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Mystic Haunt Zones & MONSTER MADNESS: Spooky Zones & Monster Boss Battles in Sonic Games


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(This is the early version of the Sonic IDW #22 Retail Incentive Cover. The final version has Sonic in a Werehog onesie)

Good evening and welcome back to another Themed Sonic Zone Topic!

I had to go through many old and new bags of tricks to collect the treats I’ll be handing out tonight.

In honor of spooky month, I’ve gone back to the forum graveyard, dug up my old “Death Chambers” Topic, convinced Surge and a family of Ivory Wisps to recharge its batteries, and Frankenstein-ed it back to life.

However, instead of just updating the old list with the newest Horror Zones, I had a monster of an idea to make things more interesting. 

In addition to a list of Sonic’s Spookiest Zones in the Games, I also made a list of Monsters Sonic and the others have fought against throughout their adventures. 

Whether you love a good scare or need a break from fighting robots, come join me as we double dip into the Sonic Games Archives.


Haunted History

(This is a panel of the Haunted Depths Zone from Sonic Mega Drive: The Next Level)

If you look back at the Classic Era, there are a few Spooky Zones in the early years of the Series.

Granted, the Spinoff Games featured more than the Mainline Games, but they exist and they are stereotypical haunted places. We had 1 ghost filled pyramid and 2 haunted castles.

It wasn’t until the Millennium Era when we started to branch out and get more Spooky Zones with even spookier elements tossed in.

Nowadays, we have haunted mansions, ghostly mineshafts, fiery hellscapes, hollow tombs, and steampunk cathedrals. 

There are even Level Trope combos with the Haunted Theme that haven’t been done yet!

That’s not even mentioning the cool costumes Sonic and other characters have received for Halloween Celebrations & Events.

The only nitpick I have is that the Boos, those sharped toothed sheet ghosts with murder eyes, could have and should have been named differently.

Monster Match


Since Dr. Eggman’s first use of Badniks on South Island, the series has and still about smashing robots to save small animals trapped inside.

However, there have been other threats from other forces on the planet, outer space, and even other worlds.

Ever since Eggman tried using Chaos Zero to destroy a city to create his own city, new adventures could have our heroes fight evil spirits, dragons, aliens, chimeras, and other god like entities.

As cool as all of these creatures are, watching Eggman lose control of them got old real fast though.

While today’s Monster List mostly focuses on everything that’s not a robot, there were a few exceptions. For example, there is no way I can argue that the Ifrit Golem and Time Eater are not robots.


1. Half of the entries in this post are Horror themed Action Stages, Hubs, & Bosses from Official Licensed Sonic Games. This includes:

  • The Mystic Haunt Zone from Sonic Rivals 2
  • Zones & Acts where Boos or other types of Ghosts live
  • Zones & Acts that have graveyards
  • Zones & Acts that are haunted castles
  • Zones & Acts that were created as Halloween DLC or are Halloween versions of an actual level.
  • Zones & Acts that can only exist thanks to a monster of the week
  • A brief look at the Exorcisms Sonic & Chip did in Sonic Unleashed HD
  • Areas of the King Arthur Storybook World that became altered by Merlina’s magic after she became Queen of the Underworld
  • Zones with the words “Creeper”, “Cryptic”, “Gothic”, “Hang”, “Haunt”, “Pumpkin”, or “Skeleton” in their names

2. The other half of the entries in this post are mostly non-robotic Monster Mini, Regular, and Final Boss Battles from Official Licensed Sonic Games. This includes:

  • Chaos
  • Void
  • The Biolizard
  • The Black Arms
  • Solaris
  • Erazor Djinn
  • Twilight Cage Aliens
  • Dark Gaia
  • Dragons
  • Knights of the Underworld
  • Nega-Mother Wisp
  • Time Eater
  • Deadly 6

3. Honorable Mentions:
These are Spooky Zones & Monster Bosses that I didn’t able to add to either list because:

  • The End – I haven’t finished Master King’s trial yet so I’m going to all skip talking about all versions of The End’s Boss Battles entirely.
  • Anything from Sonic Superstars - The game just came out and I don’t want to ruin any surprises. Plus, we don’t have any Official Names for any of the new Badniks and Bosses yet.
  • Metal Madness/Metal Overlord – I brainstormed on whether or not to make an exception for this and a few of Metal Sonic’s other transformations. I’ll cover him in a future SGWT Topic that goes over the Sonic Heroes Zones and a future Metal Sonic Series Badniks Topic.
  • No Crossovers Allowed – The NiGHTMARE Zone DLC from Sonic Lost World, Horror themed racetracks from the SEGA All-Stars games, spooky arenas from Super Smash Bros., and anything else similar to that will not be on this list.
  • Multiplayer Exclusive Spooky Zones – There are a few VS Mode variations of some of the stages I researched, like Pool Race & Terror Hall. I’ll talk about them another time.
  • 3DS Lava Mountain Deadly 6 Boss Battles - I skipped them because they are literally repeats of their original Boss Battles, except they’re weaker.
  • Future Sonic Game Disclaimer - Any future Sonic Games that might have Spooky Zones and/or Monster Boss Battles that release after I make this topic will be discussed in a future topic.

4. Majority Rule Verdicts:
After some discussion with other Sonic Scholars, Sonic Fans, & Sonic Man, the majority approved, voted, & decided that:

  • the Mystic Cave Zone, Ghost Town, Park Avenue, Sunset Heights, & Capital City are not Spooky Zones.
  • Infinite was too weak to be considered a monster of the week. With or without the Phantom Ruby, he’s more of an edgy Rival character.

5. New Zone Topic Features:

  • Cat Cameos - If Big the Cat makes a cameo in a Zone, in a game where he’s not playable, I will mention it in a CAT CAMEO.

6. Regarding some of the Zone Bestiaries:

  • The Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Zone Bestiaries will not mention Enemies found in Mission 5/Hard Mode.
  • The Sonic Heroes Bestiaries will only mention Enemies found in Team Dark’s Version of the stages. I chose Team Dark because it seemed to match the theme I was going for.

7. Regarding some of the Official Names used in this Topic:

  • I’m borrowing Archie Sonic’s name for the Badniks that appear during the Chaos 6 Boss Battles. Icebot > Satellite
  • Sonic Forces: Speed Battle calls Mephiles’ Shadows, “Dark Clones”, which sounds better and is less confusing when referring to Shadow’s Boss Battles against Mephiles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

8. Regarding some of the Fan Nicknames used in this Topic:


-"Coal Island" is a nickname I use when referring to the officially unnamed Island that is the setting of Tails’ Skypatrol. Also, although the Bosses have Official English Names, most of the regular Enemies don’t. I gave a few of them English Nicknames.

-All of the Badniks in Sonic Labyrinth only have Official Japanese Names. I came up with some English Nicknames for the Labyrinth of the Castle Badniks. However, I couldn’t come up with a good nickname for Dragogo so I left it as is.

-None of the Forcejewel Monsters and Final Precioustone Monsters in Sonic Shuffle have official names. Also, Void’s transformation seen in the cutscenes and in Fourth Dimension Space doesn’t have an official name. I did a poll for a nickname for him on another site and the Nickname “Nightmare Void” got the most votes.

-I renamed some of the Egg Pawns to avoid confusion with the weapons and shields they use. I also split up the different types of Solid Egg Flappers.

-Whenever I refer to Captain Whiskers and his Badnik crew, I will take a page out of One Piece and call them the “Whisker Pirates”. Also, I’m swapping “Kaizoku” for “Pirate” because that’s literally what it means in Japanese.

-There are 3 Badniks in Sonic Rivals 2 that didn’t have any Official Names.

-I renamed the Soldier-One Variants so that they can be identified by the different weapons they use.

-None of the BOOM Universe Badniks in the Gothic Gardens Stages have Official Names.

9. All pictures and other graphics will be posted shortly.

Please be aware I wasn’t to find pictures for everything I researched.


Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (Sonic Origins Plus/Anniversary Mode) - Sandopolis Zone Act 2



The Sandopolis Zone is a sandy desert located on Angel Island. 

While the desert itself was a normal Sonic Style desert Zone with plenty of quicksand, some of the pyramids found there were and still are haunted by ghosts. 

After Sonic & Tails defeated the Pyramid Guardian, they traveled through one of the haunted pyramid in Act 2.

However, it did appear that Dr. Eggman tried to use them to get rid of Sonic & Tails by trapping the Spirits inside of a Prison Capsule and placing said capsule in an area where it would be impossible for Sonic & Tails to avoid releasing them. 

Luckily, a system of lights was installed and allowed Sonic & Tails to keep the dead calm.

The Badniks & Ghosts waiting to jump scare anyone who enters the pyramid in Sandopolis Zone Act 2 were:

  • Sandworm was a desert version of Caterkiller, that could dig and swim through desert sand and quicksand. Although some of them managed to get inside the pyramid, a Spin Jump to their heads turned them into scrap worms.
  • Phantom (aka Hyudoro in Japan) was a type of ghost that appeared inside the pyramid. Although they left once the lights were on, they started becoming aggressive as it got darker. When there was no light, they would attack any living intruders like a swarm of bees. Our heroes had to use the pulleys to activate the lights to avoid becoming permanent residents of the pyramid.
  • Skorp was a scorpion Badnik that slowly plowed through the pyramid and tried to hit intruders with its extendable, wrecking ball tail.
  • Rock’n was a mimic Badnik, that was designed to look like stone blocks found near the ruins. Once Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy got close, they would stand up and walk towards them. Rolling and Spin Dashing would cause them to crumble.


Boss Bio: The first Egg Golem was an attachment for the Egg Mobile that gave it a special type of armor.

The Egg Golem had spikes on its fists and chest, that could easily poke the Rings out of an opponent, a special green gem on its forehead, which could fire lasers diagonally downward, and it could crush an opponent, if they accidentally got underneath one of its fists as they came down or if they allow the Egg Golem to crawl too close to them and let it smash them into a wall.

A major design flaw was that any attacks that landed on the green gem would cause the Egg Golem’s armor to dematerialize temporarily and leave the Egg Mobile wide open for attacks.

It also didn’t help that it was slow, both when moving and when charging up its lasers.

Sonic, Tails, & Amy’s Stories - Sandopolis Zone Act 2 Boss Battle: Sonic/Tails/Amy VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Golem
Sonic, Tails, & Amy were able to Spin Jump into the jewel and quickly Spin Jump again to get some hits on the Egg Mobile.

Knuckles Story - Sandopolis Zone Act 2 Boss Battle: Knuckles VS Eggrobo & the Egg Golem
The Egg Golem that Eggrobo drove was faster than the original one.

Knuckles was still able to take it down, brick by brick.

Tails’ Skypatrol – Dark Castle Area



The Dark Castle Area was Witchcart’s personal HQ, that was built on Coal Island past the outskirts of some city.

Despite looking like a haunted castle on the outside, the inside was a factory full of machines.

While storming Witchcart’s Dark Castle, Tails dodged swinging spike balls and spiky crushers, quickly flying past to avoid getting stabbed, dealt with regenerating wall spheres, by repeatedly throwing the Boomering at them, and borrowed an empty minecart, using it to dash safely through a bottom path.

The Badniks & other Enemies haunting the Dark Castle Area were:

  • Crow Bomber (aka Tobikoshi Crow in Japan) was a crow version of a Buzz Bomber. They appeared in flocks to try and shoot Tails out of the sky.
  • Carronade was a type of cannon used by Witchcart. They fired cannonballs like regular cannons except they never ran out of ammo and could fire multiple cannonballs at once, like a machine gun. Fortunately, Tails’ Boomering could destroy Carronades and their cannonballs.
  • Tashiya was an alternate version of Octus exclusive to Witchcart’s castle. I’m guessing she either bought or stole them from Dr. Eggman and modified them herself. Instead of shooting ink, Tashiyas tried blowing beach balls into the air to create obstacles for Tails.
  • Balloon Gun was a turret that could move in the air via a balloon. Without their balloons, the guns will fall to the ground and break.
  • Chew Toy (aka Gon in Japan) was a toy dinosaur that tried to bite Tails’ Boomering when it saw him. If they managed to sink their teeth into it, they would weigh Tails down temporary, make it harder to fly, and waste Tails’ flight energy. Unfortunately, Tails didn’t have a way to destroy Chew Toys and could only avoid them.
  • Bomb Bone (aka Haneruton in Japan) was a skeleton that would hop into the air and explode, whenever Tails got close. Tails could knock away any stray bones with his Boomering. I’m not sure if they’re robots…
  • Dorigame was an alternate version of Dr. Eggman’s Turtloids. They might also be stolen like Tashiya. Instead of flying around, Dorigames walked on the ground and threw bombs at Tails.
  • Bound Head was a bouncing ball that appeared in the factory. I’m not sure what they’re made out of but magic was definitely involved in the process. Tails was able to break them with his Boomering.


Boss Bio: Witchcart (aka Wendy Witchcart in the Archie Comics) was a witch who wanted to rule over Coal Island and had a love of magic & minecarts. 

Unfortunately, this also meant using said magic to turn anyone that didn’t want to follow her into crystal lawn ornaments. 

Although her minions flew around in the sky using different kinds of aircraft and magic vehicles, she preferred to ride the rails in her personal minecart.

Dark Castle Area Final Boss Battle: Tails VS Witchcart
When Tails finally fought her, Witchcart rolled around on the rails in her castle while throwing tiny crystallized projectiles. 

However, once her personal minecart was destroyed by Tails’ Boomering, Witchcart was defeated.

Sonic Labyrinth – Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 1



The Labyrinth of the Castle was the final area of Dr. Eggman’s Super Labyrinth.

It was basically a blue haunted castle filled with candles on the walls and a variety of different traps on the floors and ceiling.

In the first labyrinth, the Red Key was in a corner near a group of 4 Pop-Up Spears, the Blue Key was sitting near a floating energy orb, and the White Key was sitting safely alone.

The only Badnik Sonic had to watch out for in Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 1 was:

  • Crossbow (aka Aroro in Japan) was an orange bird Badnik exclusive to the castle labyrinth. They were archers positioned out of Sonic’s reach that tried snipe him with their arrows. They only faced one direction though. Also, Sonic was still fast enough to roll past them or wait for the arrows to fly by before continuing onward.

Sonictrainer Says: Shoutout to the one guillotine in this labyrinth.

Sonic Labyrinth – Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 2



In Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 2, Sonic continued exploring the interior the castle.

In the second labyrinth, the Red Key was past a few moving flames, the White Key was past 2 hallways of Funnel Heads, and the Blue Key was in a room with a moving flame spike.

The Badniks patrolling the Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 2 were:

  • Kingsnake (aka Nyororo in Japan) was a snake Badnik that crawled on the floors of the castle labyrinth. Despite having a sharp horn that acts like a sharp crown, Sonic could Roll and Spin Dash into them from any angle to defeat them.
  • Tongue Tire (aka Beroro) was a Badnik that rolled around on the ground and fired a long tongue like weapon of its mouth.
  • Funnel Head (aka Robototo in Japan) was a soldier like Badnik that had a funnel for a head. They were teleported and regenerated into certain hallways. Since Funnel Heads always marched in the same place, Sonic could easily Roll and Spin Dash to break their formation and get past them.

Sonic Labyrinth – Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 3



In Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 3, Sonic splashed through the castle moats near a clock tower.

Unlike the previous areas, this part of the castle labyrinth was gold and different shades of yellow.

The Badniks swimming and floating around the Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 3 were:

  • Dragogo was a dragon/serpent Badnik that swam in this part of the castle. Sonic couldn’t destroy them and had to dodge their flame breath. He could keep an eye out for their shadows in the water.
  • Motor Mouth (aka Gaikoko in Japan) was a skull Badnik that floated around and spat fireballs. It seems it took 2 hits to defeat them.
  • Muncher (aka Gabubu in Japan) was a blue version of Chopper. Despite their creepy design, they still hopped out of the castle’s rivers trying to bite Sonic whenever he passed by.
  • Funnel Heads reappeared in one area, away from the water.

Labyrinth of the Castle 4 – 3 Fast Fact: If Sonic managed to collect all the keys in this area within the first minute (the clock starts at 3 minutes), the face of the clock tower would open up and a group of doves would fly out to congratulate Sonic on his speedrun. 

Sonic Labyrinth – Labyrinth of the Castle 4 - 4


In Labyrinth of the Castle 4 – 4, Sonic battled Dr. Eggman’s final Super Labyrinth Boss Badnik.


Boss Bio: Smiley Bomb was a Boss Badnik that looked like a fusion of Dr. Eggman and Bomb.

It flew around in the air and dropped bombs, with skulls and crossbones on them, while wearing a permanent smile on its face.

Unable to Spin Jump due to the Slow Down Shoes, Sonic had to figure out another way to defuse the situation.

Labyrinth of the Castle Final Boss Battle: Sonic VS Smiley Bomb
Smiley Bomb had a strange habit of lowering to the ground in the same spot as its previously dropped bombs. 

This allowed Sonic to destroy the bombs by Rolling and Spin Dashing into them, before they could denotate, and then spinning into Smiley Bomb after it lowered itself to the ground.


Eventually, Smiley Bomb took significant damage, released its torso and bomb generation parts, and kept fighting using its head to shoot lasers from its grinning, toothy mouth. 

Despite the weight loss, Smiley Bomb still lowered its head to areas where its lasers hit. Finally, after Sonic Spin Attacked Smiley Bomb’s head multiple times, it blew up and left a Chaos Emerald behind. 

Only needing 1 more Chaos Emerald, Sonic immediately chased after Eggman until he dropped the Cyan Chaos Emerald. With the Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Cyan Chaos Emeralds, Sonic was able to remove the Slow Down Boots from his feet, put his regular shoes on, and ran out of the collapsing Super Labyrinth.

Sonic Adventure DX – Station Square Boss: Chaos Zero



Boss Bio: Chaos Zero was a mutated Chaos Chao that was one of the early Master Emerald Guardians.

After an unfortunate series of events, he was trapped inside the Master Emerald for centuries until Dr. Eggman shattered it to free him.

Although he had a quick sparing match with Knuckles after waking up from his coma, Eggman decided to test him out in Station Square.

Luckily, Sonic was happily parkouring off rooftops nearby when he heard the police car sirens.

In his base form, Chaos Zero could punch and claw things by stretching out his watery limbs. 

Despite the fact that it was raining and the area was wet, Chaos Zero didn’t gain any extra advantages.

Sonic Story - Boss Battle #1: Sonic VS Chaos Zero

Although regular gun bullets didn’t faze Chaos Zero, Sonic’s Homing Attack was a different story.

No matter what he did, Chaos Zero couldn’t keep up with Sonic or avoid getting whacked in the head. 

He even tried to hop on top a flagpole and attack Sonic outside of Sonic’s Home Attack range.

However, after hopping back down to the ground and taking a third Homing Attack to the head, Chaos decided he was done for the night and escaped Sonic through a water grate. 

Sonic Adventure DX – Station Square Boss: Chaos 2



Boss Bio: Chaos 2 was the form Chaos Zero takes after absorbing 2 Chaos Emeralds.

In this form, Chaos became muscular, stronger, and was able to create a shield to protect himself.

He could even transform into a giant ball, bounce around, create shockwaves, and turn into a big puddle over a specific radius.

Knuckles Story - Boss Battle #1: Knuckles VS Chaos 2

Whether Knuckles was patient, and waited for Chaos 2 to drop his guard, or aggressive, and kept attacking until he physically broke his way through Chaos 2’s guard, Chaos 2 didn’t stand a chance.

After eating 5 Knuckle Sandwiches, Chaos 2 turned into a very sore puddle of water.


Sonictrainer Says: I’m not sure why Dr. Eggman wanted to unleash Chaos 2 in an underground venue of a hotel though. Maybe he hates fine dining?

Sonic Adventure DX – Mystic Ruins Boss: Chaos 4



Boss Bio: Chaos 4 was the form Chaos Zero takes after absorbing 4 Chaos Emeralds.

In this form, Chaos gains a fishlike body, which allows him to swim in lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, an upgraded version of the ball transformation, where he could split his body into a group of watery spheres that can bounce around and harm opponents, and could perform a faster shockwave attack by swinging his tail fin, that seemed like a large blade slashing across the water’s surface.

After Chaos 2 ate the Blue & Green Chaos Emeralds and evolved, he hopped into a nearby lake in the Mystic Ruins.

Despite the new body, new moves, and an elemental arena advantage, Chaos 4 wasn’t able to sink Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles alone or together.

Sonic Story - Boss Battle #4: Sonic VS Chaos 4

Sonic had to hop across giant lily pads to avoid falling into the lake and slowing himself down.

Chaos 4 spent the entire battle trying to knock Sonic into the water, tiring himself out and allowing Sonic whack him in the head with several Homing Attacks.

Tails Story - Boss Battle #3: Tails VS Chaos 4
Tails was able to stay in the air long enough to dodge almost out of Chaos 4’s attack before coming back down to Spin Jump into his head.

Knuckles Story - Boss Battle #3: Knuckles VS Chaos 4
Knuckles glided around the lake until Chaos 4 ran out of juice and then kissed his face with his fists.

Sonic Adventure DX – Twinkle Park: Sonic Act (Halloween Party DLC)



Twinkle Park was an indoor amusement park located in Station Square.

During October, Halloween decorations were added to the park. This included posters, graffiti, and robotic pumpkin scarecrows.

While enjoying the Halloween party in Twinkle Park, Sonic grabbed a hover bumper car, driving it all the way to the end of the track, used himself as a bowling ball, knocking down pins to earn more Rings, and ran all the way to a high area of the park, where he opened a Prison Capsule and freed the Small Animals trapped inside.

