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  • More Cities Revealed for Sonic Symphony World Tour

    That world tour is finally more than two cities

    The Sonic Symphony World Tour’s larger touring schedule has finally been unveiled! In addition to the previously revealed cities of London and Los Angeles, which the tour will go to in September, the symphony will also go to Paris, Sao Paulo, Boston and Chicago by the end of October.

    Beginning in February, the tour will also head to Asia, kicking off in Tokyo. For a full list of confirmed cities, check out the image below. More cities will be revealed in the future.


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    I'm glad they added another showtime for LA. I managed to grab a ticket last time, but I was intending on grabbing three for my friends and I.


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    About half of these are North American/European cities with the exceptions being Tokyo and Sao Paulo. Where's the representation for other continents if it's going to be called a 'world tour'? I would've loved to see Sydney, Cairo, Beijing, Buenos Aires and Cape Town thrown in there.

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    Hope I can attend the São Paulo event this time. Didn't go last year and kinda regretted (though SEGA delayed a lot to reveal the actual show date). Tickets look kinda expansive as of now but eh... whatever. If it sucks at least I have a free pass to complain.

    Also, shoutout to whoever wrote "Sau Paulo" during the cities presentations (8:53 mark)

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