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  • TONS of New SEGA & Sonic Merch Shown Off at Brand Licensing Expo 2023

    Fun for the whole mannequin family!

    Get ready to argue if it's "Waldo" or "Wally," because you're going to need to squint to pick out all the new and old merch in SEGA's booth at Brand Licensing Expo 2023.

    Naoto Ohshima on Twitter snapped a photo of the packed shelves of toys, plush, calendars, books, and sporting goods. Here's a taste of what we can pick out, but I'm sure Twitter will be combing through this for days, so don't consider our initial look exhaustive:




    via Naoto Ohshima (Twitter)

    Of the especially new and cool stuff, one thing that stands out most is the previously rumored Death Egg playset from Jakks Pacific, and as we can now see, is a legit full Death Egg that flips around to reveal the final boss of... (Care to guess? No seriously, I want you to guess. Because you won't be able to.) Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. Listen, I know how you feel about the overall Sonic 4 project, but that last boss, the one where you fight Eggman in a giant robot heart is rad, and I won't hear otherwise.


    Near the bottom right at the intersection of IDWtown and Plush Junction is a previously unannounced plush of our favorite mad scientist drama club kid, Dr. Starline (almost certainly coming from Great Eastern Entertainment), bringing the IDW-to-plush character count up to three.


    Finally (because we simply cannot highlight every major item there), it's worth taking a good look at the previously announced Knuckles the Dread Pirate Ship playset, because it's a LOT bigger than you may think it is from the promotional pics. I recommend using the actual human head and back behind the toy as a scale reference.


    I'm certain the comments will have quite a blast picking apart what else can be found hiding in Mr. Arzest's treasure trove tweet, so have at it, and we'll be sure to keep you up to date on when we have official public announcements for some of these new merch items.

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    Oh my looked at those Sonic merchandise my heart just sank after looking at all those pictures of Sonic Merchandise. 


    I'm looking forward to the Sonic Prime Knuckles ship that's on my list to buy with the other Sonic Prime merchandise as well.


    And also will have to get Dr Starline plush because he's my favourite villain from the IDW Sonic comics series to.

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