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  • Time to Get Hunting for Sonic's Birthday! A New Community Achievement Event Has Begun!

    We're also bringing back DLC 1 Community Achievements too!

    How's everyone doing today? Well, after an absolutely MONSTER month of Sonic the Hedgehog news and updates, we at the Sonic Stadium decided to take a wee break for a bit to catch up (it was also my birthday on the 30th June, so I wasn't going to be doing ANYTHING last Friday :eggsmug:). And now we've kind of got our breaths back, we wanted to kick off a cool little Community Event for you all ahead of some extremely seismic changes we're going to make to the site. Calm before the storm, if you like.

    I've been playing a little bit of Sonic's Birthday Bash in Sonic Frontiers, and it inspired me to do another round of DLC-based Community Achievements for you all. So, not only have you guys got the Sonic Music Spectacular to take part in, you can also earn gaming Achievements for Sonic Frontiers with us as well. Are we good to you, or what?


    I've created FOUR new Achievements that you can earn by playing Sonic Frontiers, taking snapshots and sharing them back with the Sonic Stadium community. All of them relate to the new Birthday update in some way, from wearing silly outfits to collecting chili dogs. Hopefully you'll find it a lot of fun!

    badge-hbd-sonic-2023.png badge-koco-kabana.png badge-link-up-play.png badge-age-in-dog-years.png

    NOT ONLY THAT, but because I'm such a nice community admin, I've also brought back the four Community Achievements from the last Sonic Frontiers DLC for this event, and if you didn't earn these the first time around you now have another chance to get these too:

    spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png spacer.png

    Check out the topic linked below for the full details!

    I have to say, thinking of these things is really quite fun. I might do one of these Achievement Hunts for Sonic Origins (Plus) as well at some point, when I can be bothered. But now's not the time. It's Frontiers time right now.

    Take part, enjoy, and I'll chat to you all again when we're ready to take things to the next level!

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