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  • Sonic Socials: Knuckles Stops For a Meal In New Sonic Channel Art

    Knuckles chows down on fruit with some chaos.

    In Sonic Channel’s latest in their “Imagine: Sonic Traveling Asia” image series, we’ve got Knuckles munching on a mango, a fruit native to south Asia. The flavor text that accompanies the article alludes to Knuckles stopping for a rest on a “certain southern island.” This might refer to the Andaman Islands, an island in south Asia which is one of the places where mangos are native to.

    Check out the image and a translation of the flavor text below:




    Imagine-Sonic traveling to Asia:

    Illustration series 3 with the image of Sonic traveling in Asia

    This time, Knuckles came to a certain southern island.
    Enjoying a momentary rest surrounded by my favorite fruits
    Sharing fresh and delicious fruits with Chao

    via Twitter

    Sonic News Tips Credit:

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