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Sonic Socials: Five Nights At Freddy's Gets The 'Sonic Meme' Treatment


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Surprise surprise - SEGA's official Sonic social team has done another one of those awkward memes for Halloween, where they reference some other pop culture thing. It's all very 'Dad Jokes' at this point, but we still love them for committing to the bit after all these years. So, what's the "thing" this time? Why, it's Five Nights At Freddy's, of course!


To coincide with the spooky season - and to take advantage of the release of the Five Nights At Freddy's movie release by tying the Sonic brand to it - SEGA released the above image, which features a range of Eggman's creations and asks the reader if they could "Spindash (Survive) Five Acts (Nights) At Eggy's (Freddy's)". Very clever!

Are you a big Freddy's fan? Are you going to watch the highly-anticipated movie? Does this tickle your funnybone? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Who would be Golden Freddy?

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Saw the movie the day before it released in theatres. It was really good, and when I went with my friends to see it again the next day I felt very powerful, holding all that lore in the palm of my hand, dangling it just out of their reach the whole day. Though, we did end up sitting in front of some group of seventh graders who kept complaining that it wasn't "lore accurate" and crap, and then sighing and groaning during that scene where Mike puts his hand on Vanessa's wrist. Like, I'm sorry, are friends not allowed to do that anymore? She was in the HOSPITAL, her dad was dead(as far as she knew), and she got stabbed. He was being of what little comfort he could.

But, other than that, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it. :)

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For a second there I thought it said "Five Acts at Edgy's" lol

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