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  • Sonic Prime Dash Coming to Netflix Games

    Available to all with a Netflix subscription.

    The popular mobile endless running game, Sonic Dash, will be getting a 'Sonic Prime' themed lick of paint and re-released for Netflix customers under the name "Sonic Prime Dash".


    Announced during the Sonic Central showcase earlier today, Sonic Prime Dash will feature everything that you already know and love about the existing SEGA HARDlight game - which first launched in 2013 - but will take character designs from the Netflix animated series.


    Not a lot of extra information was revealed at the time of announcement, but hey. If it's more Sonic Dash, that's good enough for us. This new version of the game will launch alongside the upcoming 'new season' of Sonic Prime, on July 13. If you're subscribed to Netflix, then you'll automatically have access to this game via the Netflix Games service.

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    This is... incredibly lame. Sonic Dash itself is fine, a little barebones, but it's a mobile game so that's pretty par for the course. If this """new""" game is supposed to be Sonic Prime Dash, they could have at least changed the environments and enemies to be ones from the show. They did that with Sonic Dash Boom for pity's sake. The fact it's literally just Sonic Dash with presumably less characters makes this feel lazy. I'd kill for a New Yoke City or Boscage Maze theme.

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