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  • Yuji Naka Reveals Work on Cancelled NiGHTS Sequel, Air NiGHTS

    We often hear of how Sonic Team head Yuji Naka feels about a NiGHTS into Dreams sequel - largely that it will never happen because he thinks the Saturn original was just too perfect. But, in a recent interview the creative revealed that his studio was in fact working on a sequel to the action classic, and it even involved a unique new control method.

    "You know linear sensors? Well, we made this system where you could remove the cable from the original pad and control NiGHTS like this," Naka said in an interview with the UK Official Dreamcast Magazine, motioning the movement by looping and twisting a rolled up magazine in the air.

    "It was called Air NiGHTS. We made it on Dreamcast for a while as well, but we stopped."

    Stopped!? Why on earth? Naka explains, "I know a lot of people love [NiGHTS] and want us to make a sequel, but for us it's a really important game. Like the way Spielberg likes ET so much he won't remake it, I don't want to make another NiGHTS."

    Fair enough, but it sounds like Sonic Team's lead creative has far from run out of ideas.

    Via TSSZ

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