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  • Sonic Speed Simulator - Diamond Terminal Music Note Guide!

    Surprise! Three new songs have appeared out of nowhere in Speed Simulator! Let's get 'em!


    Hello everyone! It seems my comment about next week bringing a new guide was a little ill-timed, because as it turns out - Diamond Terminal in the test server was pretty damn unfinished. In a more finished state within the main game now, we have found out that it brings with it three brand new music notes, so let's get into them!

    Diamond Terminal Music Note 1 - Ghost Town (Sonic Forces):

    For our very first music note, we're grabbing the very first Classic stage's OST from Sonic Forces - Ghost Town. Luckily, it's in a pretty easy spot to find, all things considered. First things first, you're going to want to go down the purple pathway from the initial spawn point:


    From here, you'll see a ramp ahead of you that leads to the second floor. Go over to it and climb up it. 


    From there, if you turn immediately right, you'll see a second ramp that brings you up to the third floor. Once again, you're going to head up this ramp.


    Whatever you do, do not go down any of the rails you see around you. Upon getting to the top of the second ramp, immediately turn around, and you'll see a platform directly ahead of you with a purple hallway once again to the right of this pathway. Jump and dash over to it, and go down the purple hallway.


    This will bring you to the top floor of the inital starting room, where you'll find the music note resting atop one of the crate stacks. Jump into it, and that's your first music note down.


    Diamond Terminal Music Note 2 - Boo's House (Team Sonic Racing):

    The second music note can be found very close to the previous one. What you're going to do here is from the first music note, go back down the purple hallway that we just went through, and return to the top floor of the purple room.


    You'll see a large purple tower that looks like a enclosed space. However, if you run to that pathway in the middle, and turn to your right when you get to it, you'll find a hidden entrance that will take you to the middle of this purple town. This is actually required for both the pearl and switch tasks of the Rouge/Chrome Metal Sonic events, so you'll no doubt find it if you're doing that.


    Upon jumping down, you'll find the second music note awaiting you down here, right in the middle of this tower.


    Once you've grabbed it, you can then just jump down the gap in the floor to return to the rest of the world again.

    Diamond Terminal Music Note 3 - Turbine Loop (Team Sonic Racing):

    In my experience, this is downright the most annoying music note to find, if only because if you thought it was like the other music notes in practically every other zone, where they're lying out in the open, and you just have to find them - instead this note outright requires completion.


    The primary event for this returning world is aiding Rouge in a heist, and when popping into this world, you'll see a giant laser cage behind her, with a jewel floating inside of it. This appears like any other set-dressing you would expect, and if you did the event on the Test Server, that's exactly what you'll have thought.

    However, in the main server, this in actuality is exactly like the one music note in Lost Valley that's locked behind completing Shadow's missions and getting access to the Pyramid. The music note is hidden inside of the gem that's trapped inside the cage, and the only way to access it is finishing Rouge's missions, which disables the cage upon completion.

    So this is where the event guide that was posted last night will come in handy:

    Follow this event guide, and it'll help you very quickly finish up the quests that Rouge has for you. Once that's done, return back to the spawn point where the cage was, and you'll then see that the lasers is gone, and the diamond with it. In it's place, floating in the centre where the gem was is now the final music note.


    So do not waste your time trying to hunt around searching for it - you must finish Rouge's missions in order to attain the last music note. 

    With that, if you've been aiming for a full music note collection for your jukebox, you'll now officially be up to 49 songs within it, as seen below:


    Now that all of the music notes are collected, that should be everything for this new update, so with that - join me next week for the next event guide!

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    34 minutes ago, TitansCreed said:

    Was there anything in the secret room on live?

    Nope. Thought for certain it would be where the last music note was, but it wasn't.

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