in the RP, and sometimes it comes out even better than initially planned.

Sayaka @Failinheartsand Jessica @Spin Attaxx: Here’s another one that’s very endearing! Sayaka, the magical girl from Madoka Magica (Played by Failinhearts) and Jess the sorcerer of the stars (An OC made by Spin Attax) have some opposite personalities. Sayaka is more outgoing, and Jess is a lot more introverted, but as they say, opposites attract! The two have had many cute interactions with each other where they bounce off of each other with their personalities. We often joke around about shipping Sayaka and Jess… but not gonna lie, and I’m not much of a shipper, but hell, I’d ship these two! I always look forward to seeing how well their dynamics work, and it’s another example as to how simple interactions with each other in the RP can end up becoming something more than an interaction!

@Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


Bowser Jr. & the Koopalings @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon (Junior, Ludwig, and Wendy), @Ryannumber1gamer (Roy), @Morganoire (Morton), @Emperor Robrainiac (Lemmy) and @Winston (Iggy & Larry): Starting off with a villainous combo to mix things up. Yes, the ambitious teamup of several writers to bring Bowser's children to narrative life has been one of my favorite ventures to take part in. Each of us, having a character or a few to focus on in the group, allowed us to each hone in and develop characteristics for our respective Koopalings. This only blossoms further when we got to interact with each other, forming a keen and dynamic unit. It was insanely fun, boucing off of each other, and pairing together attacks, combinations, or simply playful banter with the whole family.

Shantae @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon & Roxas @Ryannumber1gamer: Oh boy. One of quite a few deep relationships. This was one of the earlier relationships I'm aware of that sort of spawned randomly. or rather, from a spur of the moment. In the wake of the Bootleg Turnabout, Shantae and Roxas officially formed a relationship. While at first it seemed like it would just be a ship for lolz, it actually turned into quite meaningful relationship. It's honestly been a lot of fun, but also a great opportunity to see how two of a special romance and bond function as Skylanders in the grand scheme. Seeing how both cared for each other and what it meant for them in the multiverse, and all the work put in over the years has been rewarding to say the least.

Edgeworth @Ryannumber1gamer & Emperor Robrainiac @Emperor Robrainiac: Now it's time for a combo not involving myself. This is one of the older relationships, starting in Season 2, back when Edgeworth and Robrainiac were much bigger jerks. Edgeworth as the new haughty headmaster and Emperor Robrainiac at his most villainous, opting to use the Skylanders for his own purposes. Of course, the two were constantly at each others' throats. Robrainiac being the butt of many a joke from Edgeworth and company, but giving as good as he got. In a sense, thanks to the events of Season 2, both their egos got tempered, and eventually, they would go on to respect each other with virtue. Now, they arguably have one of the stronger bonds among characters in the RP.

Sonic & Tails @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon and Sentinel Sonic & Sentinel Tails @Failinhearts: Yep, the iconic duo meet themselves....as the mysterious sentinels. Sonic and Tails were some of the most ambitious characters I ever felt on adding. Back then, the RP went by the name "SSMB Heroes Academy". So, to take on the character who brought the community and the Stadium itself together felt a bit fdaunting. But Failin was quite supportive in helping me nut up and take the role. A big part in why I choose this combo is because of the exemplary execution of Sonic and Tails interaxting with alternate verisons of themselves. In turn, it also helped out with my confidence in RP writing, back when I was relatively new to the concept. This combo really means a lot to me, given how much it truly helped me. But, beyond even that, it's just pure on fun. Sonic's carefree, but heroic attitude, mixes well with the more serious mind of Sentinel Sonic. I like how both seem to bring out the best in each other though through thick and thin. Tails and Sentinel Tails have an even greater gap in personality, but despite their differences, they work together well, especially when tough times call for it. In a sense, they both live in shadows of their respective Sonics, but strive to get out from under such, and expand beyond. The concept of Sentinels, as a whole for Sonic characters is a tried and true one with interesting values. Which allows for such fantastic interaction between them and the SEGA counterparts.

