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Game Idea: Pokemon Prism



Ah, yes. the feeling of starting a new Journey across a new region. Pokemon has a bittersweet place in my heart. Sometimes, I love it to DEATH. other times, its dead. My first Adventrue started in Alola, where as 7 year old me, had beaten the game on a double-decker bus, where My Incinaroar was victorious, along the screen of my 2DS. My second Journey resurfaced in Paldea, where I got more competitive and careful about choices (Back then, I choose only attacking moves, no set ups). I named my Poke'Mon better, and it was a nice restart. Until I beat the game. it got SO boring, and when I play the game, I feel like I'm doing chose than anything. Im getting off track, but id like to introduce to you My own Region: The Auroraia Region! Based on different parts on earth, and home, of a Mysterious Prism. Lemme give you a run down on story:


You are A Teen who is very egar to adventure and help those in need. Because you and your parents have the money (And researchers), You move from Alola to the Infamous Auroraia Region. There is a lot of history around the region about a Peculiar Prism, Said to be from another world. Your parents were called from Alola’s Aether Paradise, to help out and learn more about it. your parents allowed you to Explore the region because back in alola, you had nothing to do with your time, and couldn't go anywhere. So with that in mind, you Start your Very own Pokemon Journey. After Choosing your Starter, your mom yells from the kitchen to wake up for breakfast. You get up, go downstairs and eat. Your dad starts a conversation talking about how old and mature you're getting. “Yup! That's right- it's your birthday!!” She continuously talks about how young you were. Your dad clears his throat. “Yes, you are now 13. Since you are now in a new Town, and you are getting just as tall as your old man- we are letting you explore the region!” Your mom starts getting emotional. “Awwww, our little [Player], going out on their own!” Your dad says that first: you need your very own trainer ID before going anywhere. You fill out your ID and your dad starts again “Now, of course, what's a Pokemon Journey without a Pokemon? We will see you later, Champ! Come back when you have your little buddy with you, eh?” “Be Safe out there, honey!!” your mom cries out before you take your leave. In the house, if you go back into your room, you will see a VR headset, right beside your PC. if you interact with it, you can open up your box, emails (used for rewards Post-game), and items. In there, you will find a Brew (Potion equivalent, and a little easter egg to the old Pokemon games) you can also see a TV with a Console that looks like the Steam Deck. you then can go outside, behind the house to find a Tonic (equivalent to Elixirs). You make your way to the Professor's lab, and they welcome you to the Auroraia region. They give you a choice between the starter you choose and a new creature. The Professor also mentions that 2 other professors in this region are having a Friendly competition and a challenge for all the professors. The challenge is to entrust a Pokemon to a trainer and send them out into the world to see how much research material they bring back. The county with the most wins. “But first, let's test your skills!” They initiate a battle. You learn the basics of battling, or you skip the tutorial and get straight to the battle. After you win, the professor finally trusts you with your new buddy. “Alright, now that we have established that, let me stamp your Trainer ID, to show you are licensed to handle Pokemon in battle.” The professor does so, and lets you off, but then gets stopped at the door outside. “Wait! I almost forgot! Your device!” He gives you a strange device that looks like a mini-folding Game handheld. He explains that this is a Poke’DS, a Staple in everyone's journey. He goes on, saying that this will serve as your digital Trainer ID, Map of the region, and most importantly, a Library of information on all different types of Creatures you’ve seen.

The map lets you find your way around. You can set destinations, call taxis to Travel to places you have been, and see what you need to do next if you feel stuck. “Oh, while I'm here, and before I forget, here! Some PokeBalls!” you Obtain 10 Poke’balls. “They catch creatures when they are weak enough, so they can be registered onto your Poke’DS. Do you know how to already? I know you're very smart.” You then can choose yes or no. If yes, you just move on, but if no, you watch the professor do it. “Alright! I think you're all set!” you are now free to move around, but you have a notification on your Poke’DS that says to go back home. You do, and your dad welcomes you home, and your mom congratulates you on getting a Starter. Your dad notices that you have a new gizmo in your pocket. You tell him all about it, saying the professor gave it to you. “Oh, how nice of him. You know, we haven't said this, but that professor is their new boss. I might have to thank him for helping out our little champ!” you are now free to go, and explore the city. Depending on what county you choose to live in, there are Pokemon of that type around you can catch right off the bat. Also depending on what county you choose, you replace the friendly rival of that county. They are off in the background doing something, but if you talk to them, you get something important, like a battle item Pokemon can hold to boost their type attack, but if you pick the other starter, you get a friendship bracelet, that boosts friendship between one of your pokemon. Friendship is going to be a luck factor that makes Pokemon do things like enduring hits, avoiding attacks, and clear status conditions with a cheer. Friendship can be boosted without the bracelet by going to restaurants and eating with your Pokemon buddy, or cleaning and washing them. Petting them now and then helps out too. Once you walk around and are ready to leave- the professor comes back. “Oh, dear me! I'm so forgetful! I didn't say how you can get your research information!” He says that every professor has some missions for you, like treasure hunts and dungeons and scavenger hunts too. They aren't mandatory, but you should go do it. By doing them, the professor will give you rewards. Battling all of the trainers in one area, you can get a reward from a guy at the pokecenter. After meeting all of the Pokemon, and going to small, individual cities, you will find a Colosseum (gym equivalent, still deciding on the name) after beating them, you will get an Arena badge. The Arena leader there will tell you that you should get all the gym badges since you are so strong, and have a lot of potential too