The Badniks ruining the Halloween Party in Twinkle Park were:

  • Kiki was a monkey Badnik that was able to generate bombs from their palms and throw them. They also had a habit of climbing on top of things. Sonic could take them out with his own moves or grab and throw one of their bombs back at them.
  • Cart Kiki was a version of Kiki that rode inside of the park’s hover bumper cars. Despite the new rides, Sonic could still take them out with his Homing Attack.
  • Buyoon was a balloon rabbit Badnik that would expand itself whenever Sonic got close. Despite being taller while blown up, Sonic could still reach its head with certain attacks.
  • Sweeper was a water skater Badnik, that appeared in the lakes inside the park while Sonic was running through. A well-timed Homing Attack was enough to sink them.

Sonictrainer Says: From what I could find, it seems only Sonic’s Act of Twinkle Park was changed during the Halloween DLC.

Sonic Adventure DX – Red Mountain: E-102 Gamma Act



Red Mountain was a volcano located on Angel Island.

Without Knuckles’ knowledge, Dr. Eggman had sneaked in and managed to take over a majority of it.

The interior of Red Mountain was a fire & spooky Zone Combo that was full of gravestones, that seem to dance by themselves, tall and black spider like creatures, that seem to be chilling and not bothering anyone, and prison cells, some of which were still occupied by some type of ghost.

After E-102 Gamma updated himself to break free of Eggman’s original programming and commands, he made his way inside Red Mountain to “free” E-104 Epsilon. 

While somehow avoiding having his processors overheat inside Red Mountain, E-102 Gamma hovered across magma using his Jet Booster and blew up packs of dynamite with his Laser Gun to create new paths.

The Badniks Gamma also “freed” in Red Mountain were:

  • Kikis were playing around the caves and lava. They made good target practice.
  • Spinner was a Bat Badnik that hovered around Eggman’s bases and acted as surveillance, keeping an eye out for intruders, Chaos Emeralds, & Master Emerald Shards. They also helped Gamma practice his aim.


Boss Bio: E-104 Epsilon was Gamma’s younger sibling, recognized by the orange coloring on their torso, arms, legs, and Jet Booster.

Epsilon was relocated to Red Mountain to watch over Dr. Eggman’s operations inside the volcano after failing to catch Froggy. 

Gamma Story – Boss Battle #4: E-102 Gamma VS E-104 Epsilon
Although Epsilon had better guns than E-103 Delta, Gamma was still faster and had better aim with his Laser Gun/Laser Blaster. 

After Gamma shot Epsilon 5 times, the swallow trapped inside Epsilon was finally freed.

Sonic Adventure DX – Egg Carrier Boss: Chaos 6



Boss Bios:

  • Chaos 6 was the form Chaos Zero took after absorbing 6 Chaos Emeralds and recovering his tail by absorbing Froggy. In this form, Chaos was a giant froglike creature with a tail coming out of it. While being almost as strong as his perfect form, Chaos 6’s only known weakness was his freezing point.
  • Ice-bot (aka Satellite) was a floating Egg-shaped Badnik created by Dr. Eggman that could freeze things by blowing extremely cold air. Instead of small animals, their bodies were filled with freezer style components to keep their bodies cool. Eggman started dropping them onto the arena when Sonic fought Chaos 6, hoping to turn Sonic into a hedgehog popsicle for Chaos 6 to eat. The Ice-bots may have also been created to keep Chaos 6 in check should he stop obeying Dr. Eggman’s orders.

Big Story – Final Boss Battle: Big VS Chaos 6

Before Sonic tried fighting Chaos 6, he waited for Big to free Froggy from Chaos 6’s body.

Thanks to Big’s fishing rod, he was able to launch the lure into Chaos 6, which Froggy quickly bit into, and quickly & safely yank Froggy out.

Sonic Story - Boss Battle #6: Sonic VS Chaos 6 & the Ice-bots

Chaos 6 would attack by copying Kirby and trying to inhale Sonic, which Sonic was able to outrun being sucked, hopping into the air and landing, causing shockwaves that Sonic had to jump over, and turning into a weird tower, shooting long tentacle shaped spikes out of his body and finishing this move by turning his tail into blade and swinging it.

To hurt Chaos 6, Sonic had to Home Attack one of the Ice-bots and either grab and throw them into Chaos 6’s open mouth or let them get sucked in whenever Chaos 6 tried to inhale.

Each time Chaos 6 ate an Ice-bot, his entire body would turn into ice. In his frozen state, any attack would hurt him.

After being frozen and hit 5 times, Chaos 6 become a broken snow pile and took a quick break to thaw himself out.

Knuckles Story – Final Boss Battle: Knuckles VS Chaos 6 & the Ice-bots
After losing to Sonic, Chaos 6 melted, put himself back together, and tried having a final rematch with Knuckles.

Despite Dr. Eggman leaving the Egg Carrier, a group of Ice-bots appeared to monitor and aid in the battle.

Knuckles’ fight was similar to Sonic’s, except parts of the arena were starting to break down and transform into electric hazards that would zap the Rings out of Knuckles should he land on them.

After Knuckles showed Chaos 6 his Ice Cap Combo, Chaos Zero disappeared and left the 6 Chaos Emeralds behind…

Sonic Adventure DX – Final Boss: Perfect Chaos



Boss Bio: Perfect Chaos was the final form Chaos Zero takes after absorbing all 7 Chaos Emeralds.

In this form, Chaos became a giant water dragon, with multiple tentacles and new powers to go with the new look.

The last time Perfect Chaos was unleashed on the world, he almost drowned all of Knuckles’ ancestors.

Super Sonic Story – Final Boss Battle: Super Sonic VS Perfect Chaos 

Super Sonic charged across the water and leftover bridges from Speed Highway to Boost into Perfect Chaos and ram into his brain.

Super Sonic had to travel the same paths twice, while watching his Ring Counter, and swim up into Perfect Chaos’ head 6 times before he was defeated.

Perfect Chaos tried to stop Super Sonic by throwing energy projectiles and firing a laser out of his mouth but ultimately failed.

Once he was calm again, Chaos Zero left with Tikal and his Chao friends to an unknown location.

Sonic Shuffle – Monster Battles


Whenever Dreamers stepped on a Monster Space, they would have to battle against 1 of that Dream Zone’s monsters. 

The same thing happens when dreamers land on Luminated Precioustone Space and try to earn the Precioustone by fighting Precioustone Monsters. 

The first 6 Precioustone Monsters are the same for every Dream World. However, the last one is always a different and has a power card of 7.

The Monsters infected by Void’s influence that Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy had to defeat in Monster Battles were:

  • Fish Skater was a fish monster in Emerald Coast that wore ice skates. It attacked by sliding into opponents. 
  • Cool Surfer was a beach loving yeti from Emerald Coast that just got into surfing. It also loved smacking opponents with its surfboard.
  • Palm Fisher was a humanoid palm tree, wearing a scarf and gloves, that was ready to do some ice fishing in Emerald Coast. It seems its favorite thing to fish for was Dreamers.
  • Dream Buzzer was a Dream Zone version of a Buzzer Badnik, that appeared in the Fire Bird. While their attacks were the same, their propeller was in their head instead of the back.
  • Wing Rocket was a living missile monster that flew around the Fire Bird. It attacked by generating missiles inside itself and launching them at their opponent.
  • Fish Flyer was a robotic fish monster that left Emerald Coast and went to the Fire Bird. They attack with their wings.
  • Escaped Ape was a gorilla monster that seems to have escaped from captivity to the Nature Zone.
  • Battle Boa was a snake monster that lived in the Nature Zone. 
  • Bush Man was a green monster that had small plants growing out of it. It lived in the Nature Zone and attacked intruders by
  • Whiplash was a female monster carrying rope whips in each hand. 
  • Train Robber was a gunslinging monster that was ready to cause some problems on the Riot Train.
  • Wagon Horse was a horse monster that didn’t feel like pulling their wagon and took a ride on the Riot Train to their destination instead.
  • Spinning Top was an orb like monster protected by 2 spinning cones.
  • Globetrotter was a globe like robotic monster. It attacked by throwing its head at opponents.
  • Creature X was a X-shaped monster that floated around Fourth Dimension Space. It attacked by tossing its moons at opponents.
  • Precioustone Pearl was the first Precioustone Monster of every Dream Zone. It was a black monster with 2 tentacles and always started out with a Power of 2.
  • Precioustone Crystal was the second Precioustone Monster of every Dream Zone. It was a shrimp like monster and always started out with a Power of 3.
  • Precioustone Garnet was the third Precioustone Monster of every Dream Zone. It has a unique head shape and always started out with a Power of 4.
  • Precioustone Sapphire was the fourth Precioustone Monster of every Dream Zone. It has a squid like monster and also always started out with a Power of 4.
  • Precioustone Amethyst was the fifth Precioustone Monster of every Dream Zone.
  • Precioustone Diamond was the sixth Precioustone Monster of every Dream Zone. It was a shell-like monster and always started out with a Power of 5.
  • White Precioustone was a Precioustone born from dreamers that loved the sun and warm climates, which created the Emerald Coast Dream World. After being corrupted by Void, it broke and transformed into 7 monsters. The Monster Leader was an ice princess that was slowing dropping the temperature and imprisoning everything in ice. In her Monster Battle, she attacked by throwing large chunks of ice at opponents. After the White Precioustone was defeated and restored, all the ice in Emerald Coast melted and created a tsunami that the Dreamers had to surf through.
  • Sky Precioustone was a Precioustone born from dreamers who loved freedom, which created a phoenix that freely traveled throughout Maginaryworld. The Monster Leader was a robot bird that seemed like a smaller version of the trapped Fire Bird. After it was defeated, the Fire Bird was freed from the airship while the Dreamers skydived into a hot air balloon.
  • Green Precioustone was a Precioustone born from dreamers that loved forests and nature, which created the Nature Zone Dream World. Its Monster Leader was a living tree that was infected by Void. After chopping it down, the Dreamers had to outrun an earthquake as the forest fixed itself. 
  • Yellow Precioustone was a Precioustone born from dreamers that loved travel and adventure, which created the Riot Train. Its Master Leader was a robotic train assistant. After breaking it, the Dreamers had to hop in front of the train and become its new brakes.
  • Indigo Precioustone was a Precioustone born from Illumina and her dream of a world that connects all dreams. Its Monster Leader was a spiky, spider monster. After defeating it, Void ran back to the Temple of Light.

Sonic Shuffle – Void Battle



Void Battle was the Clear Minigame for Fourth Dimension Space.

After Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy restored the Perfect Precioustone, everyone chased Void to the Temple of Light.


Boss Bio: Nightmare Void was a new form Void took after his negative emotions became overwhelming.

In this form, Void grew wings, grew 3 eyes on his face chest, and had his own Precioustone in the center of his new body. 

Fourth Dimension Space Clear Minigame: Sonic VS Tails VS Knuckles VS Amy VS Nightmare Void
During this Boss Battle, characters had to step on glowing Switches in the ground to make debris fall on Nightmare Void and damage him.

Nightmare Void would attack by firing tractor beams out of his arms, which could grab a Dreamer and slowly drain their Rings, and create shockwaves by jumping, that Sonic & the others could avoid by jumping.

Once Nightmare Void was weakened, whoever goes to the center of the arena first wins the Stage Clear Minigame.

Although defeating Void didn’t make Illumina appear, our heroes realized that he was necessary in order for Maginaryworld to exist.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Pumpkin Hill



Pumpkin Hill appears to be the ruins of an abandoned mining community on a trio of mountains in an unnamed region.

Although information on the original occupants is unknown, we do know a family of Boos moved in and remodeled the 3 mountains to make it feel like Halloween whenever the sun started setting. 

The Boos had their own services on Church Mountain, ran and operated the trains on Ghost Train Mountain, and maintained the pumpkin patches on Pumpkin Mountain. 

A squad of GUN Robots were also stationed there, probably for safety reasons and to make sure no one enters the area during the haunting hours. Neither the ghosts or the military machines could stop Knuckles from dropping by to reclaim 3 Master Emerald Shards that fell into the area.

While creeping around Pumpkin Hill, Knuckles grabbed a new pair of Shovel Claws, which helped him dig up any hidden treasures in the ground or walls, used switches on Ghost Train Mountain, which changed the Ghost Train’s turntable and location, used Rockets located throughout the Zone, to quickly launch himself into the air and easily Glide to the peak of each mountain, and avoided skull flamethrowers, which are exactly the same design and function like the ones seen in Red Mountain.

The GUN Robots & Ghosts creeping around all 3 mountains of Pumpkin Hill were:

  • Gun Hawk was a flying robot created by GUN. They flew around the zone and would drop down and fire several shots at Knuckles with their guns. To counterattack, Knuckles could Spin Jump, Glide, or Drill Dive into them to destroy them and collect their Chaos Drives.
  • Rhino Cannon was an upgraded version of a Rhino Jet, one of GUN’s ground-based robots that was similar to Eggman’s Rhinotanks. Thanks to the newly added cannon, that could fire bombs, Rhino Cannon could now fight against aerial opponents. Unfortunately, they could no longer charge and ram into targets on the ground.
  • Boo was a type of ghost that likes to haunt graveyards, ruins, and dark places. While some Boos are calm and friendly, others love to jumpscare the living. Fortunately, they’re not very strong and could be taken out by any of Knuckles’ attacks.
  • Gold Beetle was the rarest member of GUN’s Beetle Series Robots. It seems that their job was to hide in each area and monitor everything that goes on while invisible. All Gold Beetles had a design flaw where their camo goes down if any living thing gets too close to it, causing the camo to disable for a brief amount of time before it tries to escape back to HQ. The Pumpkin Hill Gold Beetle was hiding near a ledge on Ghost Train Mountain.

Pumpkin Hill Fast Fact: There’s a glitch in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle that prevents the Gold Beetle from appearing in Pumpkin Hill. It still exists in the HD ports of the game.

PUMPKIN HILL CAT CAMEO: Big the Cat somehow got stuck behind a shed with iron bars on Ghost Train Mountain

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Aquatic Mine



Aquatic Mine was an abandoned mine located in the same unnamed region as Pumpkin Hill.

After leaving Pumpkin Hill, Knuckles found Aquatic Mine by following the signal of 3 Master Emerald Shards and headed Southwest while also starting to dig underground with his new Shovel Claws.

The “Aquatic” part of the name refers to its unique water control system that drains and fills the mine with different amounts of water.

While splashing around Aquatic Mine, Knuckles used specific Ball Switches, to move water around the mine and gain safer access to certain floors, punched through upside down minecarts, in order to clear several paths inside some of the narrow tunnels, and found an Air Necklace, a special Power-Up that prevents the user from drowning.

The GUN Robots & Ghosts taking a dive in Aquatic Mine were:

  • Mono Beetle was a flying surveillance robot created by GUN. However, the Mono Beetles had nothing to attack or defend themselves with. Any that Knuckles came across got scrapped.
  • Boos were scattered throughout the mine. It seems that they remodeled several parts of the mine to match their “tastes”.
  • Rhino Spike was another upgraded version of Rhino Jet. Instead of getting turrets like the Rhino Cannons, Rhino Spikes had a flatbed of sharp spikes placed on top to increase its attack and defense. Knuckles could still punch them without touching the spikes, though…
  • A Gold Beetle was hiding in the corner of Level 1.

AQUATIC MINE CAT CAMEO: Big the Cat managed to get stuck under the CAUTION barrier while the water level was at 2.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Pyramid Cave



Pyramid Cave was a system of linear caves and tunnels inside of Dr. Eggman’s Hidden Base.

After Tails used the Cyclone to find the entrance to it, Sonic raced inside and eventually found a gate to the launch shuttles.

From this point on, Boos started appearing to spook and roadblock our heroes.

While spelunking through Pyramid Cave, Sonic found and wore the Bounce Bracelet, an exclusive Power-Up that allowed him to perform Bounce Jumps and reach higher areas, picked up giant keys, that were scattered specific parts of the base and were needed to open specific doors, rushed through some rooms to get on the other side of a few time-sensitive doors, that opened when Sonic flipped the Hourglasses and closed once the sand ran out, and jumped through hoops hanging in some of the halls, which gave Sonic extra points.

The Badniks, GUN Robot, & Ghosts wandering the tunnels of Pyramid Cave were:

  • E-1000 was a weaker version of the Gunner E-Series Badniks. Despite looking similar to E-102 Gamma, they had no extra modes, less defense, less firepower, and 2 guns for hands. Sonic was able to destroy them with Homing & Bounce Attacks.
  • Boos appeared throughout the caves to try and grab Sonic, stopping him temporarily and ruining his chances of getting through the timed doors. They even appeared in areas where there was sunlight…
  • A Gold Beetle was hovering above a Tri-Spring.

PYRAMID CAVE CAT CAMEO: Big was looking into the opening from outside one of the gated fences Sonic passed while Grinding on a Rail.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Death Chamber



Death Chamber was another part of Dr. Eggman’s Hidden Base, where King Boom Boo had made his home. 

Knuckles had to search for 3 Eggman Keys to get past the door Sonic found at the end of Pyramid Cave, so Team Heroes could “borrow” one of Eggman’s space shuttles to reach the Space Colony Ark.

While staying alive inside Death Chamber, Knuckles swapped his regular Gloves for Hammer Gloves, a pair of Power-Up Items that made his fists strong enough to punch through Steel Containers, dug into special holes in the wall, that allowed him to quick travel to specific parts of the map, and flipped multiple hourglasses, to open even more time sensitive doors.

The Badniks, GUN Robot, & Ghosts reducing life expectancy in Death Chamber were:

  • E-1000s opened fire on Knuckles once they saw him in the halls.
  • Unidus was a new type of Orbinaut created by Dr. Eggman. Instead of throwing their spike balls at a target, they would quickly spin them around their bodies to create a spiky ring and then make the ring expand and shrink. This allowed them to attack and defend simultaneously. 2 drawbacks were that this technique only worked on grounded enemies and other opponents, like Knuckles, could Spin Jump over the rings and land right on top of Unidus’ unprotected head.
  • Gola was a fire version of Unidus that had 4 mechanical torches instead of spike balls. While the attacks were the same, Golas would lose any fireballs that made contact with their target. Also, Golas only appeared in Death Chamber.
  • Boos were floating around the rooms and hallways.
  • Boom Boo was a bigger and slower version of Boo, that looked like a giant ghost doll. If they get hit 2 times, they turn back into regular Boos.
  • The Gold Beetle was hiding behind a wall of iron cages.

DEATH CHAMBER CAT CAMEO: Although Big had managed to get inside, he somehow got stuck inside the giant machine in the circular room with the pillars.


Boss Bio: King Boom Boo (aka the King of Ghosts) was the biggest and strongest member of the Boo Family.

Unlike other Boos, King Boom Boo seems to prefer living inside desert pyramids. At one point, he was living inside the darkest areas of Death Chamber. 

While he can be a friendly ghost, his methods of scaring and pranking people can go way too far.

Like Blaze, King Boom Boo has some control over fire. He can breathe blue flames and toss blue fireballs.

If King Boom Boo gets exposed to any amount of sunlight, he will shrink, become weak, and try to escape by hiding underground or in a nearby wall and become a shadow.

After spotting Knuckles in his home, King Boom Boo decided to give Knuckles a “warm welcome”.

Hero Story - Boss Battle #4: Knuckles VS King Boom Boo
King Boom Boo chased Knuckles around a circular arena, trying to bite him with his toothless mouth and trying to burn him with his fireballs.

Whenever King Boom Boo stopped to use flamethrower, Knuckles quickly snuck behind him and attacked the Boo carrying an Hourglass.

Once the hourglass flipped over, doors would open on the ceiling and let all the warm sunlight in. After getting sunburned, King Boom Boo tried running away from Knuckles and hiding in the walls and ground.

Knuckles used his Shovel Claws on King Boom Boo’s shadow to throw him back into the light and then punched him.

After getting 5 Knuckle Sandwiches, King Boom Boo escaped into a cloud of smoke and left to get some royal medical treatment.


Sonictrainer Says: Seeing how the Boos try to help some of Dr. Eggman’s Badniks in some of the stages, I’m pretty sure Eggman knew about King Boom Boo and formed some kind of alliance with him.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Egg Quarters



Egg Quarters was a remixed version of Death Chamber, that Rouge explored at an earlier time before Knuckles.

After following Dr. Eggman through Sand Ocean, Rouge had to find her own set of 3 Eggman Keys.

While sneaking around, Rouge also found and applied the Pick Nails, a foot style version of the Shovel Claws, that allowed her to dig into specific type of earth and walls with her feet.

The Badniks, GUN Robot, & Boos looking to crack down on any intruders inside the Egg Quarters were:

  • Boos were still creeping and hiding in this part of the Hidden Base. Luckily Rouge didn’t run into the King…
  • E-1000s were still stationed inside.
  • Egg Beetle was a beetle Badnik acting as security inside the Egg Quarters. They slowly hovered through the rooms in rotation searching for any intruders with their cyclops cameras. If they spotted anyone, that person would be torn apart by a barrage of lasers. For some odd reason, Egg Beetles will resume their original patrol position after firing their lasers. Also, their eyes didn’t have night vision, so Rouge could hide in the shadows of some of the rooms to avoid them. Egg Beetles were built different, to the point that Rouge wasn’t able to destroy them with any of her techniques or Power-Ups.
  • A Gold Beetle was hiding in a room blocked by Steel Containers in the Green Hall.

EGG QUARTERS CAT CAMEO: Big was stuck to a flower on the wall in the Snake Altar area.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Dark Chao Garden



The Dark Chao Garden was an environment made specifically for Dark Chao.

It’s perfect for all your favorite problem children, tricksters, vampires, devils, and sinners.

Hopefully, the pool was made of tomato soup and wasn’t actually blood.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Cannon’s Core Boss: Biolizard



Boss Bio: The Biolizard was a giant lizard creature created by Dr. Gerald Robotnik out of revenge.

Its also known as the “Prototype of the Ultimate Life” and it seems fitting considering that the Biolizard looks…unfinished. 

It has questionable vision, considering it doesn’t appear to have eyes, no hind legs, even though it has 2 working fore legs, and has a big, glowing energy core on its back, which is a very obvious weak point.

