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  • Knuckles the Dread's Pirate Ship and Sonic Prime 2.5" Figures On Sale in July

    "Set sail with the Angel's Voyage! [OtherFiguresSoldSeparately]"

    In addition to the 13" plush toy and 5" action figures already announced, Jakks Pacific has revealed that it will be also using its merchandise licensing deal with SEGA to release waves of smaller 2.5" figures, as well as a replica of Knuckles the Dread's Angel's Voyage pirate ship as seen in the Sonic Prime TV series.

    4.24.23_419114_Sonic products4624.jpeg

    First, the small 2.5" figures. Unlike their 5" bigger brothers, these are sold in packs rather than individually. In the Wave 1 set you get little cute versions of Sonic, Rusty Rose, Tails Nine and the Prism Shard with a base to display it with. This multipack is 'New Yoke City' themed, which suggests that future Waves will focus on other Shatterverse worlds. The set goes on sale in July for $19.99.

    4.6.23_SONIC_419184_PRIME SHIP3708.jpeg

    Now this is really cool! Jakks is also releasing a toy vehicle replica of the Angel's Voyage pirate ship, seen on Netflix's Sonic Prime show. And it looks massive - there's storage space for other 2.5" figures (so you can hide away your Wave 1 multipack toys in there), three launching cannons, rolling wheels and even a trap door! The set comes with a Knuckles the Dread 2.5" figure, so even if you don't have Sonic in you can at least sail the seven seas with Knuckles. This also goes on sale in July for $39.99.

    All of these Sonic Prime toys are releasing in July to coincide with the release of new episodes of the TV show on Netflix.

    What do you think? And who do you want to see in future multipacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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    My heart just sank after looking at that fabulous Angel's Voyage pirate ship with Knuckles on It It just looks so cool Indeed. The rest of the Sonic Prime line from Jakks Pacific looks just ace. Can't wait for these to come In the UK.

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    Have yet to actually watch the series on Netflix but based on these toy figures, it looks quite fun! 

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    1 hour ago, Ghelatlishol said:

    Have yet to actually watch the series on Netflix but based on these toy figures, it looks quite fun! 

    It’s worth a watch! The Knuckles the Dread pirate world is pretty fun. 🙂

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    Cartoons live and die by toy sales.


    So yeah, these things will pretty much dictate how long the Prime TV show sticks around. The pirate ship looks like a good start though.

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