Now, I know, you might be a tad confused as to why the professor doesn't have a name. well, if this game is really to be sold, then there will be 3 game versions, Red, Blue, And Green. Whichever Starter you choose, depends in what area of the game you start in. Fire-Lover? you start in the Aridora County, Based on Dubai and Korea, in Ingnitown, with professor Mirage. Water Supporter? You might enjoy the Auqaria County, based on iceland and the Canadian Rockies, in Summitvale with Professer Frostwood. Grass enjoyed? You start in The Amazoria County, based on Brazil, With a cozy home in canopyville with professor Verde. in those towns, there is a trainer that gives you both a fourth starter, AND a friendship bracelet. the map is MASSIVE, with intreasting locations sprinkled about. there will be 2 other friendly rivals, depending on what version. one is serious, while the other, Happy-Go-Lucky. here are some names:

Water: Marina, The passionate water specialist, or Maverick, the adventurous spirit

Grass: Sage, the wise herbalist, or Thorn, the cynical rival.

Fire: Blaze, the Determined Prodigy, or Inferno, the arrogant pyromaniac.

The starting towns will match the starter, and as you do more quest for your professor, the more they can use that knowledge to upgrade the starting town. now then, lets talk about the Starters themselves!

Breazleaf > Zephyvine > Galeblade

Aquafin > Streamare > Oceanara

Flametuft > Blazekit > Inferlion

The Breazleaf line resembles A humanoid Figure, made from Vibrant leaves. The head of Breezleaf features a cluster of leaves, similar to the shape of a wind-blown hairstyle. Breezleaf's eyes are bright and expressive, reflecting its playful and energetic nature. it is nimble and lightweight, reflecting its ability to generate small gust of wind, making it "fly". The Aquafin line has otter-like resembalence, making it sleek for fast swimming, including webbed paws and a long, flexible tail. it can make small currents of water. its fighting abilities is very extraordinary, as it can go on the offence and attack with jets lof water, and swiftly switch to defence to make protective water barriers. Flametuft's Line is a mix of a fox and a lion. it has a tuft of hair of its head, which emits mild heat. its very mischievous, and is very agile.

The battle Gimmick of this Region is "Prismatic Fusion"! the story behind it is that Legends speak of an ancient artifact known as the Prism of Unity, said to possess the power to merge and harmonize the energies of Pokémon. Long ago, the region faced a devastating crisis that threatened to tear it apart. The people of the region discovered that the Prism of Unity could be used to bring balance and restore harmony. The artifact was divided into fragments and hidden across the region to safeguard its power. As the player embarks on their journey, they learn about the Prism of Unity and the fragments scattered throughout the region. The player's goal becomes to collect these fragments and harness the power of Prismatic Fusion to confront the impending crisis. the gimmick itself is similar to Mega-Evolution, where you use it on Specific Pokemon that possess a special compatibility with the Prismatic Energy. These Pokémon are scattered throughout the region and are known as "Prism-Bound Pokémon." Prismatic Fusion allows trainers to merge their Pokémon with the power of the Prism fragments, unleashing their combined potential and creating unique forms known as "Prism Forms." By accessing this power, trainers can temporarily enhance their Pokémon's abilities, granting them new moves, altered stats, and even changes in appearance. Prism Forms provide strategic advantages, giving trainers the ability to adapt to different battles and counter specific opponents. However, the fusion is temporary and can only be activated once per battle. Trainers must carefully choose when to activate Prismatic Fusion to maximize its effectiveness and overcome tough challenges. Through the exploration of the region and the pursuit of the Prism of Unity, the player becomes a key figure in restoring balance and harmony to the region, ultimately leading to the resolution of the crisis and the revelation of the true power hidden within the Prism of Unity.