However, the Black Arms DNA inside of it didn’t completely go to waste. 

When fighting in its base form, the Biolizard would try to bite and swallow enemies, by turning its body and stretching out its long neck, smack someone with its tail, if someone gets too close to its backside, spit Shadow Balls out of its mouth, that could travel through the ground or fly quickly towards an enemy in midair, create pink eggs, that could be used as projectiles or spread around its body to form a shield, and temporary control the gravity near its body, sending opponents into the air to get sniped by eggs.

After remembering Maria’s true dying wish, Shadow appeared to take care of his family.

Last Story - Boss Battle #1: Shadow VS the Biolizard

Shadow avoided getting smacked and bitten by simply skating out of the way, jumped over the grounded black projectiles, sled under the aerial black projectiles, and attacked the energy core on the Biolizard’s back, by either Grinding up to it from its neck wires, Home Attacking the eggs and using them as a ladder, and using his Rocket Boots to reposition himself when the Biolizard made him float.

Everything was going good until the Biolizard used Chaos Control…

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle – Final Boss: The Final Hazard



Boss Bio: The Final Hazard (spelled ingame as “FINALHAZARD”) was the final form the Biolizard took after using the Chaos Emeralds to fuse itself to the Eclipse Cannon.

After becoming a monster lizard laser, the Final Hazard tried to turn the entire Space Colony Ark into an artificial meteorite and sent it on a crash course into the earth.

To stop the Final Hazard, Sonic & Shadow used the Chaos Emeralds to transform into their Super Forms and defeated it before they run out of Rings and/or time.

Last Story - Final Boss Battle: Super Sonic & Super Shadow VS the Final Hazard

Super Sonic & Super Shadow took turns attacking and collecting Rings.

Each Round, the Super Hedgehogs would charge towards the prototype, get past its Floating Egg Shield, dodge its lasers, and Homing Boost into the sore spots on its body.

After destroying the Final Hazard once and for all, Super Sonic & Super Shadow used Chaos Control to stop the Ark.

Sonic Heroes – Hang Castle



Hang Castle was a haunted headquarters that Dr. Eggman used as a ground base.

This was the last Zone our Hero Teams had to race through in order to intercept the Egg Fleet.

The reason why Hang Castle is so iconic is because touching any of the Zone Exclusive Orb Switches here will cause the entire stage to flip upside down!

It almost seems like the entire Zone isn’t real…

While running up, down, and all-around Hang Castle, the 4 Hero Teams crossed invisible bridges, using nearby flames as hints on where to step, defeated small squads of Badniks, to unlock doors and cages, smashed weak parts of the stone walls, to find hidden Item Boxes and other goodies, and raced past an Eggman Statue, that turns into a Neo Metal Sonic statue when the Zone is upside down.

The Egg Pawn Series Badniks & Ghosts that Team Dark found while finding an entrance into Hang Castle were:

  • Spear Pawn was an Egg Pawn holding an Egg Spear, a special lance created by Eggman made to stab, smack, or joust intruders out of his bases. They usually stood in front of doors and gates, keeping an eye out for any Heroes. Once a Spear Pawn spotted a trespasser, they would point their Egg Spears in the violator’s direction and start charging towards them. Speed & Power Characters had to carefully attack around the Egg Spear to destroy them.
  • Spear & Spike Shield Pawn was an Egg Pawn holding an Egg Spear and a Spike Shield in its other hand. The Spike Shields were perfect for blocking and hurting anyone that used a Level 1 Homing Attack. Speed Characters could use Tornado Jumps to blow the Shields away while Power Characters could safely break them after multiple hits.
  • Pumpkin Ghost was a type of ghost that lived in Hang Castle, appearing as a smiling jack-o-lantern wearing a cape around an orb of light. They teleported around the castle, used their ghost powers to become invisible & intangible, and would damage our heroes by slowly floating into them. Like the Boos, they also loved jumpscaring the living. Pumpkin Ghosts only took 1 hit before returning to the Ghost Zone, creepily laughing as they disappeared. Team Dark had to skydive past a group of Giant Pumpkin Ghosts before reaching their Goal Ring.
  • Egg Bishop was an Egg Pawn designed to look like a witch, that floated around the castle and carried a staff. They had the ability to heal themselves and other Badniks. Certain attacks would cause them to flip upside down and transform into Egg Magicians.
  • Egg Magician was a dark, stronger, and alternate form of the Egg Bishop. While it could still use the original healing spell, it had another spell that drained the Rings of anyone caught in their magic circle and could sometimes trap teammates. Trapped teammates were freed once the Egg Magician casting the spell was destroyed. Certain attacks would force them to change into Egg Bishops.
  • Spear & Metal Shield Pawn was an Egg Pawn holding an Egg Spear and a Metal Shield in its other hand. The Metal Shields were the strongest out of the 3 shield variants Egg Pawns could carry.
  • Bazooka & Metal Shield Pawn was an Egg Pawn holding an Egg Bazooka and a Metal Shield in its other hand. Egg Bazookas were bazookas designed by Eggman to give the Egg Pawns some more destructive firepower.
  • Solid Egg Flapper was a gray/silver type of Egg Flapper created using very strong metals. Knuckles, Omega, Big, & Vector were the only characters that could destroy them. However, Tails, Rouge, Cream, & Charmy could still stun them with Thunder Shoot and knock them out of the sky. Besides the extra durability, regular Solid Egg Flappers can’t do much else besides monitor the outside of the castle.
  • Solid Cannon Flapper was a Solid Egg Flapper with a turret added to the bottom of it, allowing it to defend against intruders.
  • Solid Search Flapper was a Solid Egg Flapper with a special searchlight attached to the bottom of it. If they spotted any Heroes nearby, they would send out a signal and request backup. They could only request backup once and it consisted of a small squad of Egg Pawns. Tails, Rouge, Cream, & Charmy could knock them out of the sky with Thunder Shoot, breaking the spotlights in the process.
  • Solid Bomb Flapper was a Solid Egg Flapper with bomb generation technology built in. They would periodically float in place and drop bombs in a specific area. They could even float into their own bombs’ explosions and not get a single scratch.
  • Egg Pawn was an orange Badnik built in Dr. Eggman’s image, always wearing a scheming smile on its face. They were a very popular design that Eggman still uses to this day. Unarmed Egg Pawns would try to punch any Heroes that come into view, only to get wrecked in a multitude of ways.
  • Gun & Metal Shield Pawn was an Egg Pawn holding an Egg Gun in one hand and a Metal Shield in its other hand. The Egg Guns weren’t as destructive as the Egg Bazookas but were lighter to carry and had a faster rate of fire.
  • Egg Knight was a gold, upgraded version of Egg Pawn that had a horn on its head. They were the leaders of several Egg Pawn groups stationed in Eggman’s bases. The Egg Knights in Hang Castle were always armed with Egg Guns & Egg Bazookas while also carrying Spike Shields & Metal Shields. Due to a weird glitch in Eggman’s Badnik software, defeating an Egg Knight near its squad will cause the entire squad to activate a normally locked self-destruct feature.
  • Egg Flapper was an aerial type of Egg Pawn. The unarmed ones seemed to be deployed for surveillance. They also made good bridges for Homing Attack Chains.
  • Gun & Spike Shield Pawn was an Egg Pawn holding an Egg Gun in 1 hand and a Spike Shield in its other hand. Omega’s guns were better.
  • Spear & Soft Shield Pawn was an Egg Pawn holding an Egg Spear in 1 hand and a Soft Shield in its other hand. The Soft Shields were the weakest shields the Egg Pawns could carry, made out of some cheap blue Styrofoam-like material. Guess they were better than nothing.
  • Bomb Flapper was a Pink Egg Flapper that had the same bomb generation technology as their Solid counterparts. There was a squad of them blowing up the underside of some stairs in one of the towers.

Hang Castle Fast Fact: When the stage gets turned upside down in Hang Castle & Mystic Mansion, the music becomes inverted.

Sonic Heroes - Mystic Mansion



Mystic Mansion was the interior of Hang Castle.

As the Act 2 of Hang Castle, it was just as confusing as the exterior.

While escaping the evil inside this residence, the Hero Teams fought against artwork and statues of Badniks, that came to life after touching more of those weird Orb Switches, grinded on spider-webs, that zigzagged and allowed them to reach areas that were suspended above bottomless pits, hopped across plate like platforms, being held by a giant skeleton, rode on 2 underground rail trolleys, where our Hero Teams had to jump over lasers and dodge other obstacles, and cleared 3 trials before finding the exit, with each 1 designed for each Hero Team Formation and each individual Hero Team.

The Egg Pawn Series Badniks & Ghosts providing room service for Team Dark in Mystic Mansion were:

  • Hammer Pawn was a purple Egg Pawn wielding a spiky hammer. They were bigger, stronger, and more durable than the other Egg Pawns. However, if Hero Teams were able to trip them and knock them over after they do their swinging hammer attack, they could aim for their heads and quickly defeat them.
  • Bazooka Pawns tried to blow up any intruders that snuck in.
  • Spear & Spike Shield Pawns tried to stab out heroes.
  • Pumpkin Ghosts popped in to play with their new guests and act as obstacles during the underground Bobsled Section.
  • Bazooka & Spike Shield Pawns tried to blow up and stab our heroes.
  • Egg Knights dropped in to lead the security teams.
  • Spear Pawns fell into Sleep Mode while on duty and got scrapped before they released someone was coming.
  • Egg Magicians tried to trap the Hero Teams in a hex.
  • Heavy Hammer Pawn was an upgraded version of Hammer Pawn. They were faster, had a few new shades of purple added to their metal, and wore special helmets to protect their heads. If they fell over, their helmets would fall off as well, so the same method of defeating them still worked.
  • Rhinoliner was a type of Rhinotank that was able to ride on Grind Rails. They appeared in the underground rail trolley sections, shooting spike balls from their turrets. Some of them even hopped onto the same rail as the trolley, applied their brakes, and tried to crash into it.
  • Unarmed Egg Pawns wandered around parts of the second underground rail trolley tracks. Luckily, the trolley could safely drive straight through them.
  • Bazooka & Metal Shield Pawns also tried to blow up our heroes.

Boss Bio: Robot Storm was an army of Egg Pawn Series Badniks that appeared in waves to try and prevent the Hero Teams from leaving Hang Castle.

Each Hero Team had to face different types of similar Badniks in their Boss Battles.

Hang Castle Boss Battle: Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, & Team Chaotix VS Robot Storm
Although there were more Badniks to destroy than Robot Carnival, all 4 hero teams managed to escape and hop aboard one of the airships in the Egg Fleet.

Mystic Mansion Fast Facts: 

  • There’s a painting of a whale island from Seaside Hill in one hallway.
  • The Skeleton holding the platforms starts out in a similar position to one in the Stage Select Screen from Golden Axe.

Shadow the Hedgehog – Cryptic Castle 



Cryptic Castle was another haunted castle acting as one of Dr. Eggman’s bases.

In the Dark Timelines, Shadow will only appear in Cryptic Castle if he helps the Black Arms activate the security systems in Glyphic Canyon or hack GUN’s database in Digital Circuit. After showing up in a terminal in Cryptic Castle and noticing Eggman in his Egg Mobile, he decided to try and find him in hopes of also finding answers to his past.

Shadow could either help Amy find Cream & Cheese, who got separated, lost, and stuck behind hidden walls in the castle, help Eggman activate the base’s defenses, by lighting 5 specialized lanterns with Stone Torches, or try to find the exit, which may lead to an undiscovered part of the castle…

While storming Cryptic Castle, Shadow used Pumpkin Balloons, to hang glide to different parts of the base, used his powers and bombs to destroy several breakable walls, to find treasure and secrets, bounced around Skeleton Balloons, which had the same properties as Springs, used torches to light different types of lanterns, to activate other parts of the castle, spun through a few Hi-Speed Alien Veins, allowing him to reach specific areas of the castle, and found a hidden Chao Garden, filled with Neutral Chao.

The Badniks, Black Arms, and monsters haunting Cryptic Castle were:

  • Spear Pawns guarded some of the gates just like they did in Hang Castle.
  • Jack Bomber (sometimes spelled Jack Bommer) was a Halloween themed Egg Pawn that balanced itself on a metal pumpkin while juggling fiery pumpkin bombs. When they saw intruders, they would try to throw their pumpkin bombs at them or try to ram into them with their metal pumpkins. Once the jugglers were destroyed, the bombs they juggled would still fall to the ground and explode. As a result, sniping them with long distance weapons was a much better solution for Shadow than close combat.
  • Black Warrior was a type of Black Arms alien. They were the most common member of the invasion, following Black Doom’s orders as a hivemind. Black Warriors could attack using their claws and/or different kinds of alien weaponry. The ones that invaded the castle used Black Swords, Flash Shots, and Light Shots.
  • Gun Pawns were on standby and ready to shoot down any threats with their Egg Guns.
  • Black Wing was a flying type of Black Arms alien that provided air support to the Black Warriors. Despite this, they weren’t that strong and could be taken out with 1 attack.
  • Black Hawk was a type of Black Wing that was bigger and had better attacks, including projectiles that could be fired from its mouth and aerial slash attacks that could be done with their tail. They could also be tamed by Shadow, after beating Black Doom’s hivemind connection out of them, allowing him to ride them in the air to reach other parts of the castle.
  • Death Leech was a baby form of the Black Arms. Anything that got killed by the other Black Arms was eventually eaten by the Death Leeches. Besides being able to move on walls & ceilings and having an appetite for flesh, they were by far the weakest member of the Black Arms. 
  • Giant Walker was an unknown type of monster living deep within Cryptic Castle. Appearing as a bipedal skeleton with flames coming out of the skull, it crawled more than it walked using its 4 boney limbs. It only appears if anyone decides to use 1 of the Grind Rails installed in its territory.


Boss Bio: The Egg Breaker was an Egg Pawn Boss Badnik Dr. Eggman had to ready to break down any GUN Forces, Black Arms, or Hedgehogs that tried to get into his bases.

The Egg Breaker could jump into the air and create mini shockwaves with its spike ball fist, launch exploding balls from its body, fire the spike ball as a projectile, and call more Egg Pawns to the arena.

Cryptic Castle Boss Battle: Shadow & Amy VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Breaker
Once Shadow got his hands on an Egg Gun, he kept his distance and shot at the Egg Breaker until it was scrambled.

After breaking the Egg Breaker, Shadow retrieved the Grey Chaos Emerald and left the Zone.

Cryptic Castle Fast Facts:

  • Inside the Secret Door is a shortcut through the castle and a Magnetic Shield
  • Amy will scold Shadow for destroying Badniks here, even during the Egg Breaker Boss Fight
  • Attacking Cream, Cheese, or any of the Chao in the garden will give Shadow Dark Energy

Shadow the Hedgehog – Black Bull Boss Battles



Boss Bio: The Black Bulls were giant members of the Black Arms’ Black Wing Division, that looked like they were taking whatever alien steroids the Black Oaks were using.
The Black Bulls could spit big fireballs & shockwaves from their mouths and spawn Black Wings to squad up.

Although they had armor like skin, their green cyclops eyes were their only weakness.

Lethal Highway Boss Battle: Shadow & Sonic VS Black Bull
After destroying one of the Black Arms UFOs, Black Doom summoned a red and blue Black Bull to destroy Shadow & Sonic.

While having a street fight with Black Bull around a destroyed block in Lethal Highway, Shadow skated around the fireballs, his Homing Attack on the Black Wings to reach its eye, and Spin Jumped over their shockwaves.

Once he had enough Hero Energy, Shadow could use Chaos Control to freeze the Black Bull, steal a gun from Black Warrior, and then easily snipe its eye with bullets.

Sometime after Black Bull fell into the ground and kicked the bucket, Shadow found the Yellow Chaos Emerald.

Death Ruins Boss Battle: Shadow & Rouge VS Black Bull

A red and gray Black Bull was with a squad of Black Arms that invaded Death Ruins.

It flew in the middle of a long, round Grind Rail that Shadow could ride on while firing into it once it started looking in his direction.

Black Bull Fast Fact: Black Bulls are the only Bosses that can be fought twice in a row during a playthrough.

Shadow the Hedgehog – Black Doom Boss Battles



Boss Bio: Black Doom was the leader of the Black Arms aliens.

He had made plans to invade and take over the Earth for thousands of years but needed the Chaos Emeralds’ so that the Black Comet could bypass the earth’s atmosphere.

Black Doom formed an alliance with Professor Gerald Robotnik and helped create Shadow with the sole purpose of him helping the Black Arms. However, this would backfire and lead to the destruction of the Black Arms instead.

Although he usually only gives commands through Doom’s Eye, he will show up in person, with the Red Chaos Emerald, to get the job done if the Black Arms are close to winning or losing.

Black Doom could use a mist attack, that fires energy blade projectiles or meteor showers, turn invisible and intangible, allowing him to quickly dodge opponents and recollect himself before Chaos Controlling to a favorable position, manifest a purple Destructo Disc, that dives towards the ground, slides towards a target, & then pinballs around the arena before disappearing, and duplicate himself, making afterimages that can do anything he can do and apply pressure until Black Doom takes enough damage.

GUN Fortress - Final Hero Boss Battle: Shadow & Rouge VS Black Doom
If Shadow helps Rouge collect the Purple Chaos Emerald, Black Doom will appear inside the base to kill 2 birds with one magic stone.

Thanks to GUN’s arsenal of weapons, Shadow was able to grab what he needed and coordinate with Rouge to take Black Doom down.

In this timeline, Shadow becomes the Ultimate Conqueror and rules over the entire universe.

Cosmic Fall – Final Hero Boss Battle: Shadow & Vector VS Black Doom
If Shadow helps Vector find the Computer Room, Black Doom will reveal his Black Arms heritage.

Although Vector was able to help Shadow defeat Black Doom, he wasn’t able to stop Shadow from beating himself up.

In this timeline, Shadow believes it’s his Ultimate Responsibility to pay for all of the destruction he caused.

Final Haunt – Final Hero Boss Battle: Shadow & Sonic VS Black Doom
If Shadow helps Sonic find Black Doom inside the Black Comet, they will team up to defeat him once and for all.

In this timeline, Shadow becomes the Ultimate Hero, continuing to protect the planet that Maria loved.

Shadow the Hedgehog – Last Way Boss: Devil Doom



Boss Bio: Devil Doom was a Super State Black Doom could transform into after using the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

After ditching his robes, he grows 2 giant wings, that allow him to fly and can also be used to protect his face, grows another head, allowing him to fight opponents in front of and behind him, can breathe fire, but unlike the Black Bulls he could create walls of fire, summon floating spheres, that surrounded his body and fired lasers, and started using telekinesis, grabbing destroyed buildings, bridges, and other structures from down below and then used them for attack and defense.

Devil Doom would also sometimes use Chaos Control to temporary stop Super Shadow.

Doom’s Eye was his only weakness.

Last Story - Final Boss Battle: Super Shadow VS Devil Doom
Super Shadow fired a barrage of Chaos Spears at Doom’s Eye, destroying the spheres and storing enough Chaos Energy to perform Chaos Control & Chaos Blasts.

It tried moving in between each head to avoid Super Shadow but it didn’t work.

After Devil Doom was slayed, Super Shadow returned the Black Comet into space and blew it up with the Eclipse Cannon.


Sonictrainer Says: When did the Eclipse Cannon get repaired after Sonic damaged it?

Sonic Riders – Babylon Guardian (Racetrack)



Babylon Guardian was an extreme gear racetrack located inside a digital world inside Babylon Garden. 

It’s also the name of the virtual genie that protects one of the treasures hidden on Babylon Garden.

in a virtual reality simulator showing classical versions of heaven and the underworld.


Boss Bio: The Babylon Guardian was a physical hologram of a Babylon Genie.

He appeared after Team Babylon made it inside Babylon Garden.

It appears its job was to protect a treasure chest that was hidden inside one of the cyberspace Extreme Gear Racetracks.

Despite appearing as an all-powerful genie, its weakness was its lamp.

Babylon Story – Final Boss Battle: Sonic & the Blue Star 2 VS Babylon Guardian
On Lap 1, Babylon Guardian won’t attack until someone hits his Lamp.

On Lap 2, he starts firing energy projectiles that can turn into mines on the track.

On the final Lap, he will start throwing more energy projectiles.

Sonic was able to dodge all of the Babylon Guardian’s attacks and was able to hit his Lamp 3 times, destroying it for good.

After defeating the guardian, Sonic & Jet found the Magic Carpet, an Extreme Gear that allows Speed & Power Racers to have Flight Character capabilities.

Sonic Riders – Digital Dimension



Digital Dimension was an Extreme Gear racetrack located inside a digital world in Babylon Garden.

The Starting Line had Racers in hell, riding through the underworld and using a gate to enter heaven. 

The illusion breaks towards the end of heaven though. Maybe it needs repairs?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Crisis City: Sonic Act



Crisis City was a Bad Future where Soleanna’s New City becomes burned down and destroyed thanks to Iblis.

After getting sent there by Dr. Eggman’s time machine, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles teamed up with Shadow & Rouge to get information, escape the city, and find a way back to their time period.

While rushing through Crisis City, Sonic used a giant piece of scrap metal as a snowboard, sliding down buildings and altered roadways, bounced between skyscrapers, using springs and Ramps to reach new areas, hopped across floating debris inside a firestorm, being careful not to fall out of it, and outran a giant vertical tornado of fire, that was capable of picking up and throwing cars.

