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  • Sonic Central Debuts New Sonic Prime Trailer

    Features a new robot Sonic and a ghost Big the Cat?

    Sonic Prime got a nice little trailer at today’s Sonic Central, which dished some new info on the upcoming episodes.

    Shadow explained to Sonic that in order to restore their world, they needed to gather the pieces of the paradox prism, which has one piece in each shatterspace. Sounds like Sonic and Shadow will be working together, at least for a bit! We also get to see a little more of that phantom Green Hill that was used in the footage released yesterday, including a ghost Big.

    The worlds and characters of each Shatter Space also appear to be merging, with buildings from New Yoke City growing out of the ground in Boscage Maze. Finally, the trailer ends with the debut of….some sort of new robot Sonic?

    Check out a gallery of stills taken from the trailer below:

    Sonic Prime is set to debut July 13. You can watch the full trailer in the embed below:

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    Still kind of hate that Shadow is written as hating the thought of working with Sonic, but whatever. I get that it's a different interpretation of him blah blah blah, but that doesn't make it any less irritating. Otherwise, the rest of it looks nice.

    I hope they play more with the concept that bringing back their reality would also wipe out these alternate ones, which they seem to be teasing a bit with some of the trailer dialogue.

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    I like what I see In the Sonic Prime trailer of the next season Sonic & Shadow working together. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea though.

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    CrownSlayer’s Shadow


    Loving Prime Metal Sonic!

    Can we take him apart and attach the cooler pieces to main Metal Sonic?

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    We started to see the variant dimensions bleed into each other at the end of the first set of episodes, so its very nice to get more confirmation that it is going to continue. I'm all for having alt versions of each of the characters meeting different versions of themselves.


    -- and giving Metal Sonic the ability to emoji emote with his eyes would be utterly spectacular. Would be a fun way around his no-talking personality.

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