Now lets journey into the dark side. Meet the Evil Corperation, Prisma Co.! vor a visual, The members of Prisma Corporation wear sleek, futuristic outfits that incorporate elements of prismatic colors. Their uniforms feature iridescent patterns and accessories, symbolizing their connection to the power of light and the Ancient Prism. their Goal? The Prisma Corporation seeks to harness the power of the Ancient Prism and exploit the concept of Prismatic Fusion for their own nefarious purposes. They believe that by controlling and manipulating the energy of light and the Prism's ancient secrets, they can reshape the world in their image and gain ultimate power. The story of the Ancient Prism and Prismatic Fusion is deeply intertwined with the Prisma Corporation's ambitions. It is revealed that the Ancient Prism, a legendary artifact said to contain immense light-based energy, holds the key to unlocking Prismatic Fusion. their Leader: Lumina. Lumina is a charismatic and enigmatic figure, exuding an aura of authority and intelligence. They have long, flowing silver hair that shimmers with prismatic highlights, reflecting the colors of light. Lumina dresses in an elegant, form-fitting suit adorned with intricate patterns that resemble refracted light. Their eyes hold a piercing gaze, radiating a mix of ambition and intensity. She is a cunning and highly intelligent individual who possesses a deep understanding of the Ancient Prism and the power of Prismatic Fusion. They are an eloquent speaker, capable of captivating others with their persuasive words and strategic thinking. Lumina is driven by an insatiable thirst for power and believes that controlling the Ancient Prism and Prismatic Fusion will grant them ultimate dominion over the region. there are also other memorable members, like Draven. He is a skilled scientist and technician within the PrismaTech Syndicate. They have a sharp and analytical demeanor, always seen wearing a white lab coat with intricate prismatic patterns. Draven's hair is neatly slicked back, and their eyes gleam with a calculating intelligence. They carry advanced technological devices and gadgets, showcasing their expertise in harnessing the power of the Ancient Prism. As the chief researcher and Engineer, its his responsibility to develop advanced technologies and devices that aid in the Syndicate's exploitation of the Ancient Prism and Prismatic Fusion. Their scientific knowledge and technical skills make them a valuable asset to Lumina's plans. there is also Seraphina, Lumina's Right hand, and a skilled trainer and field operative of the PrismTech Syndicate. They have an air of mystique, with long flowing hair adorned with prismatic hairpins. Seraphina is always seen wearing a sleek black uniform with accents of iridescent fabric. Their eyes exhibit an unwavering determination and a hint of hidden emotions. Seraphina leads field operations, executing the Syndicate's plans and ensuring their success through strategic battles and capturing Pokémon with the potential for Prismatic Fusion.

Let's talk gym Leaders now. There will be 8-10, but don't worry, You can pick and choose which ones you challenge. this time, its more themed. More than just typing, now, there is Gimmicks. status conditions, Baby pokemon, speed, Friendship, Genderless, anything could happen. 

Last but CERTAINLY  not least, The ledgandarys. The Guardian of the Grove, Sylvaura, is a majestic and serene Legendary Pokémon that presides over the verdant groves and ancient forests of Auroraia. It possesses a graceful and ethereal appearance, with flowing vines and radiant floral patterns adorning its body. Sylvaura has the power to nurture and rejuvenate nature, allowing plants to flourish and restoring balance to the ecosystem. Its Grass and Fairy abilities grant it control over life energy and the ability to communicate with all flora and fauna. the spirits of the Shores, Aquluna is an otherworldly and enigmatic Legendary Pokémon that resides in the mystical waters of Auroraia's lakes and rivers. It has a translucent, aquatic form that shimmers with a ghostly glow. Aqualuna is believed to be the embodiment of the region's waters, representing the ebb and flow of time and the cycle of life and death. Its Water and Ghost abilities grant it the power to manipulate water and communicate with the spirits of departed Pokémon. Finally, the Firey Warrior of the forge, Pyforge is a formidable and resolute Legendary Pokémon that watches over the fiery forges and volcanic regions of Auroraia. It has a robust and imposing form, with a molten metal exoskeleton and billowing flames emanating from its body. Pyroforge possesses the power to control and shape fire and metal, forging weapons and artifacts of great power. Its Fire and Steel abilities make it a symbol of strength and resilience, protecting the balance between creation and destruction.

So, what do yall think?

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