CRISIS CITY BESTIARY (Sonic/2006 Version)
The Iblis Minions making things worse in Crisis City were:

  • Iblis Taker was a phoenix monster that flew around the burning city. Sometimes they would drop spiky fireballs. Sonic was able to take them out with his Homing Attack.
  • Iblis Worm was a giant worm monster that dug into dirt, walls, and ceilings. If the holes they created and them popping out of anything solid at random wasn’t bad enough, they also spit spiky fireballs from their mouths. Iblis Worms needed to be hit multiple times before they went down.
  • Iblis Biter was a bipedal monster created by Iblis that traveled in packs, could climb walls, and breathed fire. Despite their size and fiery bodies, all of our heroes could take down the Iblis Takers without issue.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Crisis City: Silver & Blaze Act



Silver traveled to Crisis City with Blaze in an attempt to find and battle Iblis.

However, the psychic duo decided to split up to narrow down the search.

Silver used his telekinesis to create new paths, turning metal support beams into catapults, which launched Silver to new areas, turning debris and dirt into floating platforms, that Silver could hop across, and throwing objects at decaying bridges, lowering them and turning them into new roads.

Meanwhile Blaze used her pyrokinesis to gracefully dance around the rooftops, platforms, and Enemies, mostly unfazed by the fire and heat.

CRISIS CITY BESTIARY (Silver/2006 Version)
The Iblis Minions Silver & Blaze outsmarted in Crisis City were:

  • Iblis Biters were out in packs throughout the city. Silver threw cars, crates, and different kinds of balls at them while Blaze Axel Jumped and Burst Dashed into them.
  • Iblis Worms popped out and tried throwing their fiery spike balls at Silver. Silver mentally caught them and threw them back.
  • Iblis Takers flew in to try to attack Silver. They also got a face full of whatever Silver was able to pick up nearby.


Boss Bio: Iblis (aka the Flames of Disaster) was a fire monster that contained most of the raw power of Solaris.

Living on a basic drive to destroy everything, Iblis went about burning everything and turning the world into a fiery hellscape in an alternate timeline where he escaped Princess Elise’s body after she died. 

Iblis could also create smaller fire monsters to act as his minions.

When talking about his forms, Iblis Phase 1 was the weakest and slowest of the 3.

In this form, Iblis could attack by throwing a bunch of fireballs from a distance and grabbing & using decaying buildings as weapons.

If the armor on his head was destroyed, Iblis would also start breathing fire from his melting mouth.

Silver Story Boss #1 – Crisis City Boss Battle: Silver & Blaze VS Iblis Phase 1

Silver psychically grabbed and threw different large objects at Iblis’s head to hurt it, including his own leftover fireballs.

After Iblis Phase 1 was defeated, he sank into the lava to heal himself.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Crisis City: Shadow Act



After getting sent to the future by Mephiles, Shadow & Rouge joined forces with Team Heroes and tried to find a way home.

While they managed to find the Green Chaos Emerald, they also came across E-123 Omega in Sleep Mode.

Shadow goes through the same areas as Sonic, except he uses a GUN Buggy in the scrapboard section, rides a GUN Glider in the horizontal tornado section, and has a different ending section.

CRISIS CITY BESTIARY (Shadow/2006 Version)
The Iblis Minions that didn’t survive Shadow’s run in Crisis City were:

  • Iblis Biters tried to bite Shadow. Some of them were ran over and blasted by the GUN Buggy while the others got shadowboxed.
  • Iblis Takers were taken out by both GUN Vehicles and Shadow’s Homing Attack.
  • Iblis Worms got treated as whack-a-moles anytime they popped up.
  • Iblis Golem was a humanoid Iblis monster that also made spiky fireballs and could create shockwaves with its fist. Their heads were their weak point.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Flame Core: Sonic & Knuckles Act



Flame Core was a volcanic region acting as the main HQ for Iblis & Mephiles in their Bad Future.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, & Rouge traveled there, after leaving Crisis City, to find another Chaos Emerald.

While trailblazing through Flame Core, Sonic raced his way outside and inside the volcano, parkouring and using Springs & Ramps to get around, defeated groups of Enemies, in order to open several igneous rock doors, and managed to avoid getting severely burned, which could be done by the lava, fire funnels, and any of the Iblis Minions.

Knuckles also helped by activating special orb lights in a dark part of the volcano.

FLAME CORE BESTIARY (Sonic & Knuckles Version)
The Iblis Minions blazing and enjoying the heat in Flame Core were:

  • Iblis Biters were crawling all over the place.
  • Iblis Takers made perfect stepping stones for Sonic to get across lakes of lava.
  • Iblis Golems were standing near gates, acting as guardians.
  • Iblis Worms were tunneling throughout the Zone.

FLAME CORE BOSS (Sonic Version): Iblis Phase 2

Boss Bio: Iblis Phase 2 was a wormlike form Iblis took while swimming inside the volcano in Flame Core.

All of the defenses and unique attacks that Iblis had in Phase 1 were replaced with a faster body.

He appeared when our heroes found the Aqua Chaos Emerald.

Sonic Story Boss Battle #3 - Flame Core Boss Battle: Sonic VS Iblis Phase 2

While safely running across giant igneous rock platforms floating in lava, Sonic had to dodge Iblis’s fireballs and his charge attacks while slowly moving forward as more platforms dropped in from the ceiling.

Once they were able to reach the Shiny Floating Orbs, Sonic could Home Attack the them, tricking Iblis into hopping out of the lava and getting stuck into the gem’s platform.

While Iblis was helpless, Sonic quickly Home Attacked his eyes.

After getting hit multiple times, he charged into the center of the platforms, got a self-induced concussion, and took a final Homing Attack in the eyes before doing a backflip.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Flame Core: Silver Act


After time traveling and returning to his time with 2 Chaos Emeralds, Silver hiked with Blaze over to Flame Core to try and seal Iblis away.

Towards the end of the Stage, Silver had to mentally cool off a floating, giant fireball that was sending out heat waves.

The Iblis Minions Silver destroyed while trailblazing to Iblis’ Flame Core were:

  • Iblis Takers were nesting around the lava pools.
  • Iblis Golems were guarding locked up objects and gates.
  • Iblis Biters had their teeth knocked out by objects Silver threw at them.
  • Iblis Worms tried to stop Silver but got tangled by his telekinesis.
  • Iblis Golems were standing near gates, acting as guardians.
  • Tricker was an upgraded version of an Iblis Taker that was blue. They took 2 hits to take down, could spit new energy projectiles from their mouths, and had a ramming attack. They appeared when Silver & Blaze entered the volcano. Fans are still debating if their upgrade was caused by Iblis, Mephiles, or something else.
  • Stalker was a better version of the Iblis Biter, that could fire lasers from their mouths. Silver could still stun them with his Psycho Shock though.
  • Titan was a stronger version of the Iblis Golem, that could create bigger shockwaves when smashing with its fists. Despite the increased attack and defense, their heads were still their weak points.
  • Gazer was an improved version of the Iblis Worm, that could use a gas attack if opponents got too close. Although their bodies could block some of Silver’s telekinesis, eventually the psychic shields protecting them would break down.

FLAME CORE BOSS (Silver Version): Iblis Phase 3

Boss Bio: Iblis Phase 3 was the third & final form of Iblis.

This form was a bigger and more armored version of Phase 1.

Ironically, it was also very similar to Mephiles’ crystal form.

Silver Story Final Boss – Flame Core Final Boss Battle: Silver & Blaze VS Iblis Phase 3

In this battle, Silver & Blaze had to defeat Iblis before he could destroy their platform and knock them into a sea of lava.

Iblis slowly walked towards Silver & Blaze’s foothold, attacking with his usual fireball attack, which seemed slightly more powerful, and a brand-new fiery blade slash attack, that Silver & Blaze had to jump over and duck under to avoid.

Once he was right next to Silver & Blaze’s base, he destroyed part of the platform while Silver counterattacked by getting on Iblis’ head and giving him an ESP induced migraine through his third eye.

Sometimes Iblis would make a giant fireball, that could destroy Silver & Blaze’s platforms and knock them into the lava below. Fortunately, Silver was able to catch it and toss it back each time.

After Iblis was defeated, Blaze was able to seal him into herself using the Cyan & Grey Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Flame Core: Shadow & Rouge Act


Shadow searched Flame Core for another Chaos Emerald so he and Sonic could Chaos Control everyone home.

This Stage has Shadow & Rouge go through the same areas as Sonic & Knuckles with 1 new Enemy.

FLAME CORE BESTIARY (Shadow & Rouge Version)
The Iblis Minions Shadow & Rouge had to bypass in Flame Core were:

  • Iblis Worms got stomped by Shadow’s rocket skates.
  • Iblis Takers created living stepping stones for Shadow and his Homing Attack.
  • Iblis Biters tried to bite Shadow but got their jaws broken instead.
  • Iblis Golems failed to guard their gates from Shadow.
  • A large group of Stalkers appeared inside the darkest area of the volcano and tried blasting Shadow with their lasers.

FLAME CORE BOSS (Shadow & Rouge Version): Iblis Phase 2

Boss Bio: Iblis Phase 2 tried to use the Water Blue Chaos Emerald as bait, but Shadow recognized the trap as soon as Rouge got close enough to it.

Shadow Story Boss Battle #1 – Flame Core Boss Battle #1: Shadow VS Iblis Phase 2
Shadow’s fight was basically the same as Sonic’s fight.

However, after Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Rouge jumped through the portal and returned to their original time period, Shadow stay behind to chase after Mephiles.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Flame Core Boss: Mephiles Phase 1



Boss Bios:

  • Mephiles the Dark was a cunning and cowardly shadow monster that was originally one half of Solaris. He and Iblis were born when Soleanna scientists tried to gain more power from Solaris…and failed horribly. Once they were split apart, both of them were captured and imprisoned with the help of the Chaos Emeralds, with Mephiles becoming sealed inside the Scepter of Darkness and Iblis becoming sealed inside Elise’s body. After being freed from the Scepter of Darkness, Mephiles copied Shadow’s form, gained some of Solaris’ ability to Time Travel, and created a convoluted plan to reunite with Iblis and reform Solaris.
  • The Dark Clones (aka Shadows) were cyclops monsters that Mephiles could summon to help him in both Boss Battles. They’re kind of like monster versions of Grabber, grabbing and holding onto a target and then exploding. Despite not having mouths, like Mephiles, Dark Clones also like to laugh creepily.

Shadow Story Boss Battle #3 – Flame Core Boss #2: Shadow & E-123 Omega VS Mephiles the Dark & the Dark Clones

When Shadow declined Mephiles’ offer to join him, Mephiles transformed into his crystal form, and summoned an army of Dark Clones to their volcano arena in Flame Core.

In the beginning of the battle, Mephiles danced around in Shadow’s shadow while immune and invulnerable to any of Shadow’s attacks, while the Dark Clones surrounded Shadow, laughing and attempting to cling to him.

However, after Shadow defeated enough Dark Clones and gathered enough energy, he was able to use his Chaos Mode to separate from Mephiles.

Mephiles tried to attack by creating energy projectiles and hide by teleporting amongst his Dark Clones, but Chaos Shadow was fast enough keep following him, hurting him, and preventing him from counterattacking or evading.

Things got better once Omega joined in after being in Sleep Mode for over 200 Years.

After losing Round 1, Mephiles escaped to the present again with Shadow & Omega following behind him.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – Dusty Desert Boss: Mephiles Phase 2


Boss Bios: 

  • In an attempt to seal Mephiles inside a new Scepter of Darkness, Team Dark chased him into a pyramid cave in Dusty Desert. After Shadow rejected his offer to join him a second time, Mephiles used some of the Yellow Chaos Emerald’s power and covered the underground arena in darkness.
  • Dark Clone Fusion was a giant monster made of multiple Dark Clones fused together. They would smash the ground with their hands to create mini shockwaves and fire lasers from their eyes. Team Dark could easily beat them up with melee attacks and charge Shadow’s Chaos Gauge.

Shadow Story Final Boss – Dusty Desert Boss Battle: Shadow, Rouge, & E-123 Omega VS Mephiles the Dark & the Dark Clone Fusions

Mephiles shielded himself and hid inside the floor of the arena, while Dark Clone Fusions emerged from the ground and tried to take out Team Dark.

Like before, Shadow had to defeat the Dark Clone Fusions and use his Chaos Mode to get Mephiles out of his hiding spot and start beating him up.

Shadow tried to seal Mephiles inside a new Scepter of Darkness but Mephiles was strong enough to break out of it.

Mephiles then left Team Dark to fight an army of himself while hanging on to the Green & Yellow Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – End of the World



End of the World was collaboration between Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, and Team Dark to visit 7 versions of 7 different Soleanna Zones.

Their goal was to recollect the Chaos Emeralds, which were thrown inside each Soleanna Zone, before Solaris could finish deleting all of time and space.

Tails flew to Crisis City, Omega rocketed over to Flame Core, Knuckles glided into Tropical Jungle, Silver levitated into Dusty Desert, Rouge winged it to Wave Ocean, Amy ran into White Acropolis, and Shadow rocket skated into Kingdom Valley.

The Iblis Minions working under Solaris to help ensure the End of the World were:

  • Iblis Biters & Stalkers crawled into each Zone.
  • Iblis Worms & Gazers infested all of the Zones.
  • Iblis Takers & Trickers invaded the Zones in flocks.
  • Iblis Golems & Titans stomped their way into the Zones.
  • The Eyes of Solaris were giant eyes that would sometimes manifest into the Zones. Not only were they watching anything they could see, but they were also slowing sucking everything like a black hole. Any living thing that touched the Eyes of Solaris would instantly die. They would even suck up Iblis Minions! Our heroes could only outrun their suction, while avoiding Jumping when close to them, and touch Orb Statues to make all of them disappear for a brief amount of time.

Sonictrainer Says: Some of the Chaos Emeralds are miscolored and the Gray Emerald is collected 3 times…

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 – End of the World Boss: Solaris


Boss Bio: Solaris was an interdimensional being that was worshipped as a Sun God by the people of Soleanna.

Originally, it was just a living flame that the Soleanna Royal Family took care of, slowly growing bigger and bigger.

However, Elise’s father, the previous King of Soleanna, tried using Solaris’ powers to alter time in order to see his deceased wife and help humanity rewrite their mistakes out of history.

The experiment failed and split Solaris into 2 monsters: Iblis the Flames of Disaster and Mephiles the Dark.

When Mephiles used the Chaos Emeralds to refuse with Iblis, Solaris reformed and had changed into a brand-new monster hellbent on destroying Sonic’s universe.

Last Story – Final Boss Battle: Super Sonic, Super Shadow, & Super Silver VS Solaris Phase 1
Solaris’ first form was a blue bird like form with 2 arms.

It could attack by using Eyes of Solaris to create unique projectiles and fire lasers from his chest.

Super Silver had to catch, grab, and throw Solaris’ projectiles, with his Shield of Light, and break the armor on Solaris’ left arm.

Next, Super Shadow used his Spear of Light, a homing spread shot of multiple Chaos Spears, to break the armor on Solaris’ right arm.

Finally, Super Sonic had to use the Arrow of Light, a Super Version of his future Boost ability, to break the last bit of armor on Solaris’ body.

Last Story – Final Boss Battle: Super Sonic, Super Shadow, & Super Silver VS Solaris Phase 2
Solaris’ second form gained more feathers on his wings and could create even more Eyes of Solaris.

However, its core, which contained its consciousness, was more exposed.

Super Sonic, Super Shadow, & Super Silver had to alternate between using their Light Attacks and collecting more Rings.

As it lost more and more of its core, it started blasting more lasers and started using a special forcefield. However, when it was guarding, Solaris couldn’t attack either.

After Solaris’ core was destroyed, it regressed back into a small flame. To prevent Solaris from destroying the universe again, Elise blew out Solaris’ flame, erasing it from history and rewriting the entire timeline.

Sonic & the Secret Rings – Sand Oasis Boss: Sand Scorpion



Boss Bio: The Sand Scorpion was a multi-eyed, monster scorpion summoned by Erazor Djinn to terrorize Sand Oasis.

It may have also gotten a boost from the Yellow World Ring, which contained the power of happiness.

Although the Sand Scorpion had multiple eyes, only the one on its backside was its weak point.

Sand Oasis Boss Battle: Sonic & Shahra VS the Sand Scorpion

While facing Sonic, the Sand Scorpion attacked with its stingers, in an attempt to stab Sonic, and magic missiles, that it could fire from its tail. 

Both were too slow to hit Sonic.

Once Sonic found its back eye and hit it 4 times, the Sand Scorpion closed all of its eyes, took a dirt nap, and left the Yellow World Ring in the sand as Sonic’s prize.

Sonic & the Secret Rings – Pirate Storm Boss: Captain Behemoth



Boss Bio: Captain Behemoth was a fusion of a Red Ma Djinn and a group of Slime Djinns.

Combining the powers of both genies, Captain Behemoth could create multiple fireballs, which he could manifest over his head to rain down on his enemies, and create shockwaves, by storing electricity in his arms and slamming them onto the ground.

Sonic had to pay Captain Behemoth a visit to retrieve the Water World Ring, which might have been the source of all the rain in Pirate Storm.

Pirate Storm Boss Battle: Sonic & Shahra VS Captain Behemoth

In order to defeat Captain Behemoth, Sonic had to Quick Step to avoid his fireballs, jump to avoid his shockwaves, and then get close enough to grab each of his 3 horns, use his super speed to vibrate, and break each horn off his head.

He had to do this quickly before getting tased by a ball of thunder forming above Captain Behemoth’s head each time. 

Sonic could also use his Speed Break to stun Captain Behemoth.

After Sonic finished performing the surgery, Captain Behemoth lost control of his power, exploded into the sea, and left behind the Water World Ring, which contained the power of Pleasure and had the ability to control storms.

Sonic & the Secret Rings – Evil Foundry Boss: Ifrit Golem



Boss Bio: The Ifrit Golem was a fire spirit summoned by Erazor Djinn inside Lost Foundry to burn down the remainder of the Arabian Nights Storybook World.

It seems that the main source of its flames was the rage contained inside of the Red World Ring.

The Ifrit Golem looked like an incomplete robot that only had a head, shoulders, arms, and hands. However, some of its body parts were filled with weapons, including bomb barrels in its arms and eye lasers.

Originally, Sonic couldn’t do anything to the Ifrit Golem, until he later returned with the Water World Ring to rain on the Ifrit Golem’s arson parade and made it vulnerable to his regular attacks & Shahra’s magic.

Evil Foundry Boss Battle: Sonic & Shahra VS the Ifrit Golem

In order to fully stop the Ifrit Golem’s rampage, Sonic had to attack its fingers, cause it to fall it into the lava, run across its shoulders, and attack the weak point on top of its head.

As the battle raged on, the Ifrit Golem would alter the platforms, sinking part of them into the lava, and move his entire body into the center, to attack Sonic safely from a distance.

Sonic could also store up power in his Soul Gauge to Speed Break safely across the lava and Boost right into its head directly.

After taking enough brain damage, the Ifrit Golem exploded into the lava and dropped the Red World Ring…in the form of a bomb…

Sonic & the Secret Rings – Skeleton Dome



The Skeleton Dome was a massive tomb that was hidden underground in the Arabian Nights Storybook World.

The area surrounding the entrance was surrounded by dust, that slowly snowed down from the sky, and large fossils & bones, that seem to be the remains of dinosaurs, mammoths, and other extinct animals & creatures.

The interior was made of several floors, each containing different kinds of traps, graves, and treasure. 

King Solomon was the guardian of the place until Erazor revived the 40 thieves as Djinns and had them attack King Solomon.

While blazing through the Skeleton Dome, Sonic used switches to unlock gates and new paths, either in the tunnels or in the large arena, raced into bone portals, where the correct portal was identified by the skull with red eyes, avoided several traps, including avalanches of spiky balls and blades that swing from the ceilings, found all of King Solomon’s bones and defeated the 40 Thieves, rewarding him with hints on how to find Erazor Djinn, defeat him, and restore the Arabian Nights, and found the White World Ring, which contained the power of desire/wishes.

The Genies making new tales from the crypts inside the Skeleton Dome were:

  • Blue Ma Djinn was a blue genie that worked for Erazor Djinn. They had the ability to fly, teleport, and do a horizontal spin attack. They were not that strong though and could be taken out with many of Sonic’s regular and magic attacks. All of the Ma Djinns that appeared here were covered in bandages, had bone designs on them, and had horns.
  • Red Ma Djinn was a red genie that worked for Erazor Djinn. They were bigger than the Blue Ma Djinns and had the ability to breathe fire. As long as Sonic dodged the flames, he could smoke them with 2 Homing Attacks. The Skeleton Dome Red Ma Djinns had longer head horns than the Green & Blue ones.
  • Green Ma Djinn was a green genie that worked for Erazor Djinn. They were smaller than the blue and red ones. They also had the same abilities as the Blue Ma Djinns. Their horns were also the smallest.
  • Skeleton Djinn was a genie made of bones that had 2 swords for arms and hands. Whenever Sonic got close to them, they would try to slash him by swinging their blades and spinning horizontally. Sonic could either wait for them to stop swinging or use Time Break to slow them down before smashing them with a Homing Attack. On some Missions, the Skeleton Djinns were invincible and would only be stunned by Sonic temporarily before putting themselves back together.

SKELETON DOME CAT CAMEO: Big appeared in the Skeleton Dome’s arena during 2 Missions. Apparently, he made a dead fish friend.

Sonic & the Secret Rings – Night Palace Boss: Erazor Djinn



Boss Bio: Erazor Djinn was originally the Genie of the Lamb from the story of Aladdin & the 40 Thieves.

In the past, he tried to take over the Storybook World and failed. As punishment, Erazor was forced to grant wishes to 1,000 masters before being set free (and if each master gets 3 wishes, that’s 3,000 wishes). Unfortunately, this worsened his views on humanity and strengthened his resolve to repeat his conquest once he was free.

Possibly with the help of Shahra, he managed to escape the lamb, retry his plan, and succeed to the point where no one in the world could stop him.

Good thing Sonic wasn’t from his world.


Sonictrainer Says: Let’s face it, having to be exposed to that many entitled people and Karens would make anyone become evil.

