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  • Metallic Madness Community Tournament 2023 Currently Underway

    Who will win the coveted popularity contest?

    Forget March Madness: the Sonic community’s own utterly inconsequential, completely-for-fun single elimination knockout bracket tournament, “Metallic Madness,” is currently underway over on Twitter.

    The annual “tournament,” which initially started back in 2016, pits 64 unique entrants across four different categories until only one remains. After going on a one-year hiatus, it was brought back - with last year’s victor being IDW’s Whisper the Wolf, who defeated Agent Stone to become “Queen of the Ring.”

    This year’s four categories are: Games, Universe, Comics, and Community. The tournament is set to run until April 3. If you want to vote, head over to Metallic Madness’s Twitter account, here.

    This is where the bracket currently stands as of this writing:


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