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  • New 'Sonic X' Screenshots Reveals Humans, Set in a New World

    ... Oh, you... _don't_ want to see these then?

    Some new images of the Japanese 'Sonic X' anime have been published, as well as new details from Japanese fansite Sonic Dimension. It seems like there's a lot to take in here, from the series being set in a different world and the inclusion of human characters.


    Seems there'll be two human characters sadly, Chris who's in the above picture, and Danny. Chris also saves Sonic from drowning in a pool when they first meet, so it sounds like they will become friends in the show.


    According to Sonic Dimension (Japanese, via online translator), it sounds like Sonic and friends are transported into a new world, opening the anime up to brand new scenarios that may stray from the video games. Characters include Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Eggman, Cream and Cheese and even Big the Cat and Froggy.


    Lots of mechs will be included in the show as well, such as Tornado 2 and many Eggman menacing robots. Sonic Dimension also talks about the mysterious character that we reported yesterday - seems there's no clue as to who this guy is, but the name of the photo on Sonic Dimension is 'Nazo'.

    More news on this interesting new show as we get it!

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