Night Palace Boss Battle: Sonic & Shahra VS Erazor Djinn

In their fight, Erazor tried to use his burning razor to cut Sonic out of the story.

Whenever Erazor let his guard down, Sonic was able to humble him with a Homing Attack to the face.

There were even standoffs where Sonic and Erazor would stand on opposite ends of the hall before charging at each other.

Despite all of his phenomenal cosmic power, Sonic was able to take Erazor down with 7 Homing Attacks.

Once he realized he was losing, Erazor snuck into a door with 7 Ring Shaped locks…

Sonic & the Secret Rings – Final Boss: Alf Layla wa-Layla



Boss Bio: Alf Layla wa-Layla was a monstrous form Erazor Djinn took after Shahra interrupted the sacrificial part of the 7 World Rings Portal Opening Spell.

In his new form, he became a six-armed, cyclops with 7 glowing spots on his body that the 7 World Rings eventually escaped from. 

Alf Layla wa-Layla was also insane.


New Super Form Debut Bio: Darkspine Sonic was a fiery form Sonic could take after accidentally absorbing the Green World Ring (Hatred), Red World Ring (Rage), and the Purple World Ring (Sadness) into his own body after the 7 World Rings flew out of Alf Layla wa-Layla’s body.

This new form destroyed the flaming arrow sticking out of his chest, which saved his life, gave him a massive Ring Counter, allowing him to collect up to 999 Rings, gave him the ability to collect and store Soul Energy without needing to collect Pearls, although he had to spin in place in order to do it, and allowed him to still be able to Speed Brake & Time Brake, since he still had the remains of Shahra’s Ring.

Final Boss Battle: Darkspine Sonic VS Alf Layla wa-Layla

Alf Layla wa-Layla tried to attack by slashing with his arms, which Darkspine Sonic could Quickstep around, throwing fireballs from his hands, which Darkspine Sonic could Speed Break through, and tossing “whirlpools” (which were basically mini-Black Holes), that Darkspine Sonic could use Time Break to avoid.

Whenever Alf created giant spirit bombs and tossed them at Darkspine Sonic, Darkspine Sonic could use his stored-up Soul Energy to kick the projectile back into Alf and stun him.

While Alf was stunned, Darkspine Sonic used Fire Punch, Blaze Kick, & Burning Finger to give Alf extreme heartburn and expel the excess magic out of his body.

After getting the Darkspine Special 3 times, Alf Layla wa-Layla turned back into Erazor Djinn.

Once Erazor regained his sanity, Sonic used the Magic Lamp to force Erazor to grant him 3 wishes: restore everything he destroyed, resurrect Shahra, and stay inside his lamp forever.


Sonictrainer Says: Hopefully, Sonic wished for Shahra to get some therapy afterwards.

Sonic Rush Adventure – Haunted Ship Zone



The Haunted Ship Zone was an island sized ship graveyard located in Blaze’s World (aka the Sol Dimension).

It was located to the East of Kylok’s Island and gave off unique electromagnetic waves. However, after exploring the wreckage, it was discovered that the Silver Materials found there were the cause of them.

While hopping around the Haunted Ship Zone, Sonic & Blaze used ropes to get around the Zone, which either had the properties of trampolines or Grind Rails, outran single Whisker Pirate ships, that were racing against them from a long distance and shooting cannonballs at them simultaneously, used cannons to fire themselves into the air, where they could perform tricks inside Rainbow Rings before landing in the next area, tried to avoid barrel traps, which would catch them if they got too close and would require a few Spin & Axel attacks before they could break out of them, and collected Silver Materials, which Tails would later combine with other Materials to create a hovercraft and eventually a submarine.

The Whisker Pirate Badniks that tried and failed to spook Sonic & Blaze in the Haunted Ship Zone were:

  • Bomb Ghost was a ghost Badnik that floated in the air and could generate bombs from its body. If Sonic & Blaze got too close to them while uncurled, Bomb Ghosts would chuck bombs in their direction.
  • Pirate Skeleton was a ghost pirate Badnik that floated in the air. Instead of bombs, they tossed an endless supply of bones.
  • Skull Fire was another ghost Badnik whose body was made of a special flame that could destroy Rings. They would try anchor themselves onto Sonic & Blaze, like a curse, and then slowly drain away their Rings. Luckily, Boosting would shake them off and permanently put them out.


Boss Bio: The Ghost Pirate was a giant skeleton pirate Boss Badnik created by Eggman Nega, that may have been created using Silver Materials.

Although it seemed like the Skull was the head of the Ghost Pirate, its real body was a small brain like robot that could manipulate its head and limbs from the center or from a distance.

Haunted Ship Boss Battle: Sonic/Blaze VS the Ghost Pirate
While it fought Sonic & Blaze on the leftover wreckage of a flagship, the Ghost Pirate could spit bombs from its mouth, that exploded and created big pillars of fire, spit a couple of fireballs, which would slowly move across the ship until they burned out, do a mini combo, where it slashed with its sword and did a forward kick, transform into a different form, which could do a midair charge attack, and do a massive jump, where it landed hard on the ship and created a shockwave.

If its main body took a hit, the Ghost Pirate’s brain would separate from the skeleton after getting damaged and fly to the top of the ship. However, this left it completely defenseless.

After taking significant damage, it couldn’t control anything anymore and shook violently in the air until a final hit sunk it.

Sonic Rush Adventure – Hidden Island 15


Hidden Island 15 was a smaller ship graveyard than the Haunted Ship Zone, that was Southeast of Sky Babylon.

Small amounts of Blue & Silver Materials could be found there.

The Whisker Pirate Badniks surveying the wreckage on Hidden Island 15 were:

  • Pirate Skeletons were patrolling the decks in groups.
  • Bomb Ghosts were haunting the upper areas of the shipwrecked ship.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Mystic Haunt Zone: Rival Race



The Mystic Haunt Zone was a literal ghost town located in the valleys of an unknown island/region, East of the Frontier Canyon Zone. 

The area was filled with fog, graveyards, haunted houses, and the ruins of a giant mansion.

The Mystic Haunt Zone also held 2 secrets. The first was a special door, acting as a portal to the Ifrit’s dimension that needs the 7 Chaos Emeralds in order to open it. The second was a hidden prison, where all of the kidnapped Chao were being held.

As for the different Story interactions, Sonic & Tails raced against shapeshifting spirits, which created a few mirror matches, Knuckles collected 100 more Rings to power the Emerald Detector, which led to him finding Metal Sonic, Rouge tried to find out the secret identify of her client, which led to her racing against Silver, Metal Sonic distracted Silver, which led to him driving towards Knuckles, and Silver & Espio continued their search for the kidnapped Chao, leading to the forementioned encounters.

While racing through the Mystic Haunt Zone, Rivals had to press Switches to activate lights and doors to continue forward, which could help or hurt opponents depending on their location, jump into portals, that would quickly send them to another part of the Zone, cross bone bridges, that could collapse after being stepped on, and hop onto weird scales, that need users to match 2 pictures in order to open specific doors in the mansion areas.

The Badniks & Ghosts ready to “welcome” any newcomers to the Mystic Haunt Zone were:

  • Bombat was a Bat Badnik created by Eggman Nega. Similar to Dr. Eggman’s Spinners, they work as surveillance throughout the Zones. After getting destroyed, its whole body will act as a missile and explode once it comes in contact with something solid.
  • Phantoms were also living in this Zone. Unlike the pyramid in the Sandopolis Zone, only a single Phantom will appear and chase after 1 Rival as the lights dim. Rivals would know they were being chased by a Phantom once they heard creepy chackles behind them.
  • Rail Worm was a worm Badnik created by Eggman Nega. They could be found crawling around some of the Grind Rails in the Zone, acting as an obstacle for Rivals who don’t watch out for them while grinding.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Mystic Haunt Zone: Time Attack



Shadow tried to search for the last Chaos Emerald while Espio tried to find the secret room where Eggman Nega kept some Chao he had kidnapped imprisoned.

Both of them had 2 Minutes and 40 seconds on the clock.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Mystic Haunt Zone: Knock Out


The Knock Out Arena for the Mystic Haunt Zone was a closed off room built with a fountain in the middle of the room and a skylight in the middle of the ceiling that showed the beauty of the full moon.

After finishing the Rival Race, all of the Rivals decided that they needed to graveyard smash their opponent.

Sonic & Tails had to fight each other’s doppelganger, Knuckles decided to beat up Metal Sonic in order to find Dr. Eggman, Rouge tried to kick Espio’s horn off of his face as a form of interrogation, and finally Shadow and Silver found each other and decided to throw down.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Mystic Haunt Zone Boss: Egg Phantom



Boss Bio: The Egg Phantom was an Egg Mobile inside of a special armor that copied the abilities of the Phantoms.

As it slowly hovered around the arena, the Rivals had to carefully time and press Switches to turn on ceiling lights so the Egg Phantom would crash into them and become vulnerable.

After taking 6 hits in the light, the Egg Phantom became Ghost Busted.

Sonic & Tails’ Stories - Mystic Haunt Zone Boss Battles: Sonic VS Sonic/Tails VS Tails VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Phantom
Sonic & Tails had to do another mirror match with the doppelgangers.

Dr. Eggman also appeared…although I’m not 100% sure if it’s actually Eggman Nega in disguise or another ghost that shapeshifted into Eggman and managed to find a spare Egg Phantom…

Once the fight was over, the ghosts disappeared, Tails found and freed all of the kidnapped Chao from the sealed room, and the door to the Chaotic Inferno Zone was opened. When the door started to close, thanks to Shadow & Metal Sonic, Sonic decided to chase after Dr. Eggman and return before it closed again.

Knuckles & Rouge’s Stories - Mystic Haunt Zone Boss Battles: Knuckles VS Espio/Rouge VS Silver VS Eggman Nega & the Egg Phantom
Once Rouge discovered that Dr. Eggman was her client, she backed out of the deal. Knuckles was just done with everyone at this point.

Although Espio doesn’t appear in the cutscene before the fight, Knuckles had to fight against him.

Meanwhile, Rouge had Silver as her Rival.

After punching & kicking the Egg Phantom’s lights out with the lights on, the 6 Chaos Emeralds Knuckles & Rouge had collected connected to the one inside Metal Sonic and opened the door to the Ifrit’s dimension. Ready to put an end to all this mess and end his search for the Master Emerald, Knuckles grabbed Rouge and went straight into the doorway.

Shadow & Metal Sonic’s Stories - Mystic Haunt Zone Boss Battles: Shadow VS Espio/Metal Sonic VS Silver VS Eggman Nega & the Egg Phantom
Shadow found Dr. Eggman but soon realized it was Eggman Nega in disguise.

Once again, Espio just shows up as the Rival for Shadow’s Boss Battle while Metal Sonic fights Silver.

I’m starting to think some of the shapeshifting ghosts appeared and turned into the other rivals to make some of these fights happen.

After winning the battle, Dr. Eggman appeared and revealed that there was a switch that close the portal again. Determined to keep the Ifrit on the other side, Shadow & Metal Sonic hopped through the portal to find the locking mechanism.

Silver & Espio’s Stories - Mystic Haunt Zone Boss Battles: Silver VS Metal Sonic/Espio VS Shadow VS Eggman Nega & the Egg Phantom
After failing to find the secret room Eggman Nega mentioned, Silver & Espio decided to confront him again, placing them against Metal Sonic & Shadow.

Once the Egg Phantom was scrambled, Silver & Espio found out the Chao were already saved (thanks to Sonic & Tails) and followed Eggman Nega into the Chaotic Inferno Zone to stop him from releasing the Ifrit.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Chaotic Inferno Zone: Time Attack


The Chaotic Inferno Zone was a city in another dimension where the Ifrit had made its home.

While it was very similar to Crisis City, differences included Green Hilled Zone style earth and mountains, with unique patterns in the soil and in some of the buildings’ materials, the Ifrit lived alone, with all Enemies in the Zone being Badniks.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, & Silver tried to escape the city and find their partners, Dr. Eggman/Eggman Nega, and the Ifrit within 3 Minutes.

While rushing through the Chaotic Inferno Zone, our heroes hopped inside cannons, that could fire them in 2 directions, hopped onto unlit blue rockets, that they could ride in the air to other parts of the Zone, spun inside weird Transports, that were lava powered, and bounced across Jump Panels inside of a tornado, but way faster than the one in Windy Valley.

The Badniks searching for the Ifrit inside the Chaotic Inferno Zone were:

  • There were a few Bombats flying around the city.
  • Egg Sweeper was a bug/crab like Badnik that Eggman first used in Soleanna. Eggman Nega had found blueprints of the original design and modified it. The Egg Sweepers here used here didn’t have their main horns, any bombs, or cloaking devices and just swept around a single platform in a rotation.
  • Rail Worms managed to find and hop onto some new Grind Rails.
  • Pole Spiker was a snail Badnik that climbed up and down poles. As long the Rivals avoided the spikes on its back, they could get past them without incident.
  • Guardon Crab was Eggman Nega’s take on the Crawl Badniks from the Casino Night Zone. It appears he had some left over from the Neon Palace Zone.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Chaotic Inferno Zone: Rival Race



Shadow, Metal Sonic, & Espio had to race against Metal Sonic 3.0 after entering the Chaotic Inferno Zone.

Despite the cool sounding name, Eggman Nega’s Metal Sonic 3.0 was just Metal Sonic with a black and yellow palette swap.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Chaotic Inferno Zone: Knock Out


The Chaotic Inferno Zone Knock Out Arena was a small set of platforms suspended above a lake of lava.

After each of them outran a Metal Sonic 3.0, Shadow & Metal Sonic tried to turn them into scrap metal.

Sonic Rivals 2 – Chaotic Inferno Zone Boss: The Ifrit


Boss Bio: The Ifrit was a demonic fire dragon that had a small but decent list of superpowers.

The Good News is he wasn’t at full power when everyone encountered him because he didn’t get a chance to chow down on any Chao. 

The Bad News is that he was still able to fly, faster than any plane, spit fire, either as individual fireballs or a lone flamethrower, and he was still able to mind control at least one person, forcing Sonic & Tails and Knuckles & Rouge to fight each other and the Ifrit at the same time. 

While skydiving 5,000 above the ground, our heroes had to defeat the Ifrit before crash landing into a large pile of scrap metal and garbage. 

The Ifrit’s weakness was his forehead, which was covered by a few layers of rock-hard skin that would quickly heal after each fatal hit.

Sonic & Tails’ Stories - Chaotic Inferno Boss Battle: Sonic VS Tails & the Ifrit
Once Sonic & Tails found the Ifrit, it took over one of them and forced the other into a 1 VS 2 fight.

While skydiving, the Ifrit would spit fireballs at them from the background, and then try to swoop in.

If Rivals can react in time, they can attack its head (basically players have to ace the QTE).

Sometimes the Ifrit would use part of its body as a platform to catch the Rivals. This would slow down the Rivals decent and give them a chance to chip away the skin protecting its weak spot after dodging the Ifrit’s flamethrower.

Once the Ifrit got 8 head induced injuries, it fell, crashed into several buildings, exploded, and went back into hibernation.

After defeating the Ifrit, Sonic & Tails ran back through the door before it closed and took a break in a nearby Chao Garden.

Knuckles & Rouge’s Stories - Chaotic Inferno Boss Battle: Knuckles VS Rouge & the Ifrit
Just like Sonic & Tails, Knuckles & Rouge had to fight each other and the Ifrit at the same time.

After defeating the Ifrit and returning home, Knuckles discovered that the Master Emerald was inside the Emerald Detector the entire time. Then Rouge tried to fly away with it and the 6 Chaos Emeralds they collected.

Shadow & Metal Sonic’s Stories - Chaotic Inferno Boss Battle: Shadow/Metal Sonic VS Metal Sonic 3.0 & the Ifrit
After pulling the lever to close the portal, Shadow & Metal Sonic fought against the Ifrit & Metal Sonic 3.0.

When the battle concluded, they realized that the door had already closed. However, Metal Sonic torn out the Chaos Emerald inside of himself so Shadow could Chaos Control them back home.

Silver & Espio’s Stories - Chaotic Inferno Boss Battle: Silver/Espio VS Metal Sonic 3.0 & the Ifrit
Silver & Espio reunited and took down the Ifrit & Metal Sonic 3.0.

Leaving Eggman Nega behind in the Chaotic Inferno Zone, Silver returned to check out his Good Future while Espio had to explain everything that happened to Vector.


Sonictrainer Says: The game never specifies how many Chao the Ifrit would need to eat to go full power. However, the fact that so many Chao were disappearing to the point it was becoming a noticeable issue in the world means 1 of 3 things: 

  1. Eggman Nega had taken Gardens worth of Chao to the point that local wildlife experts and the general public took notice
  2. All or the majority of the Chao Eggman Nega stole were pets from people’s family or private homes, which is why the news became so urgent that someone hired Team Chaotix, and paid in advance, to figure what was going on.
  3. He did both

Either way, I’m glad they’re safe.

By the way, what happened to Metal Sonic 2.0?

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Kron Colony Trapped Boss: Kron Warrior


Boss Bio: Kron Warriors were red orange, rock like aliens with a large metal sphere in the center of their bodies. 

Living in the sandy desert climate of the Kron Colony, they were very good at mining materials and building things with said materials. 

Their strengths in battle include high armor, good offense and defense, and a strong resistance to Fire & Earth Elemental Attacks. 

However, Kron Warriors were slow, could be weakened by Piercing Attacks, and took massive damage from Wind & Water Elemental Attacks.

Kron Warriors attacked opponents by shooting the giant metal cores from the center of their body, which can hit 3 targets at once, and by using their fists to do a Bash, a POW Move which can cause the Distract Status Condition.

Chapter 7 – Kron Colony Boss Battles: Sonic & 3 Others (Tails/Amy/Rouge/Big/Knuckles/Cream/Shadow/Omega/Shade) VS Kron Warrior
Our heroes had to fight 1 Kron Warrior after landing in the Twilight Cage and then 2 more while exploring the Kron Colony.

Fortunately, the Kron and their leader, Foreman Krag, hated being enslaved by Imperator Ix.

After helping the Kron reclaim their factory, Sonic’s group formed an alliance with Foreman Krag and the Kron.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Nrrgal Species Bestiary Entries


N’rrgal Colony Character/Enemy Bios:
•    Nrrgal Drone was a green, slime like alien, that was fighting a war against the Zoah in Sector Scylla. Living in the moist, swamp climate of the N’rrgal Colony, Nrrgal Drones were very good at collecting and draining energy from other living beings and machines. They could also combine with each other to become stronger and take on new forms. In battle, with every attack Nrrgal Drones drained their opponent’s HP and healed themselves. They also had Resistances to Water & Lightning Elemental Attacks. However, they didn’t have any armor, so most attacks could do significant damage, and they don’t like extreme heat or cold, so Fire & Ice Elemental Attacks were very effective against them.
•    Nrrgal Warrior was a fusion of Nrrgal Drones. Being a bigger size raised their HP, Attack, and Speed. Still not a fan of Fire & Ice though.
•    The N’rrgal Queen was a fusion of multiple Nrrgals, acting as the leader of the N’rrgal Colony. Acting as a hivemind for her people, she’s able to use all information and resources collected by the Nrrgal Drones & Nrrgal Soldiers to plan her next move. After finding out that the Zoah had a superweapon, she convinced forced Sonic & the others to go to the Zoah Colony and destroy it. Once she realized that Lord Ix had manipulated her and the Zoah to fight each other, she joined the Twilight Cage Alliance.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Zoah Colony Trapped Boss: Zoah Brute Duo


Boss Bio: Zoah Brute was a tall, armored electric alien with a special energy coursing throughout the center of their body, arms, and head. 

Living in the iron, futuristic city of the Zoah Colony in Sector Scylla, they were very good at fighting wars and making weapons. 

During battle, the Zoah Brutes could shapeshift their energy arms into swords, that can leave the target Distracted, guns, that can do a POW Move called Power Blast, or create Lightning Shields, Thunder Shields that decrease defense but weaken as it takes more hits. 

Thanks to their unique biology, Lightning Elemental Attacks did half of their usual damage on them. However, Zoahs were very weak to Earth Elemental Attacks and also didn’t like getting burned by fire and getting splashed with too much water.

Chapter 8 Boss Battle: Sonic & 3 Others (Tails/Amy/Rouge/Big/Knuckles/Cream/Shadow/Omega/Shade) VS 2 Zoah Brutes
As the Blue Cyclone crash landed into the Zoah Colony, 2 Zoah Brutes tried to take the bounties on Sonic & Shade’s heads.

Instead, they got kicked to the curb.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Zoah Colony Boss: Commander Syrax


Boss Bio: Commander Syrax was a high-ranking Zoah working under General Raxos, acting as his champion. 

Before Sonic and the others could fight General Raxos in a Rite of Challenge, they had to defeat Commander Syrax and 2 Zoah Brutes first.

Despite Syrax having higher Attack, Defense, Speed, and Damage than the Zoah Brutes, he had less HP and Armor than them. 

He also had a POW Move called “Energize!”, which raised his own Attack.

Chapter 8 – Zoah Colony Boss Battle: Sonic & 3 Others (Tails/Amy/Rouge/Big/Knuckles/Cream/Shadow/Omega/Shade) VS Commander Syrax & 2 Zoah Brutes
Despite his eagerness to challenge Sonic & the others, he got schooled.

With Commander Syrax’s defeat, Sonic was able to issue a Rite of Challenge to General Raxos

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Zoah Colony Boss: General Raxos


Boss Bio: General Ramos was the leader of the Zoah. 

At some point, he lost a Rite of Challenge against Imperator Ix and the Zoah become under the control of the Nocturnus.

Sonic eventually challenged him to his own Rite of Challenge, which is exactly what General Raxos wanted.

Chapter 8 – Zoah Colony Boss Battle: Sonic VS General Raxos
Due to the rules, Sonic had face General Raxos alone.

