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  • Tell Fortunes Like a Hedgehog! The Official Amy Rose Fortune Deck Gets New Pre-Order Details

    I see cards in your future...

    Back in February, we reported that an official Amy Rose Fortune Card Deck was on the way. Pre-orders are now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other Simon & Schuster distributed bookstores. The deck is currently listed at $27.99 with a November 21 release date (a bit out from the original Barnes & Noble listing of $24.99 and October 10).

    The set includes 78 fully illustrated cards, including the Major and Minor Arcana (or however they're interpreted in Sonic's world), and a 128 page guidebook. Though on all storefronts, there's a large "Art Not Final" label, the cards shown include "Statue Savior" (the Tidal Tempest angel statue), "The Master" (Emerald), and "Chao's Fruit" (self explanatory). The cover also shows card designs with Silver's glove and Knuckles' fist. The colorful card backs feature iconography from the series like rings, gems, flowers, bumpers, and checkerboard patterns, while the face's yellow and dark-red border emphasize whether the card is drawn right-side-up or upside-down.

    With the series taking a hard (hammer) swing back towards Amy's old Fortune Teller lore, this design for Amy's deck has already appeared in the IDW comic series, Sonic Origins' animated cutscenes, and possibly even in an upcoming Sonic Frontiers update. Whether you see this as a functional novelty, a series of cute art prints, or even a cosplay accessory, this is an interesting choice for one of the series' first major adaptations of in-world object to physical merch.

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    I used to be able to read Tarot cards (not that it's a skill you necessarily use, or gain to begin with) and the temptation to get these is strangely strong.

    But that feels like mixing two poisons together and drinking with glee... :chuckle:

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