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  • Ask Dr. Dre(ad): July 2001 Mailbag

    Welcome to Ask Dr. Dre(ad), you are now in my clinic. I am of course, Dr. Dread. You can call me Dr. Dre if you like, but I'm a doctor, not a rapper. Let's just get that out of the way...

    Hmmm? Why am I here? Because of you. Yes, you. I know that, sometime in the not too distant future, you will have at least one question about Sonic the Hedgehog. A burning query that you just can't shake off... but then you can't be bothered to find the answer, and this leads to trauma. As well as constant head injuries involving a spade. Believe me, in my experience, it has happened.

    And it may happen to you too, should you not ask anyone just a teeny tiny little Sonic question. And this could be about anything. Maybe you wish to complete a level but are having difficulty. You might want to know a bit of Sonic's background story, or what's up with the Sonic cartoons such as Sonic Underground. You may even be wanting to find out the best bargains for online Sonic goods

    You see, it doesn't matter if it's a silly question or not, as long as it has some relevance to Sonic. Of course, if your questions are silly, I may have to prescribe some sort of blunt instrument to hit you around the head with.

    Nonetheless, you may ask me a question about Sonic. From any sector of the franchise; from video games to simple background knowledge. You'll suffer if you don't confront someone with all this, and that someone is me, Dr. Dread. Now, I hope this conversation between us has introduced my practice, and should you have a question, ask me either via e-mail or via the Universal Form. I look forward to seeing you again in my office.


    Drafting an Inventory

    Do you have a Game Gear?
    By Anonymous

    A: Yes. Yes I do. Yes, honest to God, this was a genuine question to me in an e-mail I had one day.

    Lighter Than Light

    How do I get a Light Chao?
    By Kouleifohh

    In Sonic Adventure is it possible to have a Chaos-like Chao? If so tell me how.
    By tuckercorgimom

    A: I assume you are both referring to the original Sonic Adventure, rather than the recently released Sonic Adventure 2. Well, to grab yourself a Light Chao, go to your nearest Chao Garden as any player. Get any Chao baby to 'de-evolve' back into an egg, or make it reborn twice. To achieve this, first of all your Chao needs to be an adult, so it can mate. You have to be able to access a free VMU and play Chao Adventure. Play through the Chao game on your VMU until you get a Life Nut. Feed your adult Chao a minimum of three Life Nuts, making your Chao mate after you feed it each one.

    After a while, it should turn into an egg a couple of times. Hatch the egg again. A few tries later and your Chao should have turned back into a baby. When this is done go out of the centre and give that Chao one of each of the fifteen animals you can pick up throughout the levels (destroying Badniks). After that make sure it evolves and when it does, it will become a Light (Chaos) Chao.

    Comic Boom

    What's your favourite: UK or Archie Sonic comics?
    By Anonymous

    A: Well, there had to be one of these, didn't there? To be honest, I haven't read the US Archie comics - I live in the UK - although the fact that I prefer Sonic the Comic (UK) isn't based on bias. I simply feel that there was a lot more to STC than Archie. It seemed to me that Archie comics were just (the brilliant) SatAM cartoons on paper, which didn't seem very original to me. And no, this doesn't mean I hate Americans, they're wonderful people. There, has that put your mind at rest? Can you sleep now? If not, take one sleeping pill before you go to bed... I said ONE, dammit!

    Back Alley Deals

    I am having a problem getting into the Black Market section on the Sonic Adventure homepage. It keeps telling me something about a wrong "cookie" and to check my Dreamcast clock. What do I do? (P.S. I'm talking about Chao)
    By Morgan

    A: Ah, it's this old symptom. This means that work on the Black Market must not have been finished, and sadly won't be finished. Unfortunately, it seems most likely that the Sonic Adventure website has closed down. This may explain the errors that you keep getting, it happens often on my browser too. The only thing I can prescribe is Sonic Adventure 2, as this also features the Black Market, although it is not finished yet on the SA2 webpage. Your best bet Morgan is to spend your cash on Sonic Adventure 2. But in all honesty, it's not as if no-one really wanted it...

    Classic Conundrum

    I have heard that in Sonic 1, you can do a spin dash. I thought this must be a cheat or something. But I can't find out how to do it. Can you tell me?
    By Anonymous

    A: Well, you heard right. But you're doing it wrong. You need a Sega Saturn and Sonic Jam. Once these have been prescribed, play throughout Sonic 1 on the CD until the game is complete. Select Spin Dash from the menu after that

    The Ultimate Cheatform

    Do you know any codes or cheats for Sonic Adventure 2?
    By kouleifohh

    A: There are as yet no known cheats for SA2 - kind of like the original SA before it - but there are certainly secrets in there. You can get new skins in the 2-player mode, for example: if you get Rank A's on all of Sonic's levels and missions, you'll be able to play as him in a PSO HuMAR Outfit, and as Amy Rose. If you do the same as Shadow, you can play as Metal Sonic or Shadow in a PSO RaMAR outfit.

    Tails has a different coloured mech and a Chao, Eggman has a red mech and Big the Cat. Knuckles can unlock Tikal and another PSO outfit and Rouge can transform into Chaos or obtain a slinky new costume.

    Finally, if you get Rank A's on every level and mission (except for Cannon's Core), you can play in a secret level titled only 'Green Hill Zone'. Yes, it is exactly the same as the Mega Drive game's first Act, only in 3D and with all the sound effects too. I'm only a doctor, but I'll threaten Dreadknux with a lethal injection so he can get a cheat VMU Save file for you all. How does that sound? Just keep your eyes glued to The Sonic Stadium.


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