Regardless, Sonic ran circles around General Raxos, hitting him with multiple Axe Kicks, which did much more damage than Whirlwind and didn’t use Wind Elemental Power, and used Items, to heal and buff himself.

After Sonic won the Rite of Challenge, the Zoah no longer had to listen Imperator Ix and General Raxos joined the Twilight Cage Alliance.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Voxai Colony Beta Trapped & Ambush Boss: Dominated Voxai Citizen Trio


Boss Bio: Dominated Voxai Citizen were any Voxai living in Voxai Colony Beta that were suddenly taken over by the Overmind.

These unfortunate victims were forced to find and fight our heroes after the Overmind sent some of their servants to Voxai Colony Beta with a Great Emerald, a Chaos Emerald that had been filled with the Overmind’s ESP and temporarily turned Pink.

While talking to Thebes, a friendly Voxai who allied with Sonic & the others, and learning more about the situation on both Voxai Colonies, Thebes’ friends were slowly turned into Dominated Voxai Citizens and attacked Sonic & the others.

Chapter 9 – Voxai Colony Beta Boss Battle: Sonic & 3 Others (Tails/Amy/Rouge/Big/Knuckles/Cream/Shadow/Omega/Shade) VS 3 Dominated Voxai Citizens
First off, Dominated Voxai Citizens had a very poisonous Basic Attack, where they formed mentally concentrated rings of poison around one of their tentacles, flew in close towards an opponent, and smacked them with it.

Second, they had 2 unique POW Moves. Air Shield was a defensive POW Move that creates a barrier made of fast winds that raises the user’s defense but slowly weakens over time while. Psychic Wave was an offensive POW Move that could hit 3 opponents at once and even stun them (if players miss any of the QTE).

Finally, all Voxai could take Wind Elemental Attacks like a Champ but were very weak to Fire & Earth Elemental Attacks.

After “safely” knocking out Thebes’ mind controlled Voxai allies, our Heroes and Thebes quickly split up to try and find whoever bought the Great Emerald to Voxai Colony Beta.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Voxai Colony Beta Bosses: Thelxe & the Voxai Conspirator Duo


Boss Bios: 

  • Thelxe was a Voxai Conspirator working directly for the Overmind. He came across our heroes while transporting one of the Chaos Emeralds to Voxai Colony Beta so the Overmind could extend the range of their control. Even though he had a Great Emerald in one of his tentacles, Thelxe was only slightly stronger than the Voxai Conspirators and didn’t have any signature moves.
  • Voxai Conspirators were stronger versions of the Dominated Voxai Citizens. It’s believed that these Voxai either willingly joined the Overmind’s cause when they first started sending out commands or were easier for the Overmind to control since they originated from Voxai Colony Alpha. They also didn’t get any new moves.

Chapter 9 – Voxai Colony Beta Boss Battle: Sonic & 3 Others (Tails/Amy/Rouge/Big/Knuckles/Cream/Shadow/Omega/Shade) VS Thelxe & 2 Voxai Conspirators
Despite getting poisoned, having to dodge several Psychic Waves, and breaking through an Air Shield or 2, our heroes were able mentally exhaust Thelxe. 

After Sonic recollected the Great Emerald and Thebes copied Thelxe’s mental passcode onto Sonic, the gang drove the Blue Cyclone to Voxai Colony Alpha.

Thelxe Fast Fact: Thelxe is taken from the name “Thelxiepeia”, which is the name of a Siren in Greek Mythology.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – Voxai Colony Alpha Bosses: Overmind Trio


Boss Bios: Originally, Overmind Leucosia, Overmind Ligaia, & Overmind Riadne were 3 Voxai that were the previous leaders of Sector Charybdis, residing in Voxai Colony Alpha.

As the Voxai Overmind, they would send out gentle reminders to other Voxai through their psychic hivemind connection. 

However, after they became loyal to Imperator Ix and were gifted 2 Chaos Emeralds, they started controlling most of the other Voxai and forcing them to do things without question.

Although they managed to ambush our heroes and were even able to mind control Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, & Shade, they let them go in order to give them our heroes a fair fight…in a 4 VS 3.

Evidently, the Overmind’s arrogance was their downfall.

Chapter 9 Boss Battle: Sonic & 3 Others (Tails/Amy/Rouge/Big/Knuckles/Cream/Shadow/Omega/Shade) VS Overmind Leucosia, Overmind Ligaia, & Overmind Riadne
Each member had their own unique POW Move:

  • Overmind Leucosia, the green Voxai, had a signature POW Move called Psi-Slow. It attacked 1 opponent and made them Sluggish, lowering their defense.
  • Overmind Ligaia, the yellow Voxai, had a signature POW Move called Psi-Confuse. It attacked 1 opponent and could put them to sleep.
  • Overmind Riadne, the blue Voxai, had a signature POW Move called Psi-Dazzle. It attacked a single target and could Distract status condition, which can cause their accuracy to go down.

Once the Overmind were defeated, our heroes recollected the 2 Chaos Emeralds and Tails suggested that Thebes should become the new Overmind to help reorganize his fellow Voxai.

Overmind Fast Facts:

  • Their names also originate from the names of Sirens that were used by different authors in Greek Mythology.
  • Cream, Big, & Omega were unaffected by the Overmind’s enhanced mind control powers.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3/Xbox 360 Versions) – Exorcisms



After Sonic & Chip found the Spagonia Night Gaia Key, Tails flew by to give Chip a camera Professor Pickle had found in his lab.

From that point on, anytime Sonic talked to any Townsperson at night who was acting the opposite of their normal selves and had purple smoke coming out of their head, Chip could use the flash on his new camera to kick any Dark Gaia Minions out of their bodies.

However, once they were out in the open, Sonic had to quickly beat them up before they would try to return inside their victim’s hearts.

Each host had a different number of Enemies and a different Time Limit to beat.

The Dark Gaia Minions Sonic & Chip had to expel from over 12 people’s bodies during the Exorcisms were:

  • Nightmare was a chameleon monster and the most common medium-sized Dark Gaia Minion Sonic fought against at night. Like Sonic’s Werehog form, they attack and block with their stretchable arms and claws. A few of them can even do a Were-Tornado. In the first Exorcism, which took place in Spagonia, Sonic had to take down 4 of them.
  • Little Rex was a tiny, green dinosaur monster and one of the most common small-sized Dark Gaia Minions. Even in large groups, they’re not that strong. Sonic could grab 1 or 2 of them and use their hard heads to bash other enemies. He could also instantly KO a single enemy by tossing a Green Rex at them.
  • Dark Fright was a tiny, ghost-like monster that flew in the air. They were faster than the Little Rex but just as weak. Dark Frights’ soft bodies also didn’t make good weapons. Although they were annoying like flies, Sonic could easily grab, clap, and crush them with his Were-Hands.
  • Red Fright was a stronger version of a Dark Fright that was red instead of blue. Despite the upgrade, Sonic could still grab them out of their air and squeeze the Dark Gaia Force out of them.
  • Lightning Master was a green mage monster that hovered in the air and used a yellow scepter. If Sonic didn’t take care of them quickly, they would conjure up electric projectiles that could stun Sonic and leave him vulnerable to other attacks. While Lightning Masters (and the other Masters) were heavy, their Critical Attacks were easier to pull off.
  • Deep Nightmare was a stronger version of Nightmare, that had more spikes, a bigger horn, and was a dark shade of indigo. They were stronger, faster, and smarter in battle, blocking more often and having better coordination with other Dark Gaia Minions in groups. Still, Sonic was able to find ways to send them to into a deep sleep.
  • Red Rex was a stronger version of Little Rex, whose skin was red instead of green. Sonic could still grab them and use them as dinosaur brass knuckles though.
  • Cure Master was a purple mage monster that used a cyan scepter. They would constantly perform healing spells on the other Dark Gaia Minions. Luckily, Cure Masters couldn’t heal themselves or revive defeated allies.
  • Killer Bee was an insect monster whose light body made them fast and agile. The bad news is that they could dodge some of Sonic’s attacks by flying backwards or high into the sky and then try to sting Sonic from a distance with a charge attack or up close with a fury attack. The good news is that Sonic could grab them easily once they came to a stop and use them as a giant fly swatter against other enemies.
  • Red Killer Bee was a faster and stronger version of Killer Bee. Despite the upgrades, Sonic could still grab them once they slowed down.
  • Fright Master was another mage monster, who held a scepter with a Red Fright design. They had the weakest spell out of all the Masters, which was summoning more Dark Frights to the battlefield.
  • Power Master was another mage monster, who held a purple scepter. Their specialty was magic that supported their teammates, giving any Dark Gaia Minion in the area attack and defense buffs. Power Masters & Cure Masters loved to team up, help their siblings, and give Sonic a tough time.
  • Titan was a giant cyclops monster wielding a giant wooden club. They were the strongest Dark Gaia Minion outside of the Temple Guardians in Chun-nan, Holoska, & Shamar. Titans would attack by swinging their hands or tail, which would send anything that got smacked flying, swinging their wooden clubs, smashing it into the ground with a 3-hit combo, or jumping into the air and landing to cause shockwaves on the ground, that had a wide range and could knock Sonic to the ground a short time. For all of the power Titans had, they didn’t care about friendly fire. Most of the time they took out their own squad by themselves and saved Sonic the time & energy to collect their comrades’ Chaos Orbs and Dark Gaia Force. One of Sonic’s methods of defeating a Titan was entering Unleashed Mode, quickly attacking it, blocking against most of its attacks, Double Jumping over its shockwaves, and finishing it off with a Critical Attack once its health got low enough.

Sonic Unleashed (Console Versions) – Chun-nan Night Boss: Dark Gaia Phoenix



Boss Bio: Dark Gaia Phoenix was an actual gold phoenix that lived inside the Chun-nan Gaia Temple and was considered its guardian.

After Dr. Eggman woke and broke Dark Gaia, the Phoenix was corrupted by a large amount of Dark Gaia Force.

Despite being possessed, it continued to guard the Gaia Temple located in Chun-nan. Unfortunately, it was very hotheaded and aggressive during the night and its feathers changed from gold to dark purple.

When Sonic & Chip found the Chun-nan Village Elder, Zonshen, Dark Gaia Phoenix appeared ready to burn first and ask questions later.

Chun-nan Gaia Temple Night Boss Battle: Sonic the Werehog & Chip VS Dark Gaia Phoenix
Sonic had to toss Water Barrels at Dark Gaia Phoenix to put out its flames before going in to “full body massage” the Dark Gaia Force out of it.

If Sonic ever caught on fire, he could jump into water or smash open a Water Barrel to put himself out as well.

Even without its flames, Dark Gaia Phoenix could attack Sonic by flinging its feathers. Regular feathers could be blocked while the spinning drill feathers had to be dodged.

Sometimes Dark Gaia Phoenix would even go into the center of the arena and dive into the ground, causing heat waves to ripple across the ground. It would be tired afterward and give Sonic a chance to cool it off with a water barrel.

After suplexing Dark Gaia Phoenix into the ground, Sonic absorbed all of the Dark Gaia Force that left the Phoenix’s body.

Dark Gaia Phoenix Version Differences: Dark Gaia Phoenix is much easier to hit with water barrels in the SD Version of the game. However, the animations and QTEs are better in the HD Version. 

Sonic Unleashed (Console Versions) – Holoska Night Boss: Dark Moray



Boss Bio: Dark Moray was a monster eel born from a mass collection of Dark Gaia Force that came together inside of a glacier near the Holoska Gaia Temple.

Dark Moray tried to use its ice powers, its massive body, and its small children to get rid of Sonic.

Fortunately, Dark Moray wasn’t immune to freezing temperatures itself.

Holoska Gaia Temple Night Boss Battle: Sonic the Werehog & Chip VS Dark Moray 
In the beginning of each Round, Sonic had to defeat the Mini Morays or destroy the energy tanks in order to take down the Ice Shield protecting Dark Moray.

Once the Shield was down, Sonic had to grab an Ice Canister and toss it at Dark Moray to temporarily freeze him.

While frozen, Sonic had to carefully attack the green glowing weak points on Dark Moray’s belly, back, and head.

After destroying all 3 weak points, Dark Moray melted away while Sonic & Chip went inside the Holoska Gaia Temple and restored the Water Blue Chaos Emerald.

Dark Moray Version Differences: The Mini Morays only appear in the HD Version while Nightmares appeared in the SD Version. Also, Sonic could attack Dark Moray from anywhere in the SD Version.

Sonic Unleashed (PS2/Wii Versions) – Shamar Night Boss: Dark Guardian



Boss Bio: Dark Guardian was a giant Nightmare that wore armor and used a magic hammer in battle.

It appeared after Dark Gaia Force took over a Moon Altar near the Shamar Gaia Temple.

Shamar Gaia Temple Night Boss Battle (PS2/Wii Version): Sonic the Werehog & Chip VS Dark Guardian

In the SD Version, Sonic had to fight Dark Guardian solo.

During this Boss Battle, Dark Guardian would attack by doing its own version of Sonic’s Missile Punch, do a spinning attack while swinging its hammer, and use the hammer to summon magical lightning strikes down onto the arena.

Once its health bar was empty, Dark Guardian dropped his hammer and his Dark Gaia Force.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3/Xbox 360 Versions) – Shamar Night Boss: Dark Guardian



Boss Bio: Instead of a slugfest, the Boss Battle in the other version required a little puzzle solving in order to defeat Dark Guardian.

Shamar Gaia Temple Night Boss Battle (PS3/Xbox 360 Versions): Sonic the Werehog & Chip VS Dark Guardian, Nightmares, and Deep Nightmares
In the HD Version, Sonic had to push 3 blocks across the arena to destroy parts of the Moon Altar.

Sonic could hurt and stun Dark Guardian but the Moon Altar would have kept healing it afterwards so Sonic had to break it first.

Each time the Altar was destroyed, Nightmares & Deep Nightmares would appear to try and push the other blocks to the other side. 

Also, iron gates would periodically pop out of the ground and blockade Sonic.

After the Moon Altar was destroyed, Sonic KO’d Dark Guardian while saying that Amy would have been a better opponent.


Sonictrainer Says: I need an Amy Vs Dark Guardian Comic Book Story or DLC now.

Sonic Unleashed (Console Versions) – Eggmanland (Country)



Eggmanland (aka Robotnikland while sometimes spelled “EggmanLand” and “Eggman Land”) was a country sized HQ Dr. Eggman built over top of one of the Temples of Gaia.

After creating a beacon that attracted every Dark Gaia Minion on the planet to its exact location, he stuffed all of them inside generators and used their Dark Gaia Force to fuel the entire country.

The Country itself was a giant amusement park and factory, filled with Badniks, dangerous and creepy carnival rides and attractions, giant sized boiler rooms, and large quantities of molten lava.

Eggmanland was the only country on the planet where the skies were so cloudy, you’d need a watch to tell what time it was.

Nowadays, without Dark Gaia to power it, the country has experienced a long-term blackout. The local Chili Dog Vendor seems to be doing fine though.

Sonic Unleashed (PS2/Wii Version) – Eggmanland Day


After skydiving to the Entrance of Eggmanland from the Tornado-1 and taking a picture of Eggman’s statue for Chip’s photo album, Sonic ran inside to hit the town.

While blazing through Eggmanland in his Hedgehog Form during the day in the SD Version, Sonic hopped between hollow Ferris wheel cars, spinning around the bars to gain more momentum and height, rode inside roller coaster cars, that were similar to the Bobsleds in Holoska, and jumped onto a rocket, which he rode into a wall to reach the next area.

The Egg Fighters & other Badniks that tried catch Sonic in Eggmanland during the Day were:

  • Egg Fighter was a blue Badnik Dr. Eggman created and used during Project Dark Gaia. They had similar abilities to Egg Pawns but had slightly better AI. The ones without any Swords and Shields could only attack by punching but weren’t fast enough to get Sonic during the Day.
  • Spinners flew around the country, keeping an eye out for Sonic and accidentally helped him reach areas with his Homing Attack.
  • Egg Fighter: Shield was an Egg Fighter armed with a regular shield. Shielded Egg Fighters could use them to block Sonic’s Homing Attack. However, the Shields couldn’t protect them from Sonic Boosting, Stomping, and/or Sliding.
  • Egg Fighter: Thunder Shield was an Egg Fighter holding a special Shield, that could discharge electricity. Even if Sonic Boosted into it and destroyed the Egg Fighter holding it, he would still get zapped and be paralyzed for a few seconds. The Thunder Shields were expensive to make so Eggman only manufactured a select number of them.
  • Egg Fighter: Knight was an Egg Fighter armed with a sword and basic Shield. Not even the combined might of a Sword and Shield could stop Sonic while Boosting.
  • Egg Fighter: Thunder Knight was an Egg Fighter armed with a sword and Thunder Shield. Although these were the best equipped Egg Fighters, Sonic could easily run past them and avoid them.
  • Egg Launcher H was a Daytime Exclusive missile Badnik armed with 2 homing missiles. The “H” in their name stands for “Horizontal”, which means they could only launch their missiles across terrain towards Sonic. Even without missiles, they could attack by spinning their torso but only if Sonic was close enough.
  • Egg Launcher V was an Egg Launcher that fired its 2 missiles vertically into the air. They had a tendency to miss Sonic and hit the ground instead.
  • Mole Cannon was a turret Badnik that could be installed in the ground or in the floor of a building. When their heads were up, they would quickly fire high accuracy projectiles at Sonic. While they were above ground, Sonic could get them with a Homing Attack. When they were underground, Sonic could smash them with a Stomp. Sonic never encountered them at Night.

Boss Bio: The Interceptor was a Boss Badnik specifically designed to take out Sonic’s Hedgehog form.

Fast enough to fly in to Sonic’s general location while running, the Interceptor would intercept Sonic in wide open areas where he couldn’t easily escape.

Once Sonic made it past a certain point in Eggmanland, the Interceptor intercepted Sonic one final time.

Eggmanland Day Boss Battle (PS2/Wii Version): Sonic & Chip VS the Interceptor
The Interceptor would fly in from behind Sonic and try to run him over with its wheel hands, which Sonic could avoid by Quickstepping.

Once the tables were turned and Sonic was behind the Interceptor, he could Boost into it to counterattack.

After 5 hits, the Interceptor was intercepted for the last time.

Sonic Unleashed (PS2/Wii Version) – Eggmanland Night



While Eggmanland was full of Badniks during the day, the country’s population doubled thanks to the Dark Gaia Minions that raised out of the shadows whenever Nighttime came.

While fighting his way to the Gaia Temple Gate, Sonic took a few elevators, which made stops so Sonic could fight Enemies, dashed through a Badnik Factory, moving across conveyor belts and using fireproof boxes to bypass flamethrowers, and swung around the areas using different gimmicks, while avoiding different kinds of spikes.

The regular and enhanced Dark Gaia Minions that made 1 last attempt to fight Sonic in Eggmanland during the Night were:

  • Thunder Bat was a green version of Dark Bat that could discharge electricity, similar to Dr. Eggman’s Thunder Spinners. Groups of them appeared to block Sonic into different parts of the factory until he swatted them out of the air.
  • Dark Bat was a bat monster that flew in the sky. These were the only nonviolent Dark Gaia Minions and only served to help Sonic swing or slingshot himself across lava lakes and bottomless pits. However, if Dark Bats managed to collect more Dark Gaia Force, they would turn into Thunder Bats or Dark Bat Snipers.
  • Lightning Masters appeared to try and zap Sonic from a distance.

PS2/Wii Exclusive Eggmanland Dark Gaia Minions

  • Red Deep Nightmare was a bright red and upgraded version of Deep Nightmare exclusive to Eggmanland. They attacked Sonic in packs.
  • Spike was a bomb shaped Dark Gaia Minion that would detonate only if Sonic touched it. Before exploding, Sonic could grab and toss them at any Enemies unlucky enough to be nearby.
  • A few swarms of Red Killer Bees appeared to attack Sonic while he rode inside of an elevator and while he dashed through a factory.
  • Big Mother was a giant Nightmare with great strength and a giant mouth on its stomach. It would attack by swinging its arms and summoning Little Rex & Red Rex by opening its belly mouth. Before the summoning spell was finished, Sonic could either throw a Bomb Box or himself into their open mouths to give them fatal indigestion. The Big Mothers that appeared in Eggmanland could only summon Red Rex.
  • Red Frights appeared with other Dark Gaia Minions to give Sonic a hard time.
  • Fright Masters summoned even more Frights to give Sonic a hard time.
  • Fire Master was another Dark Gaia mage that specialized in pyromancy, using it to create fireballs to attack Sonic and engulf itself in flames for protection. Like Dark Gaia Phoenix, water barrels could put out their fires and allow Sonic to stomp them out. There was a boiler room in Eggmanland where Fire Masters kept spawning out of the flames generated by the machines until Sonic washed them out.
  • Red Titan was a red and stronger version of Titan. Despite the upgrade and continuation of the Red Dark Gaia Minion pattern in Eggmanland, Sonic was able to make it black and blue.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3/Xbox 360 Versions) – Eggmanland Action Stage


While there were a few similarities to the PS2/Wii Version, the HD Version of Eggmanland is an entirely different beast.

This 1 Act is a marathon where Sonic had to go through 6 different areas while switching between his Hedgehog & Werehog Forms 5 times. 

This 1 Act is so challenging that I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to play this stage on your first playthrough without dying once.

While blazing through Eggmanland to get to the entrance of the last Gaia Temple, Sonic managed to get past Eggman faced platforms, that appeared in 2D sections and would try to knock Sonic into pits or spikes, rode a roller coaster, that went off an unfinished track and forced Sonic to ride his car like a Holoskan Bobsled, tiptoe across pipes and boilers, which were suspended over lakes of lava, go over many Trick Springs and Trick Ramps, that had one and done QTEs, and slid down a giant fan vent, that led into a few endless Badnik rooms.

