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The problem with 100%ing games



As I woke up this morning, I was doing my laundry when a striking question came to me: “Why is Mario Wonder so boring now?”. I think there is a huge problem with 100%ing AAA company games. See, let’s take Bowser’s Fury as a prime example. As you go through the game, you can also 100% things as you go, but you can also just do all that afterwards. For me, it didn’t take long for me to get that done, it was SUPER fun and easy. I got my furry bowser jr, And a goku cat, but as soon I was done, “Now what?”? Like, it’s cool and all, but now, it’s like eating the same stale food every day. It was VERY boring playing again. Another example is Mario Wonder. For this one, I hadn’t really 100% it yet, but here’s my problem; as I went through the game, I got most of the stuff I needed, but not all. Wonder seeds, Flagpoles, badges, and the thing that makes me regret holding onto the flower coins; the standees. So, I’m going through bowser’s castle gauntlets, beating the underwhelmingly easy final boss, and then enjoyed the end credits. Now new badges are added for me to collect. So, with the 999 coins I had this whole time, I grabbed them, and head on to opening up the expert badges. Afterwards, special stages, yada yada, and FINALLY, I have beaten the game. Or so I thought. I didn’t even think about those standees. In single player, they don’t do anything for me. They helped with invisibility, but that was it. If it was a bit more apparent that I needed those, I would’ve been done with the game. Now, I play in little spurts. When I play with friends, alone on a car ride, and most recently, on planes.I’ve been playing the same 30 or so levels, just trying to get 30 or more coins. My point is: triple A, doesn’t make the most rewarding, and replayable games, especially in the 100% department. But you know who does? Indie Games. Look, most games get boring after putting time and effort into a digital bragging right, like Pokemon, Most RPG’s, and especially most Sonic games , but Indie Games, they are a WHOLE new breed. Let’s take my favorite indie game of all time for a example: Pizza Tower. This game, NEVER gets boring. Even when the game first came out, replaying it feels GREAT, and watching someone else play feels great too. Sure, you are STILL having heart attacks over bragging rights, but it’s WAY more rewarding. In the first release, getting 100% was well time-consuming, fun, and interesting. Then, the Halloween update came. For me, I hadn’t beaten the game yet, but I’ve seen others do so. The pumpkin hunting was the PERFECT excuse for replaying a level I’ve ever seen. And if you find all of them across 20-21 levels, you can get different outfits and costumes as a reward. Then, most recently, there is the noise update. It LITERALLY puts a whole new spin on the game, making it more interesting as to how you will get through the level, will debuffs and buffs. For as example, Peppino needs speed for a super jump, while Noise can do it anywhere. Peppino can run up walls regularly, while Noise tricks and jumps off of them, making it harder to do things peppino usually does without problems. If I were to summarize what I’m saying is: if you want you’re game to be replayable, add new stuff every now and then. Let the player change up gameplay, let them take the unintentional way, but if you want your game to be a one-shot, for one you could lower the price, but most importantly 2: make it feel satisfying. Make me feel like I made a huge difference in the game world. For example, Draw a Stickman 2 EPIC. In the ending of that game, 10 year old me, actually cried, and just thinking about it makes me cry too. I saved them. I made their whole lives better. It wasn’t easy, but it was over. If more games were made with the player and story in mind, more games wouldn’t feel like copy-paste, or your not doing anything to help them. Make games enjoyable again, please.

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Oh, This is agreeable, Nowadays it seems like they forget a game needs to be enjoyable to the very end. Hopefully, they get it soon cuz Mario games are big for that in my book, I understand 100%-ing games are for people who love completion and or want more content but don't make it downright Impossible. (Mario Sunshine was annoying) but I think the whole gaming industry needs some more ideas, Getting all these remakes from Nintendo is great and all but it's leaving me a little unsatisfied.  

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That's why I prefer shorter games to longer ones, why I like Kirby games and the Sonics with multiple characters and movesets, as well as why I was a little disappointed after finishing Mario Wonder, while instead I keep going back at designing my own levels in Mario Maker 2.

Speaking of Kirby, Star Allies might be bland and boring all you want, but out of the modern games (Wii onward), it's the Kirby game I replay the most... because it's the one that offers the widest range of gameplay customization (more abilities, more characters, building up a party and testing all the combinations, etc). Other games, such as Forgotten Land, might be technically better, but they get old fast, while in Star Allies I just try another combination and do a few levels, or the boss rush at max difficulty, and it's always a new experience, even if my save is already at 100% since years.

In general, I value replayable games much more than one shot ones.

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It's true that 100%ing games can be the worst part of them - but I also think this construction of "100%" is partly a fan-created idea and games aren't necessarily developed with the idea in mind that you should or even can do that.  I've really suffered in the past forcing myself to 100% games when it's not actually fun; these days I try not to bother unless it's either interesting, or just so easy that I might as well.

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