Sora @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon & Nia @Morganoire: Man, KH characters really have a knack for spawning massive heaps of development. And unexpected ones at that. Sora and Nia were a duo that neither of us saw coming. In fact, despite the two being Skylanders, on the first mission involving both of them, they ended up fighting against each other in a small Civil Skylanders Scuffle during the Comicopolis story. And yet, from that adversity, rose a friendship, that ended up becoming something even more. The two bounce off each other very well, helping shoulder each other's griefs and pains even in the most dire of circumstances. And, to top it off, they're great even at handling each others' weapons. In fact, on quite a few occasions, they've even formed Driver-Blade duos, allowing for some of my favorite fights scenes to write for as well.

Tron Bonne @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon & White Bomber @Danj86: In the long line of Mega Man characters present on the RP, Tron Bonne is one of the few that isn't a Mega Man herself. Though she certainly does have aplomb with one. And then there's Bomberman. A somewhat mild-mannered bomber who finds himself in the aid, but also somewhat employ of Tron, almost being something of a Servbot to her himself. Tron, despite her haughty exterior, does opt not to treat Bomberman like trash, and Bomberman as well, seems to want Tron's best interests at heart, getting to know her and things about her well. Tron as well, despite being tough on Bomberman at times, would also try to help toughen him up, in something of a mirror for how he would help give her hope.

Bulleta @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon & Byleth @Morganoire: Bulleta Bonnie Hood aka B.B. Hood was a character intended to be villainous all throughout. Those were the plans set in motion. However, a chance encounter with Morgan's character, Byleth, would see to that being changed. One of the best virtues of the RP is how plans can be very versatile and fluid. Byleth's interactions with Bulleta led the character on a redemption. One that wasn't initially part of the plan, but led her on a better path nonetheless. Allowing her to die a hero, rather than a two-bit villain, and truly changing herself for the better, granting something of an uplifting life lesson along the way. Cannot stress enough, how one chance encounter managed to avert one's fate, and shape it to a whole new level. It's the kind of adaptive story that can only truly be found in something as malleable as a writers' RP.

Dimitri @Morganoire & Trinity @Ryannumber1gamer: Trinity has been an interesting presence in the RP. What was once meant to be a character to tag along with Eggette, eventually grew into being the lynchpin for Season 3. As such, interactions with her would grow to be quite heavy. From Storm's somewhat motherly overlook of her, Kyubey's empathetic understanding with her, Shade's merciful nature towards the girl, to Geo Stelar's somewhat brotherly bond. However, king amongst them has to be Dimitri's relationship with the girl. A case could be made to suggest that Dimitri was the pushing point for Trinity to truly become a Skylander. Oh, everyone had a hand in that, but Dimitri practically adopted Trinity. taking her in, giving her a home, and providing her with clear guidance. In a manner befitting one of Dimitri's stature, he noticeably rubbed off on the girl, and showcased the RP's penchant for finding the light of hope, in even the bleakest of situations.

Geo Stelar @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon & Ashe @Polkadi~☆: These are two Mega Men of massively different backgrounds. In fact, Geo is one of the few Mega Men on the team not to be from Ashe's timeline even. And yet, theirs has been an interaction that has seen Ashe opening up the most to almost anyone of the bunch. Geo Stelar fuses with Omega-Xis to become Mega Man Starforce, a Mega Man with origins literally from the stars, while Ashe partners up with Model A, becoming one of many challengers for the true mantle of Mega Man, back in her place in Rock's future. Ashe started off as something of a thief, or extreme treasure looking for, in her own words "booty". While this did net her on, not the best of starts with the Skylanders when she tried to plunder their island, she has slowly but surely shown signs of more layers beneath. She has something of a the struggles of grappling with expectations or wonders of what it truly means to be a Mega Man. Geo, someone who was relunctant to accept the role back in his own start, sees something of a kindred spirit with Ashe. One he tries his best to help out with through and through. Ashe's journey is far from from over, but with Geo to confide in, I've always felt that the two complement each other well in the grand scheme. With one having completed his journey back home, but finding himself on a whole new one with the Skylanders, and as a result, finding someone smack dab in the middle of the entire process herself.