Despite its difficulty there are a select of number of shortcuts Sonic could take, if he knew where to look.

The Badniks & Dark Gaia Minions that tried and failed to stop Sonic in Eggmanland were:

  • Egg Fighter was a blue Badnik Eggman used during Project Dark Gaia. They had similar abilities to Egg Pawns but had slightly better AI. The ones without any Swords and Shields could only attack by punching but weren’t fast enough to get Sonic during the Day.
  • Spinners flew around the country, keeping an eye out for Sonic and accidentally helping reach areas with his Homing Attack.
  • •    Egg Fighter: Shield was an Egg Fighter armed with a regular shield. Shielded Egg Fighters could use them to block Sonic’s Homing Attack. However, the Shields couldn’t protect them from Sonic Boosting, Stomping, and/or Sliding.
  • •    Egg Fighter: Thunder Shield was an Egg Fighter holding a special Shield, that could discharge electricity. Even if Sonic Boosted into it and destroyed the Egg Fighter holding it, he would still get zapped and be paralyzed for a few seconds. The Thunder Shields were expensive to make so Eggman only manufactured a select number of them.
  • •    Egg Fighter: Knight was an Egg Fighter armed with a sword and basic Shield. Not even the combined might of a Sword and Shield could stop Sonic while Boosting.
  • •    Egg Fighter: Thunder Knight was an Egg Fighter armed with a sword and Thunder Shield. Although these were the best equipped Egg Fighters, Sonic could easily run past them and avoid them.
  • •    Egg Launcher H was a Daytime Exclusive missile Badnik armed with 2 homing missiles. The “H” in their name stands for “Horizontal”, which means they could only launch their missiles across terrain towards Sonic. Even without missiles, they could still attack by spinning their torso.
  • •    Egg Launcher V was an Egg Launcher that fired its 2 missiles vertically into the air. They had a tendency to miss Sonic and hit the ground instead.
  • •    Thunder Bats appeared in an area above a massive fan. Sonic had to get rid of them and the other Dark Bats to open the door while avoiding getting zapped and getting his fur clipped
  • •    Dark Bats were flying around different areas of the Country. 
  • •    Lightning Masters appeared to help one of the Titans in the last area.

PS3/Xbox 360 Exclusive Eggmanland Badniks

  • Thunder Spinner was a green Spinner that discharged electricity. Sonic had to carefully wait for the tasing to stop before Home Attacking them.
  • Egg Shooter was a black Egg Fighter whose arms and hands could transform into gatling guns. They liked shooting in parallel lines so Sonic was sometimes able to Boost straight at them without getting hit.
  • Little Fighter was a Badnik created from the hands of Egg Fighters after Eggman put Ai in them. They would sometimes detach from destroyed Egg Fighters and fight by jumping & punching with their finger arms. Also, Egg Shooters in Eggmanland would fire off the Little Fighters on their arms if they realized they couldn’t hit Sonic from a distance. Despite their inclusion in battles, Sonic could destroy Little Fighters with a Boost, Homing Attack, or Stomp during the day and turn them into killer knuckles and cannonballs at Night.
  • Egg Launcher H + V was an Egg Launcher that had 2 sets of the Horizontal and Vertical Missiles. Sonic had to jump over the H Missiles and try to outrun the vertical ones.
  • Aero Cannon was a floating gun Badnik that floated in air and took shoots at Sonic once he was close enough. Quick Homing Attacks could help Sonic take them out and avoid getting shot while in midair.
  • Thunder Ball was an electric Badnik that slowly floated in the air and followed Sonic’s exact trail while discharging electricity. A well-timed Homing Attack was enough to pop them whenever Sonic didn’t want to just outrun them.
  • Egg Fighter: Spring Knight was an Egg Fighter that used a Sword and a Spring Shield. Spring Shields allowed Egg Fighters to bounce Sonic into hazards, even if he was Boosting. Sonic could slide under the Spring Shield to avoid being launched and sweep the Egg Fighter’s feet to avoid being chopped. The Spring Knight Division of the Egg Fighters only clocked in during the Day.

PS3/Xbox 360 Exclusive Eggmanland Dark Gaia Minions

  • Cure Masters appeared and healed nearby Badniks & Dark Gaia Minions.
  • Power Masters appeared and made nearby Badniks & Dark Gaia Minions stronger.
  • Dark Bat Sniper was a pink type of Dark Bat that could shoot projectiles from their tails. Sonic had to carefully avoid their bullets while still using them to get across lava pits.
  • Sonic had to defeat 3 Titans that were hanging out in front of the Gaia Temple Gate. When he faced the last 2, he had to be very careful around their shockwaves to avoid getting stun-locked to death.

Sonic Unleashed (Console Versions) – Eggmanland Night Boss: Egg Dragoon



Boss Bio: The Egg Dragoon was a dragon style battle suit made for the Egg Mobile that was armed with a drill sword, gatling gun, and a long tail.

The Drill Sword could be electrified and could launch and turn into drill missiles, the gatling gun could shoot regular gun bullets and ice rounds that created shockwaves that Sonic had to jump over.

The first Egg Dragoon ran on Dark Gaia’s energy. It also had 1 design flaw: if the green lights on its torso took enough damage, the Egg Dragoon would lag and malfunction.

Eggmanland Night Boss Battle: Sonic the Werehog & Chip VS Dr. Eggman & the Egg Dragoon 
While the Earth was pulling Eggmanland’s planet piece back into place, Dr. Eggman ambushed Sonic & Chip inside the Egg Dragoon and tried to get of rid of them as they fell into the depths of Eggmanland.

Using his Werehog Techniques for the last time, Sonic slayed the Egg Dragoon.

Egg Dragoon Version Differences: 

  • The Egg Dragoon is way too open and easy to beat up in the PS2/Wii Version because any attack Sonic can land on its weak point cancels any of the Egg Dragoon’s attacks. 
  • The Egg Dragoon is far more aggressive in the PS3/Xbox 360 Version. Eggman will fire at Sonic while falling to the next platform, teleport other Egg Fighters in to help distract Sonic before using its weapons, and stays out of Sonic’s range so players can’t spam attacks on him. He also has some really awesome and funny QTE Animations where Sonic tears the Egg Mobile out of the Egg Dragoon.

Sonictrainer Says: The Egg Dragoon is the perfect appetizer before taking on Dark Gaia.

Sonic Unleashed (PS2/Wii Versions) – Final Boss: Dark Gaia


Boss Bios: 

  • Dark Gaia was an Armageddon monster who slept inside the planet’s core collecting power and would wake up, once his body was ready, to destroy the Earth. However, Dr. Eggman woke Dark Gaia up too early and his body wasn’t fully stable yet. This caused him to split up and turned into an army of weakened versions of himself. After absorbing the last amount of Dark Gaia Force from the destroyed Egg Dragoon and Sonic, Dark Gaia become whole again and planned to finish his one job. As Light Gaia, Chip remembered his one job and created Gaia Colossus, a giant golem created by combining all 7 Gaia Temples, to help him do it.
  • Perfect Dark Gaia was the final form of Dark Gaia. After spreading darkness over the entire planet, blocking out any light from the sun, and gaining more power from the worldwide panic, Dark Gaia could transform into this phase. In this form, it grew more arms and more eyes. When Dark Gaia powered up, Sonic did too by summoning the 7 Chaos Emeralds, that were still inside Gaia Colossus, and becoming Super Sonic.

Final Boss Battle Part 1: Sonic, Chip, & Gaia Colossus VS Dark Gaia
Chip used Gaia Colossus to have a boxing match with Dark Gaia, dodging Dark Gaia’s claws and punching Dark Gaia in the face.

After losing the quick game of Punchout, Dark Gaia grabbed Gaia Colossus directly. This allowed Sonic to run across Gaia Colossus’ body to launch himself at Dark Gaia’s 3 eyes.

Dark Gaia Version Differences in Part 1: Although the Sonic racing through Gaia Colossus parts are similar, the SD Version is easier to run through because the meteors are stationary in the air before Sonic has to dodge them and he even has Spinners to help get across bottomless pits.

Final Boss Battle Part 2: Super Sonic, Chip, & Gaia Colossus VS Perfect Dark Gaia
Super Sonic collected nearby Rings to increase his power, while avoiding Perfect Dark Gaia’s claw attacks, and then Boosted towards each of Perfect Dark Gaia’s eyes while they were open, avoiding asteroids and meteors on the way before impact.

After blinding all 7 of Perfect Dark Gaia’s eyes, the battle was over.

Sonic Unleashed (PS3/Xbox 360 Versions) – Final Boss: Dark Gaia


Boss Bio: The HD Version of the Dark Gaia Boss Battle is once again much more challenging.

Eggmanland Final Boss Battle Part 1: Sonic, Chip, & Gaia Colossus VS Dark Gaia
Chip had to fly Gaia Colossus towards Dark Gaia while Dark Gaia threw giant fireballs at him.

While Gaia Colossus could dodge some of the fireballs, he had to guard against a few of them while also watching his health gauge.

Each time Chip got up close and personal with Dark Gaia, then they would box each other (through a series of 1 Button Press QTEs).

Once Dark Gaia got angry and grabbed him, Sonic ran across Gaia Colossus’ body to stab Dark Gaia in his eyes.

This happens 3 times until Dark Gaia started evolving.

Eggmanland Final Boss Battle Part 2: Super Sonic, Chip, & Gaia Colossus VS Perfect Dark Gaia
Super Sonic collected Rings while flying towards Perfect Dark Gaia’s forcefield.

From there, Super Sonic had fly around the shield and destroy all of Perfect Dark Gaia’s Dragon Dreadlocks before Chip ran out of energy distracting Perfect Dark Gaia.

Once the shield was down, Chip had to eat one more laser from Perfect Dark Gaia while Super Sonic pierced all of Perfect Dark Gaia’s limbs and head.

As Dark Gaia was resealed back into the planet’s core and the earth returned to normal, Chip send Sonic back to Apotos with a final souvenir.

Dark Gaia Fast Fact: Despite the fact that the Mobile Version of Sonic Unleashed has Werehog stages, Dark Gaia doesn’t appear in that version of the game at all.

Sonic & the Black Knight – Misty Lake Boss: Mist Dragon



Boss Bio: The Mist Dragon was a blue dragon that lived in Misty Lake.

It was summoned by Merlina as a final test for Sonic before attempting to awaken Caliburn.

Despite being a dragon, the Mist Dragon didn’t breathe fire or use any kind of elemental attack.

In fact, the Mist Dragon’s only attack was slamming its head down on the ground to try and crush opponents with its chin.

Misty Lake Boss Battle: Sonic & Clarent VS the Mist Dragon

Sonic was too fast for the Mist Dragon, easily dodging its head banging and using his practice sword, Clarent, to nick its head multiple times.

After Sonic broke the horn off its nose, the Mist Dragon kindly took the L and retreated into the foggy sky.

Sonic & the Black Knight – King Arthur Boss Battles



Boss & Weapon Bios:

  • King Arthur (aka the Black Knight) was a magic illusion created by Merlina’s grandfather, Merlin, to become royalty and bring peace to the Arthurian Storybook World. However, the Scabbard of Immorality corrupted him and turned him into a very powerful Knight of the Underworld. As King of Camelot and the Underworld, he began to abuse his power and started enslaving & imprisoning innocent people. Thanks to the aid of Sonic, & his teamwork with Caliburn, King Arthur was eventually dethroned and his origins questioned.
  • Deathcalibur was a corrupted version of Excalibur. It appears that whoever leads the Knights of the Underworld is capable of wielding Deathcalibur. Besides being a very big, long, sharp, and edgy sword, it could also be used as a key to open portals to the Underworld. However, Sonic, who was an amateur swordfighter, and Caliburn, who was a weakened version of Excalibur, were capable enough to defend against anyone using 1 Deathcalibur.

Misty Lake Boss Battle: Sonic & Caliburn VS King Arthur & Deathcalibur
In their first duel, Caliburn coached Sonic as he fought against King Arthur and a few Knights of the Underworld that tried to interfere.

Whenever King Arthur had his horse stop, he and Sonic would clash swords until he got tired and Sonic was able to cut his armor.

After 3 hits, King Arthur used the Scabbard to heal himself and then left Misty Lake to continue being a jerk while Sonic argued with Caliburn.

Faraway Avalon Boss Battle: Sonic & Caliburn VS King Arthur & Deathcalibur
In their final duel, King Arthur used portals to attack Sonic & Caliburn from a distance, fired lightning strikes from Deathcalibur, performed a magic smoke technique that Sonic could jump over and slash to store soul energy, and would sometimes turn around and charge towards Sonic.

Thanks to his new skills, including the Soul Surge, Sonic was able to dodge King Arthur’s attacks, block the Scabbard of Immortality’s power with Arondight, Galatine, & Laevatein, and use Caliburn to end the Black Knight’s reign.


Sonictrainer Says: I checked but I’m pretty sure King Arthur’s horse is nameless in the game and is also an illusion. In the actual legends, King Arthur’s horses are named Llamrai/Llamrei & Hengroen. 

Sonic & the Black Knight – Knights’ Passage


Knights’ Passage was an escape route Sonic, Lancelot, Gawain, & Percival took to get out of King Arthur’s castle before it got destroyed during Merlina’s remodeling magic.

They had 8 minutes to run through several areas underground, including narrow waterways, where the heroes had to use their sacred swords to cut several flashfloods in half to avoid getting washed away, a large lake area, where they had to use a few ferries to cross, and past the water tower, where they had to climb up and down long walls. The passage also had several weighted traps that tried to smash intruders.

The Knights of the Underworld & other Monsters that Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable had to rush past in Knights’ Passage were:

  • Swordsman Soldier-One was a common member of the Knights of the Underworld. Their bodies were cursed pieces of armor held together by a magic eye seen inside their helmets. They always carried a Cursed Longsword in their right gauntlet while sometimes also holding a shield in the other.
  • Eyeball-One was a slimy Underworld Knight that slowly slithered around the battlefield and sniped opponents with its eye lasers. Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable could use their Sacred Swords to block their lasers and then cut them down once they got close enough. Eyeball-Ones only appeared after Merlina became Queen of the Underworld.
  • Fish-One was a flying fish Underworld Knight that could attack from the air or sea. The red Fish-Ones were the most common variety and could spit energy projectiles from their mouths that didn’t have status effects.
  • Axeman Soldier-One was an Underworld Knight that fought with a Cursed Axe and had green markings on their armor. Whenever opponents came into view, they would start swinging the axe in a horizontal spin attack.
  • Lancer Soldier-One was an Underworld Knight that fought with a Cursed Spear and had blue markings on their armor. Whenever opponents got close, they would immediately point their spear in their direction and start charging towards them. This left them wide open for aerial attacks though.
  • Mimic-One was an Underworld monster that liked to disguise itself as a treasure chest. If someone tries to open them, they’ll reveal their teeth and tongue then try to escape. If a Mimic-One gets slashed by a Sacred Sword, they will drop any Rings they ate.
  • Purple Slime was a regular monster that liked to live in damp, wet places in Camelot. Unfortunately, they were also very poisonous so Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable had to avoid them during their escape through the tunnels.
  • Green Slime was another type of slime that could be found in Camelot. Although they weren’t poisonous like the Purple Slimes, they were acidic and would burn anyone who touches them.
  • Golden Slime was the rarest and safest type of slime in Camelot and was said to give luck to whoever found it.
  • Crawling-One was an Underworld Knight that used special gauntlets & claws to climb walls and cliffs. Luckily, Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable could still cut down Crawling-Ones while scaling walls when they got to close for comfort.

Sonic & the Black Knight – Shrouded Forest


Shrouded Forest was a forest in the Grand Kingdom that had transformed into a nightmare garden thanks to Merlina’s magic.

It was also one of the locations of the Barrier Stones needed to seal the Dark Hollow.

While racing though the Shrouded Forest, Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable jumped over magical vines and thorns, that would occasionally grow out of the ground on the upcoming paths, rushed past scary looking trees with evil faces in their bark, that tried to pimp slap anyone who dared to get too close to them, and tried not to inhale any dust from the local butterflies, which caused reality warping hallucinations.

The Knights of the Underworld & Monsters doing some gardening in the Shrouded Forest Zone were:

  • Swordsman Soldier-Ones appeared in squads to try and stop the Knights of the Roundtable from getting to the Barrier Stone.
  • Eyeball-Ones appeared in the middle and back of every enemy squad.
  • A couple Axeman Soldier-Ones appeared with shields.

Shrouded Forest Fast Fact: According to the game’s cutscenes, Lancelot was the one who went to the Shrouded Forest Barrier Stone.

Sonic & the Black Knight – Dragon’s Lair Boss: Earth Dragon


Boss Bio: The Earth Dragon was a large brown dragon that made its home deep inside of Dragon’s Lair.

Unfortunately, it was also very close to the last Barrier Stone.

The Earth Dragon was way more aggressive than the Mist Dragon and did anything in its power to keep any Knights out of its territory.

Dragon’s Lair Boss Battle: Sonic & Caliburn/Lancelot/Gawain/Percival VS the Earth Dragon
On the first floor, the Earth Dragon fired large fireballs towards Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable could that they could run past.

On the second floor, the Earth Dragon made fire portals that tiny fireballs would manifest and fly out of. Also, the Knights of the Underground starting appearing in rows.

On the final floor, Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable could either get up close and slash his horn off, like Sonic did with the Mist Dragon, or chop down a breakable pillar, which would domino effect a series of pillars until one fell on top of its head.

Dragon’s Lair Fast Facts: 

  • According to the game’s cutscenes, Sonic & Caliburn were the ones who defeated the Earth Dragon and activated the Dragon’s Lair Barrier Stone.
  • Dragonslayer Lancelot’s Armor is based on the Earth Dragon.

Sonic & the Black Knight – Dark Hollow


The Dark Hollow was Merlina’s new HQ that was created after she became Queen of the Underworld.

It was basically a reconstructed version of Castle Camelot created in the underworld, that was slowly leaking into the Storybook World.

Although Sonic & the Knights of the Roundtable tried to use the Barrier Stones to contain its reach, the seal they created wasn’t strong enough.

Fortunately, Sonic managed to unlock a new power and transform into Excalibur Sonic while Caliburn was magically fully healed and transformed back into Excalibur.

Boss Bio: The Dark Queen was a new form Merlina could take as Queen of the Underworld.

This monstrous monarch had 4 arms and hands, 3 of them holding a Deathcalibur and 1 holding her original scepter, and a giant eye in the center of her chest armor, which contained her real body and acted as her main weak point.

Dark Hollow Final Boss Battle: Excalibur Sonic & Excalibur VS the Dark Queen & Deathcalibur x 3
Excalibur Sonic could counter each attack from any of the Dark Queen’s arms and collect Soul Energy each time Excalibur clashed with the Deathcaliburs.

Once his Soul Gauge was full, Excalibur Sonic used Soul Surge to attack the Dark Queen’s eye directly.

After Excalibur Sonic sliced the Dark Queen in half, the Dark Hollow disappeared while Merlina & the rest of the kingdom returned to normal.

Sonic Colors (DS Version) – Extra Boss: Nega-Wisp Mother



Boss Bio: The Nega-Wisp Mother was a Nega-Wisp version of Mother Wisp.

Mother Wisp was the queen and mother of all of the Wisps across their galaxy. Like majority of her family, she was also captured by Dr. Eggman when he invaded.

After Dr. Eggman drained all of her Color Power and turned her into a Nega-Wisp, she eventually escaped her prison in Asteroid Coaster. Sometime after the Egg Planet Park was already gone, she returned to go on a violent space rampage.

Good thing Sonic had just recently collected all 7 Chaos Emeralds and was able to use their powers to help Nega-Wisp Mother return to normal.

Extra Boss Battle: Super Sonic VS Nega-Mother Wisp
In order to revert Nega-Wisp Mother back to normal, Super Sonic had to hit her flower eye several times.

First, he had to Boost into asteroids to knock them into her tentacle hands to stun them.

Once her arms were down, Super Sonic had to boost into her flower eye while dodging her smoky projectiles and eye lasers.

After the eye flower withered away, Mother Wisp became her old self, thanked Sonic & Tails, and left with Yakker to return to their home galaxy.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Dreamcast Era Boss: Perfect Chaos


Boss Bio: Thanks to Time Eater’s influence and Dr. Eggman’s meddling, Modern Sonic had a rematch with Perfect Chaos.

Thanks to his new skills and experience since the original fight, Modern Sonic was much more powerful and didn’t need to go Super this time.

Dreamcast Era Boss Battle (HD Version): Modern Sonic VS Perfect Chaos
Modern Sonic raced through the watery ruins of Station Square and used Trick Rings & Ramps to collect Boost Energy.

Perfect Chaos’ “brain” was still his weakness so Modern Sonic had to Boost his way into Perfect Chaos’ body, like before, and also climb up the tallest, destroyed buildings to land a Homing Attack on Perfect Chaos from above.

Meanwhile Perfect Chaos would attack from a distance with his tentacles, which could easily squeeze through and smash rumble, his back bombs, which would fly into the air and rain down from the sky, and his mouth laser, which was predictable and easy to dodge.

After 4 hits, Perfect Chaos was sunk and Modern Sonic managed to find the Blue Chaos Emerald.

Sonic Generations (3DS Version) – Dreamcast Era Boss: Biolizard



Boss Bio: The Biolizard was the Dreamcast Era Boss instead of Perfect Chaos in the 3DS Version.

While it looked the same as before, its eggs were purple instead of pink.

Dreamcast Era Boss Battle (3DS Version): Modern Sonic VS the Biolizard
While fighting the Biolizard in 2D, Modern Sonic avoided the Biolizard’s attacks the same as Shadow did in the previous fight.

