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  • Freak-Out Friday: Emerald Powers Deflate Sonic and Friends at Korea's G-Star Convention

    Super Sonic Squishy!

    SEGA's regional Korea office has done some great work promoting Sonic titles over the last year or two, and this week the publishing house added to its wins by featuring Sonic Superstars prominently at regional games expo G-Star. Although, if you visited the show at a certain point on Thursday morning, you might have been treated to a rather freaky sight.

    Just like at Tokyo Game Show earlier this year, G-Star featured massive balloon character of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy - but at one point, rather than see them in their full Classic glory, one keen-eyed fan saw them in this unholy state:


    via Loapbitz05

    Of course, Sonic and his pals aren't really in balloon-based peril here. Although it looks like they've all been squished into pancakes (maybe they're using the Water Emerald Power?), this photo is clearly taken during setup of the game's stage, before any of the demo kiosks have been set up and before the characters have been inflated.

    SEGA Korea has been promoting its presence at the G-Star event over the last couple days, and the booth certainly looks quite impressive when it's been completed. Not only can interested passers-by play the latest 2D adventure from Sonic Team and Arzest, but there are Instagram photo opportunities, roulettes for prizes and mask giveaways too.

    segakorea1.jpeg segakorea2.jpeg

    akorea3.jpeg segakorea5.jpeg


    The G-Star Sonic Superstars booth runs until the 19th November, so if you're in the Busan area in South Korea for the next couple days why not take a trip there and take a photo with the big man?

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    Sonic went 2D again, but the hard way this time. Either that, or they look like the Sonic the Fighters models after taking a particularly heavy hit.

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