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  • Sonic Frontiers 'Birthday Bash' DLC Releases Today

    Spin Dash, New Game +, & More!

    It was only a matter of time before we'd hear about this, so it's not surprising that we got to hear about the next batch of major content that is coming to Sonic Frontiers. Sure enough, today's Sonic Central broadcast confirmed new details on the update, including the news that you'll be able to play it later today!



    There were 3 noteworthy parts of the update. The first one was probably the most obvious one: Sonic and the Starfall Islands have become festive for the Blue Blur's birthday. There are also some new moves, including the return of Sonic's signature Spin Dash. It seems to use the stamina meter, the same meter that Sonic uses for boosting.




    There's also new Challenges and Koco. However, the biggest addition that this update has is that there is a New Game +! They didn't elaborate more on what New Game + is like, but fans won't have to wait long to find out. The update will be available to download for free later today!

    Via Twitter

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    These new island challanges stump me. What am i expected to do to get an S? I get the globes and combos up to 900 odd and still only get a d.

    Also some of these new Koco are hard (no isses there) but at times are awful to get to! the one on the platform in the middle of Kronos Island really has me stumped. Lol

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