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  • More Super Forms and Sonic Prime are Set to Hit Mobile

    What if Sonic Dash... but Prime?

    This morning's Sonic Central brought a few mobile game update announcements for new characters and what could technically be called a new game by the loosest possible definition.

    Sonic Prime Dash


    Netflix is getting an exclusive version of Sonic Dash, titled "Sonic Prime Dash." The game will launch in July with the new season of the show, and features characters from the show. However, all stages appear to be the same as the ones from regular Sonic Dash, so don't expect it to be significantly different. More information in our separate news story for it, here.

    Super Silver in Dash/Speed Battle


    Super Silver already hit both Sonic Dash and Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. In Dash, he has about 5 days remaining, and will be available until the 29th in Speed Battle.

    Monster Dragon Hunter Lancelot


    Shadow's medieval getup was previously available in Speed Battle, but will hit Sonic Dash/Dash+ in July.

    Classic Super Sonic


    No specifics given, but Classic Super Sonic was teased for upcoming events in Sonic mobile games. The last time we've seen polygonal Classic Sonic go Super was in 2011's Sonic Generations.

    Sonic's Got a New Hat in Roblox


    Sonic Speed Simulator on Roblox (the one that, you know, is dealing with some things) will be adding a new skin featuring Classic Sonic in an open tux, jaunty top hat, and classy shoes.

    No Sign Yet of HARDlight's "Narrative Driven" Game

    Last year, HARDlight was looking to fill a position for a "narrative driven" Sonic mobile game project. There's been no update, announcement, or reveal on this since.

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