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  • Sonic Crosses Over to Candy Crush Saga and KartRider [U]

    Like a kid in a kart racing candyshop.

    Sonic's been no stranger to free-to-play event crossovers (including some particularly bizarre ones), and while 2022 has been far slower than last year, Paramount's Sonic 2 is seeping Sonic back into the free-to-play space again.


    For this weekend only (March 31 through April 3), Sonic will be appearing in mobile match-three puzzle game Candy Crush Saga, allowing you to collect blue Spindash-shaped candies during this brief event across two modes:



    Sonic Dash Collection: First challenge is to collect 12 000 blue Sonic candies! Do you think you can make it to the 12 000 in four days?

    The Great Chase: Chase the Jelly Queen in the Great Chase by collecting the blue Sonic Candies on your levels. You will compete against other players on a leaderboard! Sweet rewards are waiting if you manage to get to the top 10 in your group of players!

    As a brief reminder, King's parent company, Activision Blizzard, remains at the center of discrimination and harassment accusations, and has entered the process of being purchased by Microsoft.


    Meanwhile, Korean free to play kart racing games KartRider for PC and KartRider: Rush+ on mobile are preparing for upcoming Sonic events. Details for Western territories are sparse on both fronts. KartRider for PC is exclusive to Korea at the moment (with a global sequel still in closed beta), while Rush+ on mobile makes no reference to a Sonic event in any of its English community/social media outlets.

    UPDATE [March 31]: The English version of KartRider: Rush+ will be getting the Sonic content in April, as mentioned in the game's event calendar. Art in the promo shows off Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Dr. Eggman racing alongside the game's cast. Although the promo takes place alongside the release of Sonic 2 in theaters, this crossover focuses on a chibi take on Sonic and friends in the modern game style.


    Thanks to ZeBladeGunner for this news tip, and the screenshot!

    If you just want a taste, developer Nexon has posted a brief teaser trailer to their YouTube account, and a handful of "Coming Soon" graphics on their website:


    Thanks to Dodger24848 for both news tips!

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