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Game Idea: Super Paper Mario 2: The Dark Chronicles and Paper Mario: Crafty Chaos



Yeah, im doing this again; Putting two Series together in a single blog entry. the only reason I do is because one lacks in interest, but the other doesn't, so to keep the probably-fake amount of views, I'm giving you two ideas I thought about. also, I'm pretty sure its about time to say this: this is in order of my Idea Notebook, a physical book that I have that has over 40 ideas in it. so, without further ado, here we go!

Super Paper Mario 2: Dark Chronicles

Good GOD Paper Mario. its relatively bittersweet in the Nintendo fandom, given that the direction of the brand is going.... Somewhere. Anyways, Super Paper Mario was my first (And only) Paper Mario game I finished and absolutely loved. Im a sucker for platformers, and I get a little Bias when it comes to it. I loved how they try to mix the idea of a platformer, and cross it with a platformer, Mario's roots as a whole. I loved the story, the goofy characters, the puzzles I got stuck on, all of it and SO much more. The Villan twist was GREAT, and my favorite character HAD to be Mr.L, Green Thunda BABY! (Heh, I'm getting way too excited). as I was saying, I loved their interpretation on a Platforming RPG, so much so, I'm Currently trying to get a Indie Game project off the ground, based on That game! Dont worry guys, I'm DEFINETLY posting about it someday soon. now, enough chatting, lets talk about the game itself.

The game is going to be a continuation of the first, with a villain we have never seen before, but will later be revealed (Idk either, I'm thinking about bringing back the best paper Mario villain, Dementio back, but I doubt it. the gameplay will be the same, with Mario and the gang all being their, but one thing that's NOT coming back: the pixils and the areas/levels from the previous game. i have no idea what they will be exactly, but its definitely creative. This is just a idea I jotted down, I have 0 clue what 12 yr old me was on about.Apparently, it was gonna take place "On the dark side", with a new hub world, so I'm guessing Flopside? or maybe somewhere deep in Castle Bleck, or in the same demintion? sounds cool on paper, but idk how exactly it would be brought to life. Other than that, were done here.

Paper Mario: Crafty Chaos

Originally named "Craftworld Chaos", This game was a return-to-form RPG with a theme I've noticed from the modern (Sticker Star and on) is that each focuses on a type of craft. Color Splash was obviously paint, Origami is, well, you guessed it, origami. Sticker star is again, apparent enough, Stickers. and with the edition of the Bosses in Origami king, being literal arts and crafts items, proves my suspicion. so, in this game, it focuses on most crafts! the story mostly goes like:


After the events of Origami King, new, otherworldly Beings that look remensent of Master/Crazy hand paper, turn different people to different crafts, that being Origami, Yarn/Stitched, Paper Puppets, Handmade Toys, and Ballons. other locations are turned to said crafts to match the partners you will meet. Yoshi's Island, Towns, Factorys and Ghost Houses are all affected. Mario, along with everyone else, has to go save the day once again!

Its not that crazy, but I like the idea, knowing that I'm right about the theme of Mario games. I'm thinking about adding modeling clay as a craft, but other than that, I have no clue what else I had. i made a Slide, WITH the actual story, but its lost to time... 

So, what do you guys think, Intrested? Speaking of, I'm making a new thing I do on here, reviews! Specifically, Certain games and Rivals Of Ather Mods! if you have a mod in mind, don't be afraid to DM me, I don't bite.

Stay Tuned, and Stay Speedy!

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