Tron Bonne @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon & Mikan Tsumiki @Danj86: One a domineering genius, and the other, a timid but extremely effective nurse. You almost couldn't find bigger opposites to attract, but these two certainly did. Tron, always one to get in on the action, would eventually find herself needing the services of medical attention, something that Mikan provided quite aptly. A relationship between the two would blossom, and while the amicably broke up eventually, the two have still reminded tight friends ever since. It's a classic balancing act, with each one supporting each other, making up for their weaknesses with their strengths. They're honestly just a ton of fun to write.

Blanc @Morganoire, Toph Bei Fong & Quetzalcoatl @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon: These fire-forged friends are quite the trio of powerhouse. They're rowdy and brash, but at the top of it all, is their loyalty and friendship. Even with Toph technically not being a goddess, the trio excel to heights together, to the point where she's considered practically one of them. As nice as varying personalities are, a lot of fun comes also from how much these three simply get along with similar interests. Ranging from handling of authorities, to ultimately not being afraid to put fools in their places. As a unit, they're the picture of healthy bonds.



Oh, hey, it's my turn! You know, it's pretty crazy how much this RP has evolved to basically being a backdoor pilot back in SSMB Crossing. Some character relationships spanned from the very beginning, while some only just debuted in Season 3 and has become a sudden RP staple people can't live without. Seeing the generational changes just within these 7 years has been crazy as writers come, writers go, characters arrive, characters are phased out.

Season 3 especially felt like we as a community perfected the concept of character dynamics. Maybe cause of how long it was considered to Seasons 1 and 2, but 3 allowed everyone a chance to really dig deeper into these characters and uncover new ways to realize their plans. And I'd like to honor some I've had the absolute honor of being able to witness.

Dimitri @Morganoireand Trinity @Ryannumber1gamerYou've seen this entry a lot in this blog, and it's for good damn reason. Trinity is a character that was never really meant to be as major of a player as she ended up being. Season 3 was marketed with a mascot, in this case being Kyubey when it started. But with the community just becoming protective of Trinity after giving the choice to either leave her be and grow as a person, or forcefully reprogram her, we've seen this little afterthought from Mighty No. 9 of all things become basically the true, defacto mascot of the season. Nowhere is this more demonstrated than in the surprise pairing of Dimitri and Trinity. The parental nature of Dimitri towards Trinity allows not only the Blue Lion to tap more into a gentle side of him, but for Trinity to really come to realize the new family that has been established right in front of her. As such, it really helps validate Trinity's decisions come the S3 finale. It's an important example of one of my favorite storytelling tropes, the found family, and I hope to demonstrate that as certain characters in my cast begin tapping into paternal instincts they didn't know they had...

Amy Rose@Polkadi~☆and Teddie @FailinheartsHonestly, looking at it, it's a VERY weird pairing, ain't it? They don't really have much in common with each other, or even have much reason to hang out. But I wanted Teddie to be a character who could push beyond his more infamous tropes like his misguided advances towards women and tap into instead being the fact that he was (at the time) the only Persona 4 rep in the group. And thus he feels responsibility to be like his idol, his "sensei", Persona 4 protagonist Yu Narukami. On Polk's end, he put Amy on a road where she's trying to get stronger and train to be more independent. Then in one impromptu decision, we paired them up. Teddie is AMY'S Sensei, but both have a lot to learn from each other. It all came to ahead in Amy's own personal episode. If one dynamic could help structure an entire story around it, that's when you know you got a ball rolling. It's honestly a wholesome little relationship and allowed me to show people what I see in a divisive character like Teddie.

