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  • Sonic Heroes - First Screenshots Inside! New Characters Revealed!

    We finally get to see it! E3 is about to kick off and SEGA has released the first screenshots of Sonic Heroes, the next major Sonic game being developed by Sonic Team! Take a look at the images below - they look absolutely gorgeous!

    We know, from our last report on this, that Sonic Heroes was going to feature team-based gameplay - where players would control three characters at once to complete stages. We knew of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. But as you can see, these screenshots also show off other characters.

    One team has Shadow, Rouge, and a robot that looks like a beefcake E-102 Gamma, another has Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit and Big the Cat, and another amazingly has Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon and Charmy Bee from Knuckles' Chaotix! We thought SEGA had completely forgotten about these long lost characters!

    SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_1.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_2.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_3.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_4.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_5.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_6.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_7.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_8.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen_9.jpg SonicHeroes_E3_Screen10.jpg

    The screenshots are extremely colourful and really have that classic SEGA/Sonic feel to them, with the beach-like stage having an almost Green Hill look to it (as many first stages do - which is what we assume this is!)

    More information as we get it from E3 2003!

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