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  • A Grind for a Grind: Grind Shoe Sonic Returns in Latest Speed Simulator Update

    Have another chance to don the Soap Shoes in this week's Speed Sim update!

    Happy 2 year anniversary, Sonic Speed Simulator! To celebrate this occasion, a fan favorite skin has returned for those new to the game to have an opportunity to grind rails in style! It's the iconic Grind Shoe Sonic from Sonic Adventure 2!


    While for you veterans, this may seem like a nothing update you can skip, there are a few interesting changes worth taking a look at first! So, with the testing servers open, @Ryannumber1gamerhas discovered everything new to find in this week's update!

    No Food or Movies? I'm Outta Here!


    The star of today's update, it's the return of Grind Shoe Sonic! Getting this old skin can neat you some sweet rewards, including 2000 Red Star Rings! Better yet, the objectives this time are incredibly easy! So even if you unlocked him before, spending a good half hour to unlock this character is worth your time for those Red Star Rings and some trade fodder!

    And trust me, you'll want those Red Star Rings! Why? Becaaaaause...

    The "R" Stands For Rerun!


    ...The Red Star Ring Store has updated! That's right, some pretty popular variants have returned and can be earned for completely free so long as you got the RSRs to cover it!

    Chef Amy, Riders Cream, Skeleton Knuckles, Prime Rouge and Racesuit Jet are ripe and ready for the taking! Have you got the rings to earn the bling?

    We All Danced In Fire...


    Need to add some morally grey flare to your racing entourage? All three members of Team Dark in their race suits have returned to the Race Shop! Earn tickets in races to earn these radical racers in all their edgy glory!

    Too Weak To Be Playable


    This pain persists, I can't resist. But that's what it takes to not have Infinite. Sadly, our favorite overcompensating jackal still has no signs to ever join Sonic Speed Simulator due to specific mandates from SEGA. But still, Gamefam has introduced at least... SOME way to play as Infinite.

    Arriving in the UGC Store, you can use Robux to buy Infinite cosmetics for your Roblox avatar. You can get everything from a plushie to his signature mask. Nobody will tell the difference, right?

    Shopping Spree!

    Got Robux to burn, and characters to get? Well, welcome to this week's premium shop rotation!

    This time, you can buy Classic Sonic, Classic Tails, Silver, the Werehog, Gold Style Sonic, Gold Style Shadow, Gold Style Silver, Gold Metal Sonic 3.0, Holographic Metal Sonic, and even Neo Metal Sonic individually!

    ...But don't buy Classic Sonic and Neo Metal! You can earn them for free by following this starter guide!

    Additionally, the Super Mega Bundle has changed! Now you can buy Gold Style Vector, the Werehog, Silver, Chaos Sonic, Invisible Espio, Racesuit Amy, Steampunk Sonic, Vampire Shadow, Batten Rouge and Knuckles the Dread in one gulp!

    There is even a seasonal Sonic bundle to get Christmas, Halloween and Easter Sonics! Halloween Sonic doesn't arrive often in my experience, so he's a worthwhile find!

    The Rail's End

    And that's about it for this Saturday's Sonic Speed Simulator update! Ready to escape from the city one more time? Well, follow me to Ryan's guide to this update and it will set you free to explore the world with Grind Shoe Sonic!

    Have fun, speedsters!

    The Grind Shoe Sonic update arrives Saturday May 25th at 12pm EST.

    Sonic Speed Simulator is playable through Roblox on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile.


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    3 minutes ago, Xandur said:

    Looks like an easy 2000 RSR.

    If you have red hero chao, it can be done within 20 minutes.

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    Yep, just got it done in 20 with a few gingerbread chao. Now we wait for next Saturday. :gumball:

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    Once again I come with more information on changes this update has!
    Now you can hide your pets and trail on the options menu.
    Most quests for ESP Silver now work with event stat (if you still didn't unlock him, now is the time to do it).
    Along side the Sale areas being redesigned, the UI for pets on sale is differs depending on the rarity of the pet (This may not seem like it since all chao currently on sale are exotic, but on the testing servers this was much more clear with a lot more chao to test the feature)image.thumb.png.d3e9835d4ebde3ea8ad5dcc0d8aa3427.png

    And at last but not least important, Grind Shoes Sonic was updated to use the new Sonic Model! For those who don't know, ever since Tuxedo Sonic came, every Sonic skin released following it used the new model, and every re-release got their model updated (Riders Sonic), the same has been happening with Shadow since Winter Shadow (although they aren't editing the animations for these new models, so there are some animation bugs on them tho, especially on the eyes).

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