Nick Silph @Failinheartsand Fiarah Brunerra @GrammyGramYup, I'm shouting out the other RPs as well! They're all integral pieces to the overarching narrative puzzle, and I'd be amiss to not shout out the other projects that helped elevate our skills as writers. In Pokemon Xicoria, Nick started out as a young trainer only starting out with a shy demeanor, talking Scorbunny, a tech backpack and some strange dreams. Fiarah is a trainer who may have a Legendary in her pocket, but her lack of self-esteem after an accident is masked by her cheery, positive outwards demeanor. It's Fiarah's encouragement that made me decide that Nick would fall in love with her. And soon, she would end up feeling the same. The romance is important here cause when Nick gets his powers, while it is important to you know, be righteous, and fight for the greater good cause yeah, that's what all heroes do. But to really convey the impact of being a hero to an audience, you also wanna present a relationship to show the reader that the hero has SOMEONE to fight for. It's the little things that elevate the big things. Without Fiarah, Nick wouldn't be that kind of hero. He fought in the LOG Tournament for her, in another universe, a genderswapped Nick, named Nicole fights on to protect her Fiarah, which is a Witch just barely hanging onto its sanity. It's a relationship that transcends RPs and iterations. And while I now wield the pen in terms of Fiarah, it's Grammy's vision and character that continues to pump through her narrative DNA, and an important thread to the saga.

Napalm Man @The200IQTable and Various: Now, here's one from Madoka Revolution! Well, technically. Napalm Man DID show up in Skylanders initially as an enemy. But it is when Table approached me with NO knowledge that he showed up before that he wanted Napalm Man to be a teacher to Magical Girls, we worked together with his original writer, @Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon to make sure the Robot Master lined up with his previous appearances. With that, Napalm Man truly came into his own under Table. With him being a teacher of all things to several young, impressionable Magical Girls, you really get a sense of how much he has grown since the Merged World Crisis. There's a gentleness behind the stoicism, and ended up being an inspiration for others. It's a strong case of a cross-RP character arc that was pulled off incredibly well, especially since it was done by TWO writers!

Wrench @The200IQTable and Uzi Doorman @FailinheartsI wanted to give a little shoutout to our homies at the newest spinoff, Dead Zone! While Dead Zone is VERY new, only on its 3rd episode by the time of writing, I got to spend enough time to still get a character dynamic going. Uzi is a character who has a strong distrust of humans. As such, working with a team with a LOT of humans is a tall order. But, she seems to have made her first actual human friends in an equally unhinged weapon and tech junkie like Wrench. Them working on a railgun together is already a highlight in my Dead Zone journey and I hope to see it fleshed out further.

Belle & The Beast @Morganoireand Various: Also giving a shout out to non-canon material, I want to give a special props to Morgan's unwavering dedication to Prime Empire, a melting pot RP on Discord where every character in all RPs collide... Including those who haven't debuted in canon yet. Belle and the Beast is one of these characters yet to debut in an official RP, but Prime Empire was a place for Morgan to test drive them and boy howdy did she ever. The most prominent characters in Prime Empire, they interact with anyone, and everyone. From parental allegories to people just looking to find ways to fluster the Beast, everyone is having a grand ol' time with these two. And I can't thank Morgan enough for fostering an environment with them to allow for everyone to feel welcome to do any kind of interaction they want. It's a tale as old as time, improv much better than mine, Beauty and the Beast.

Komaru @Failinheartsand Yuta @Ryannumber1gamerWith Komaru and Yuta, Ryan and I wanted to approach a more unconventional way of handling what is technically a romantic relationship. While other ships are more overt with their affectionate actions, Komaru and Yuta frankly... Don't know how to do that. They are dating, they did make it official. But how they act is still among that of just best friends, geeking out and spending time just having fun with one another. There's no traditional "I love yous", pet names, hugging or kissing. It's not what you see in the movies, but that doesn't mean HOW they care for one another is any less valid. I think it's very important representation of how some relationships are, and I'm glad we both got to spice it up.

