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"Dreams" really do come true on Android



//I want to start off by quickly stating that I did not create any of these fan games, and I intend for this blog post to serve as educational purposes only//


It is no secret that Sonic Dream Team has taken the Internet by storm, being the topic of conversation amongst numerous platforms for Sonic fans. It is equally as known that the newly released mobile game is exclusive to Apple Arcade. It was recently addressed that regarding the deal made with Apple that it would be impossible to ever port the game to Android. But there was speculation starting to stir over a Twitter post that said the game could in fact be brought over to home consoles and Steam at some point or another.

 But even with the disheartening news towards Android users over the exclusivity of the wildly popular Apple exclusive, there is still some amazing Sonic games to discover for Android consumers. And with that, here are five fan games that you can get right now, with a link at the end of this blog where you can find these games for yourself.

This isn't a review so I'm not going to take a deep dive into these games, rather I am listing them here to make aware as public knowledge for anyone who might be interested. Sonic SMS(Sega Master System/Gamer Gear), Sonic SMS 2, and Sonic SMS 3 are Mania esque remakes of the handheld games for the early 90's. They have added characters and features to make them nearly unrecognizable from the original titles. Sonic Triple Trouble is a complete remake from the ground up of yet again, another Master System game. Reinvented in every way, this game game is as fun as it is gorgeous, so it is definitely worth checking out. Lastly, Time Twisted is an entirely new fan game with a unique story that revolves around Metal Sonic in the aftermath of the events in Sonic CD. This is a game that no Sonic fan should sleep on. This is a long game with cutscenes, plus it has both chaos emeralds and time stones to collect.

 I hope this little blog of information has been helpful to some of you, and if you are interested in any of these games you can check them out here >>> https://sonic-sms-remake.blogspot.com/?m=1

And no matter how you choose to enjoy Sonic, wether it be movies, comics, shows, console games, or even mobile games, there is no place out of reach for our favorite blue blur. And although Dream Team might be out of reach for some of us, playing Sonic games on Android devices isn't a dream, but instead a reality.







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Maple Syrup


Apple is great, and I use apple every day, but there are so many perks that different android phones have that I just simply adore! This must be one of them!

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5 minutes ago, Maple Syrup said:

Apple is great, and I use apple every day, but there are so many perks that different android phones have that I just simply adore! This must be one of them!

I do wish I could play Sonic Dream Team though. I hope it does get made into a console game eventually. I thought about getting an iPad just for that game.

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Thanks for the thoughtful blog post! I often forget (as a high-falutin' Apple user) about the wealth of decent fan games and projects that exist on Android and other devices. So it's really nice to hear about them. :)

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