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  • Go For a Ride With Shadow's Motorcycle in Sonic Speed Simulator!

    Here we go buddy, here we go buddy, here we go buddy...

    Rev up those engines, and get ready to be more radical than you are fearless! This week in Sonic Speed Simulator, a new kind of mount has arrived: Motorbikes! To celebrate this occasion, what better bike to bring into the game first than Shadow's infamous ride: The Dark Rider! Furthermore, Shadow is back with all new summer getup!

    To figure out how to unlock this crimson chopper, @Ryannumber1gamerhas dove into the test servers and has the details on what awaits in this new update!


    Headlining this update is the Dark Rider itself! It's more than just your usual Extreme Gear mount, it's a new kind of vehicle with its own animations and traversal controls! To unlock this new mount for yourself and cruise around in style, complete a few simple missions!

    I hope you brought your helmets, kids, because this bike only has one gear: adventure! With its turbo-charged polygons and sleekly designed chassis, Shadow's Roblox Motorcycle will have you riding at the SPEED. OF. FUN.




    What's a motorbike without a driver? Luckily, Speed Sim answered the question for you. It's Shadow! But not just any Shadow, but an all new Summer Shadow! It's Shadow's year, after all! So it only makes sense to say that it's his summer too!

    Don't worry, though. There's no extra set of five missions to do for him. Instead, just one: Beat Shadow in a Motorcycle Drag Race 10 times!

    Wait, Motorcycle Drag Race? Never heard of that. That should mean...



    ...A new race track! Radical Highway has been added as an all new Drag Race! Rev up your complimentary Dark Rider and engage in a high-octane chase to beat the competition and the NPC Shadow challenger! Look for it in the usual race rotation!



    Missed out on the Diamond Terminal event? You still got time! The portal to the location has been moved slightly further away from the Green Hill hub, but Rouge is still up for grabs!

    Need to figure out how to complete this event before it's gone? Guides for Rouge, and the new music notes can be found here!


    Need to play character catchup? Spend your Robux on this week's character rotations!

    Classic Tails, Classic Knuckles, Classic Amy, Classic Sonic, Fake Metal Sonic, Adventure Knuckles, Maid Blaze and Riders Rouge are up on the podiums!


    And that's a wrap on this week's Speed Sim update! This week has shook up the game with a new kind of vehicle, and a new kind of race to boot! All to celebrate the incredible amount of Sonic X Shadow Generations news dropping!

    Ready to ride? Keep an eye on the Sonic Stadium for Ryan's guide so you can get Summer Shadow and the Dark Rider for yourself!

    The Dark Rider update arrives Saturday June 8th at 12pm EST.

    Sonic Speed Simulator is playable through Roblox on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile.

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    Maple Syrup


    Aw, yeah! Didn't get the chance to see it in Austin, but now I can ride it!

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    Something to note about Summer Shadow, he has new animations! Somehow they are even better then the last, so be sure to check it out!


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