Sayaka @Failinheartsand Jessica @Spin AttaxxTo cap things off, time to bring up the oldest, and most developed relationship in the entire RP. You've seen this one also mentioned in so many of these entries, and I am so greatly honored to see that people adore this pairing as much as I do. I LOVE these two. It's their dynamic that made an OC like Jessica already one of my favorite characters of all time, alongside those from pre-existing franchises. Sayaka started out in Crossing had to go through a lot of development and self-esteem issues, just like Jessica. If anything, Jessica seemed a little more stable and put together compared to Sayaka starting out. As the years go on, so did Sayaka's confidence, while Jessica felt more comfortable exposing more of her vulnerabilities and insecurities to Sayaka. They open up to one another, and gain an all new archetype going into the Skylanders RP where Sayaka is practically over the weight that's been holding her down, and is now this beacon of light to help Jessica through the toughest times. There's a reason a running gag in the community is that they're a ship. Cause practically, they are perfect compliments to one another. And Season 4 won't stop the momentum any time soon.


And there you have it! Tons of characters got shouted out in this one! I'm very proud of every dynamic we have all created here, and its a testament to the full, creative possibilities being a part of Skylanders: Dimensions can have!



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I was already screaming (happily) about it on Discord, but I just want to thank everyone again for the nice things that were said about my characters! It makes me feel really good knowing that people enjoy seeing them and that they’ve had a positive impact on the rp!

Thanks to Char for mentioning Blanc and Snowy, I had no idea the non-canon stuff would make it here, but I’m happy that their adventure has stuck with you!

To Marie, thanks for mentioning Trinity and Dimitri!! It means a lot to see that people enjoy their dynamic and the surprising relationship that’s come of it!

For Ryan, thanks also for mentioning Byleth and Dimitri with Trinity! I know their role with her was probably unexpected but I’m glad that it worked out well! Since you’re Trinity’s writer, I’m really happy you approve and enjoy the interactions that Dimitri and Byleth have had with her.

Continuing to thank people for the Byleth and Dimitri with Trinity mentions, thanks to Spin! It makes me very happy to see that others like the dynamic they all share, and I’ve enjoyed Jessica and Shade rounding out some of the found family that Trinity has made!

Jova, I wasn’t expecting the Koopalings to make an appearance, and considering I haven’t played Morton for too long, glad that the combo of writers has made for a fun and memorable time interacting between Koopalings! Thanks for mentioning Nia as well! I was expecting her crush on Sora to stay just that, but I guess that taking that next step was a nice way to cap off their development with each other. Whether the relationship itself sticks or not, I’m happy that people liked them. Was wondering if Byleth and Bulleta would show up for anyone, and sure enough, they did. I’ll never forget how I only had Byleth run into her because I didn’t like Bulleta and didn’t want her snooping around. 😂 Just a testament to how much things can change and how much interactions can influence things! What you wrote about Dimitri and Trinity was really sweet, as well! I admit, I was worried that he was being around Trinity too much at the start, but I’m happy that people didn’t mind and that there are so many who really love the relationship they formed! Makes me very happy for sure. I’m happy that Blanc, Toph and Quetz made it too! I am happy that all of them jumped from LOG’s All Stars to the Skylanders after the tournament, it’s been fun having them be fast friends.

And finally, thank you to Failin for running this blog and asking for and compiling everyone’s responses, I love reading and writing for these! It means a lot to see Dimitri and Trinity made your list as well! Found family is always wonderful and I’m happy that the relationship between Trinity and Dimitri opened up new sides to them both! And holy smokes, as I said before, I wasn’t expecting prime empire interactions to count, and certainly not to be mentioned here! I feel like I’m a bit too active in prime at times, but it’s just a lot of fun seeing how random and fun interactions between characters can be, both those in established rps and those who have yet to make their debut. Having a shout out for Belle and Beast really made me happy because I love the characters a lot (obviously) and am happy that they get to interact with other people’s characters as well, and am hoping that they’ll make just as positive an impact when they come to Skylanders in the upcoming Season 4!

Sorry for the very very very long comment, but I just wanted to thank everyone again for their kind words. I look forward to continuing to interact with everyone and their characters more in the future, too!

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Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon


All the mentions are well appreciated, and a great rousong for confidence in light of the upcoming fourth season.


Good stuff all around!

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