The main differences were the arena, which no longer had the random instant death flash floods, Modern Sonic’s Boost, which he only needed to use when outrunning the Biolizard’s head and tail, and a new static version the mouthed energy projectile, that the Biolizard could create offscreen that Modern Sonic had to Slide and Jump over.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Crisis City Stage Gate


Time Eater’s powers allowed it to pull deleted timelines back from the dead, including Crisis City.

As a result, Classic Sonic & Modern Sonic had to rush through Crisis City to progress in the White World and eventually restored Blaze.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Crisis City Act 1


In Crisis City Act 1, Classic Sonic ran through a 2D part of Crisis City.

While running through Crisis City for the first time, Classic Sonic spun across broken metal rails, avoided fire funnels, which were flamethrowers placed inside the ground, walls, and platforms, used Cannons, to fire himself across parts of the city, and chased after the Goal Post, after it got carried away by a fiery tornado.

CRISIS CITY ACT 1 BESTIARY (Generations Version)
The Iblis Minions that were also bought back to continue burning down Crisis City Act 1 were:

  • Iblis Takers were still flying around the burning city. Classic Sonic was able to Spin Jump off a few of them to reach a few paths that led to Red Star Rings.
  • Iblis Biters tried to bite Classic Sonic but got whacked by his Spin Jump, Spin Attack, and Spin Dash instead.
  • Iblis Worms continued to dig through the debris and broken buildings.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Crisis City Act 2


In Crisis City Act 2, Modern Sonic rushed through several blocks of Crisis City.

While rushing through Crisis City a second time, Modern Sonic Stomped down on platforms being raised into the air by erupting lava, being careful not to get flung into the ceiling, and ran towards the car throwing tornado, while quickstepping to dodge cars being thrown towards him.

CRISIS CITY ACT 2 BESTIARY (Generations Version)
The Iblis Minions Modern Sonic plowed through in Crisis City Act 2 were:

  • Iblis Takers got taken out by Modern Sonic’s Homing Attack.
  • Iblis Worms also got wrecked by Modern Sonic’s Homing Attack.
  • Iblis Biters ate a huge helping of Modern Sonic’s Homing Attack.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Modern Era Boss: Egg Dragoon


Boss Bio: Modern Sonic had to fight against Modern Dr. Eggman & the Egg Dragoon in his Hedgehog Form in a new part of Eggmanland.

Although most of its weapons were the same, the gatling gun got a new upgrade, where it could open up and fire a barrage of 8 lasers, and the Egg Dragoon could attach giant hammer-like attachments to its arms, to crush Modern Sonic and trap him in a narrow space, and the Egg Dragoon could separate into 2 halves, the top half with the gatling gun and drill sword plus the bottom half with the ice shooting feet.

Modern Era Boss Battle: Modern Sonic VS Modern Dr. Eggman & the Egg Dragoon
Modern Sonic had to get up as close as he could to the Egg Dragoon, and hit the Egg Mobile Cockpit with his Homing Attack.

In 3D areas, Modern Sonic could Grind on Rails while dodging the Egg Dragoon’s drill missiles, which had Homing Recitals, and Jumping over the Egg Dragoon’s ice waves, that could be fired from the Egg Dragoon’s feet.

In 2D areas, Modern Sonic had to jump over the ice obstacles, also made by the Egg Dragoon’s feet, and get in between the Hammer Fists, that Modern Sonic could Wall Jump between while dodging icy projectiles that hailed down the middle of them.

In the Skydiving Sections, Sonic still had to dodge the Egg Dragoon’s Homing Drill Missiles but he could still Homing Attack the Egg Dragoon when he got close enough.

After hitting the Egg Dragoon with 8 Homing Attacks, it came crashing down inside a pit. As Modern Sonic picked up the Chaos Emerald that was powering it, Time Eater came to pick up Modern Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Generations (HD Version) – Final Boss: Time Eater


Boss Bio: Time Eater was a type of monster that had the ability to alter time and store things in a pocket dimension we know as the “White World”.

Modern Dr. Eggman was able to stuff it inside of an Egg Mobile style battle robot.

With the help of Classic Eggman, the 2 Eggheads managed to understand Time Eater’s abilities and use them for themselves.

Final Boss Battle (HD Version): Classic Super Sonic & Modern Super Sonic VS Classic Dr. Eggman, Modern Dr. Eggman, & the Time Eater
Both Super Sonics charged towards the Time Eater, aiming for the big glowing energy sphere in the middle of its body.

Time Eater tried to defend itself by teleporting his hands, trying to punch and smack both Super Sonic away, and by grabbing and throwing debris at both Super Sonics, which were elements of the different Zones the Sonics traveled through, fire homing shots from its fingers, which were yellow drill like homing missiles, slow down time, making everything go slow for 15 seconds, and fire a large laser, that both Super Sonics had to fly around to avoid.

Each time the Time Eater took damage, Rings would fly out of the cracks in its core.

When it was almost out of juice, Time Eater threw a giant fireball at Classic & Modern Super Sonic. Both Hedgehog came together and Super Boosted through it, destroyed Time Eater’s core and sending both Eggmen into the Time Out Dimension.

Sonic Generations (3DS Version) – Final Boss: Time Eater


Boss Bio: The 3DS Version was similar but the plane shifts weren’t controlled by the player.

Also, it was just the Super Sonics, the Tails, and the Eggmen.

Final Boss Battle (3DS Version): Classic Super Sonic & Modern Super Sonic VS Classic Dr. Eggman, Modern Dr. Eggman, & the Time Eater
In the 2D sections, Classic Super Sonic had to Super Spin Dash into the core.

In the 3D sections, while Modern Super Sonic had to get up close to the Time Eater and nail the QTE to Super Boost and hurt the core. Also, some of the 3D Sections had both Super Sonics speed through giant clock patterns while avoiding the moving hands.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Windy Hill Zone 2 Boss: Zazz & the Moon Mechs


Boss Bios:

  • Zazz the Zeti was the craziest member of the Deadly 6. He’s a purple Zeti that is tall, lanky, unpredictable, and temperamental. While Zazz is dangerous and somewhat fearless, he has habit of doing things without fully thinking them though carefully.
  • The Moon Mech (aka the Egg Moon) was a Moon Badnik created by Dr. Eggman to personally aid Zazz. While Zazz mainly uses them as transportation, they also can fire star-shaped projectiles from their mouths. Although the Moon Mechs appear to fly in the air, it might actually just be Zazz using his magneto-kinesis to move them.

Windy Hill Zone 2 Boss Battle (Console Versions): Sonic VS Zazz & the Moon Mech
After reaching the end of Windy Hill Zone 2, Sonic found Zazz & the Egg Moon waiting for him to have a night fight.

Zazz started off the battle by trying to shower stars down on Sonic.

Sonic dodged them all and counterattacked by hitting the Moon Mech with 3 Bounce Attacks. 

Unfortunately for Zazz, those 3 Bounce Attacks were enough to knock him off the Egg Moon and send him crashing into the ground. 

Zazz tried charging directly towards Sonic while Sonic flew into him with a Homing Attack.

Zazz eventually hopped onto another Moon Mech, repeated his previous attack patterns, and finally left once he realized it wasn’t working.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Windy Hill Zone 4 Boss: Zazz & the Moon Mechs


Boss Bio: After chasing after Sonic with a Moon Mech towards the end of Windy Hill Zone 4, Zazz roared at Sonic to have a rematch.

Windy Hill Zone 4 Boss Battle: Sonic VS Zazz & the Moon Mechs
This time, Zazz attacked Sonic by tossing Moon Mechs at him.

Once Zazz let go of each one, he just stood there and watched…before jumping into the air to grab another Moon Mech.

Easily bypassing the bouncing and rolling Moon Mechs, Sonic turned into a ball and used the same techniques on Zazz.

After getting a taste of his own medicine multiple times, Zazz hopped away to lie down and rest.

Sonic Lost World (3DS Version) – Windy Hill Boss: Zazz & the Moon Mech


Boss Bio: In the 3DS Version, Sonic fought Zazz and the Moon Mech on a small planet at night. 

Windy Hill Boss Battle (3DS Version): Sonic & the Red Wisps VS Zazz & the Moon Mech
Zazz would chase Sonic with the Moon Mech and try to smash the Moon Mech on top of him.

When the Moon Mech missed, Sonic would then knock Zazz off of it with a Homing Attack and then whale on him while he’s on the ground.

Eventually, Zazz would hop back on the Moon Mech and repeat the process. The next times Zazz had the Moon Mech slam into the ground, Star Projectiles would fly out from it.

If Sonic managed to find hidden Red Wisp Capsules, he could use Red Burst to knock Zazz off the Moon Mech quicker and do more damages with his fiery explosions.

The last time Sonic hit Zazz, the Moon Mech exploded and left behind dust and machines parts.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Desert Ruins Zone 2 Boss: Zomom & Ganmen


Boss Bios:

  • Zomom the Zeti was a gluttonous member of the Deadly 6. Zomom was a large and yellow Zeti that loved eating more than anything. While he was almost as strong as Zavok, he was also the slowest out of all of the Deadly 6.
  • Ganmen was a green head like platform made of special blocks. Zomom used it in his fights against Sonic.

Desert Ruins Zone 2 Boss Battle (Console Version): Sonic VS Zomom & Ganmen
At the end of the Honeycomb Highway, Sonic skydived onto Ganmen when Zomom dropped in to start their battle.

When Sonic was above Zomom & Ganmen, Zomom would hop on the center of Ganmen’s brow to make him spit spiked balls out of his mouth.

Once Sonic got past the spiky balls and landed on Ganmen again, Zomom hopped on different areas of Ganmen’s head to spin him in an attempt to knock Sonic off. Ganmen spun too slowly for Sonic have any issues though.

2 Homing Attacks from Sonic later, Zomom tried changing Ganmen’s shape to be thinner but it didn’t work.

After a few more Homing Attacks, Zomom lost his appetite for battle.


Sonictrainer Says: Ganmen looks like Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda Series.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Desert Ruins Zone 4 Boss: Zomom


Boss Bio: After outrunning a sandstorm, Sonic found Zomom waiting for him.

Although Ganmen was lying the sand nearby, Zomom used some of his leftover blocks that broke off from him shapeshifting.

Desert Ruins Zone 4 Boss Battle: Sonic & the Yellow Wisps VS Zomom
Zomom first tried to squish Sonic with a triple bounce attack.

After the third bounce, Sonic hit Zomom with a Homing Attack.

Zomom then dug into the sand while Sonic chased after him using Yellow Drill.

Once Sonic was in the new area, Zomom turned into a sandy tornado and created a caged arena using blocks from Ganmen.

Inside the block arena, Zomom spun again, become a smaller sandy tornado, and tried to smack Sonic with his arms.

Sonic parkoured off the wall to avoid Zomom and counterattacked once Zomom stopped spinning and got dizzy.

Sore and covered in sand, Zomom left to enjoy a nice big jug of Copium.

Sonic Lost World (3DS Version) – Desert Ruins Boss: Zomom & Ganmen


Boss Bio: Zomom rode on top of Ganmen while fighting Sonic on Desert Ruins themed sphere.

Instead of spitting spike balls, Ganmen spat fireballs.

Desert Ruins Boss Battle (3DS Version): Sonic & the Indigo Wisps VS Zomom & Ganmen
Sonic was able to spot a glowing button on the back of Ganmen’s head.

Although he bounced off a few stones in the way, he managed to hit Ganmen’s weak point several times.

Zomom tried making Ganmen lie face up to spit a barrage of fireballs and even attempted to have Ganmen bite Sonic, but both of these failed.

Soon Sonic found an Indigo Wisp Capsule, turned into Indigo Asteroid Sonic, and slowly turned Ganmen into a ring of broken blocks.

Once Ganmen was gone, Sonic beat Zomom up with Homing Attacks until he dropped his manga meat.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Tropical Coast Zone 2 Boss: Master Zik


Boss Bio: Master Zik was the oldest and wisest member of the Deadly 6.

He was a small blue Zeti that walked around with a wooden cane that was bigger than him.

In the past, Master Zik had created the Deadly 6 and trained Zavok to be its leader after him.

Despite being 1,000 years old, he’s still able to cause mischief.

While he’s not as food crazy as Zomom, he seems to love fruit.

Tropical Coast Zone 2 Boss Battle (Console Version): Sonic VS Master Zik
Master Zik appeared before Sonic on miniature planet, atop a giant apple.

While rolling around on the apple, Master Zik chased after Sonic, in an attempt to crush him beneath his apple, and stopped to launch multiple spiked balls from the apple.

Sonic was able to trick Master Zik into sending his apple into the blades of a juicer, splashing him over another small planet and leaving him within range of Sonic’s moves.

Although he tried to run away while shooting one-handed Hadokens, Sonic took him out with 2 Homing Attacks. 

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Tropical Coast Zone 4 Boss: Master Zik


Boss Bio: Master Zik tried using rings of fruit to attack and defend himself, like a Unidus.

Tropical Coast Zone 4 Boss Battle (Console Version): Sonic & the Orange Wisps VS Master Zik
Sonic safely jumped over his rings of fruit and hit Master Zik with a Homing Attack.

Each time Master Zik got hurt, he would retreat to another small planet that Sonic could reach by using Orange Rocket.

After 4 hits, Sonic won the food fight.

Sonic Lost World (3DS Version) – Tropical Coast Boss: Master Zik


Boss Bio: This battle was similar to the 2nd match in the Console Version, except Sonic fights Master Zik on a single planet in 2D.

Tropical Coast Boss Battle (3DS Version): Sonic & the Yellow Wisps VS Master Zik
With his Fruit Shield up, Master Zik was able to block any of Sonic’s attacks and rolled giant, electrified fruit towards Sonic.

However, some parts of the fruits could be kicked by Sonic, then roll back to Master Zik and break away part of the Fruit Shield.

After Sonic hit Master Zik 4 times with the Fruit Shield incomplete, Master Zik made a new Fruit Shield.

If Sonic managed to kick a giant Durian in the soft part of the shell, a Yellow Wisp Capsule would pop out. 

Yellow Drill Sonic could drill through the ground, avoiding the spike ball in the center of the arena, and pierce through Master Zik’s Fruit Shield, hitting Master Zik directly.

After getting schooled by Sonic, Master Zik sky surfed away on his cane while the small animals Sonic released from the nearby Prison Capsule enjoyed some fruit salad.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Frozen Factory Zone 2 Boss: Zeena


Boss Bio: Zeena the Zeti was the only female member of the Deadly 6. 

Wearing 2 mean shades of green, Zeena loved shopping, fashion, and staying in shape. 

She was also selfish, vain, and lazy.

Frozen Factory Zone 2 Boss Battle (Console Version): Sonic VS Zeena
Instead of fighting Sonic, she mostly hid from him.

While stuck inside his snowball, Sonic had to bowl down rolls of snowmen to find Zeena.

She tried adding snowmen with bombs for heads to the group in an attempt to blow Sonic up but it failed.

After Sonic made 3 strikes, Zeena left to fix her broken nails.

Sonic Lost World – Frozen Factory Zone 4 Boss: Zeena


Boss Bio: Creating lassos made out of energy, Zeena tried to smack Sonic with snowman morning stars on an icy sphere.

Frozen Factory Zone 4 Boss Battle: Sonic VS Zeena
At first, Zeena only swung 1 snowman head at Sonic.

The range was too small and Sonic was able to hit her from above.

Next, she tried 2 snowman heads with 2 long ropes.

This time, she was able to swing both around the entirely of the small planet they were on.

However, Zeena stayed in the same spot the entire time.

All Sonic had to do was skate across the ice, jump over the ropes, and Homing Attack Zeena until she started feeling green.

Sonic Lost World (3DS Version) – Frozen Factory Boss: Zeena & the Snowman Mechs


Boss Bio: The Snowman Mech was a snowman Badnik that matched Zeena’s cold personality. Like the Dragon Mechs, they came in many sizes.

Frozen Factory Boss Battle (3DS Version): Sonic & the Ivory Wisps VS Zeena & the Snowman Mechs
With a strong wind pushing him back, Sonic had to run up and Homing Attack the Snowman Mech’s belly button to damage it.

As the battle raged on, smaller Snowman Mechs appeared and tried to block Sonic.

Eventually, an Ivory Wisp Capsule popped out of the Snowman Mech after one of Sonic’s Homing Attacks.

As Ivory Lightning Sonic, he managed to get high into the air and zap Zeena and turn the big Snowman Mech into a metal snow pile.

Unhappy with the shock therapy, Zeena ran away to go fix her hair.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Silent Forest Zone 2 Boss: Zor & the Owl Mech


Boss Bios: 

  • Zor the Zeti was the youngest member of the Deadly 6. Acting as a spy for the Deadly 6, Zor could use some sort of dark magic to aid in his missions. Although he has amazing talents, he’s a moody edgelord who loves other people’s pain & suffering.
  • The Owl Mech was an Owl Badnik that was used as a security guard for the ruins in the Silent Forest. With its spotlight eyes, it could scan the area to look for intruders. If anyone got spotted by the Owl Mech, Zor’s bats would carry them off to who-knows-where.

Silent Forest Zone 2 Boss Battle (Console Versions): Sonic VS Zor & the Owl Mech
Zor stood on top of the Owl Mech as it flung bombs from it feathers, that would slowly fly in towards Sonic.

Sonic had to kick the bombs to break them and send a tiny electric projectile into the Owl Mech.

Some of the sparks would hit Zor instead of the Owl Mech, knocking him into Sonic’s area and within range of a Homing Attack.

After 3 Homing Attacks, Zor left to investigate some medical assistance while Sonic smashed the Owl Mech.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Silent Forest Zone 4 Boss: Zor


Boss Bio: Inside the ruins, Zor used his powers to fuse his Bats together to create Shadow Clones of himself.

Silent Forest Zone 4 Boss Battle: Sonic VS Zor
In an attempt to trick Sonic, Zor and his dark duplicates turned off the lights and hopped around the arena.

Sonic could easily turn the lights back on by grabbing the Pulleys on the sides of the arena though.

Besides bouncing around, Zor didn’t do anything else besides break some of Sonic’s foothold.

After getting hit with 3 Homing Attacks, Zor left Sonic and escaped out of the ruins.

Sonic Lost World (3DS Version) – Silent Forest Boss: Zor


Boss Bio: Zor rode the Owl Mech high into the air and had it fire lasers down at Sonic instead of using bombs

Silent Forest Boss Battle (3DS Version): Sonic & the Gray Wisps VS Zor & the Owl Mech
In order to fight back, Sonic had to hop inside a cannon, aim, and fire at the Owl Mech to damage it.

While that sounds easy enough, Zor had a bunch of decoys made to try and confuse Sonic. Plus, Sonic had 43 seconds to pick a target and fire.

If he made a hit, Zor and the Owl Mech would fall to the ground and Sonic would be able to get some Homing Attacks in.

There were also Grey Wisp Capsules among the targets Sonic could grab. If Sonic was able to launch a Grey Quake at the Owl Mech, it would have done even more damage.

After getting rocked, Zor dropped his rose, flapped his arms, and flew away… I wish I was joking…

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Sky Road Zone 2 Boss: Zavok & the Mech Dragon


Boss Bios: 

  • Zavok the Zeti was one of the leaders of the Deadly 6. As the last student of Master Zik, he was strong, intelligent, calm, and respected by everyone on his team. Unfortunately, he’s also cruel, manipulative, and merciless, especially to anyone who threatens his team. Besides his natural Zeti abilities, Zavok could also spit fire from his mouth. Sometime later, Zavok was no longer the leader of the Deadly 6, although the details of whether he resigned his position or was kicked out are unknown.
  • The Mech Dragon (aka Egg Dragon) was a dragon Badnik that Dr. Eggman made in different sizes, that copied Zavok’s color scheme. Mech Dragons could fly, fire lasers from round areas on their scales, and spit fireballs from their mouths. Zavok used them as vehicles and arenas to fight on top of. He even had one made into a car.

Sky Road Zone 2 Boss Battle (Console Versions): Sonic VS Zavok & the Mech Dragon
In their first battle, Sonic fought against Zavok and a giant Mech Dragon on a little planet.

Zavok activated the Mech Dragon’s electric defense system, which caused it to slither around the planet while discharging electricity all over its body.

Luckily, Sonic was able to attack the Mech Dragon’s glowing orb tail until a ramp opened up.

From there, Sonic had to use Homing Attacks to get to the Mech Dragon’s head and reach Zavok.

After getting thrown off his dragon twice, Zavok left to plan his next move.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Sky Road Zone 4



Sky Road Zone 4 was a group of temples, similar to the ones found in Desert Ruins, that were surrounded by thunderclouds.

They were also haunted by a unique variety of Boom Boos.

While climbing up the sandy ruins of Sky Road Zone 4, Sonic hopped across sand blocks, which slowly broke down after being stepped on, bounced off of a new type of Mobile Spring, that were rectangular, used gears to move around on a single rail, and only moved when Sonic landed on top of them, and slid down slides filled with slippery sand, where he wasn’t able to roll into a ball and attack Badniks but he was able to grab a few Safety Rails and reposition himself to avoid injury.

SKY ROAD ZONE 4 BESTIARY (Console Version)
The Badniks, Plants, & Ghosts Sonic passed while climbing up Sky Road Zone 4 were:

  • Ball Hog was a pig Badnik that Dr. Eggman first used in the Scrap Brain Zone. They had the ability to generate bouncy bombs from their stomachs. Once a bomb was ready, they would open the plate on their bellies and left the bomb drop out & bounce towards a target.
  • Boom Boos were floating around the ruins. For some reason, the Lost Hex Boom Boos appeared in different sizes and were impossible for Sonic to touch normally without losing Rings. The Magenta Rhythm Color Power could be used to safely boom box past them.
  • Gold Ball Hog was a bigger and shinier version of Ball Hog. Sonic had to return their Bombs with a Flying Kick in order to bust them open.
  • Chopper Bone was a skeleton style version of Chopper. Despite the spooky makeover and their location in the sand slides, their attack pattern hadn’t changed.
  • Antlion was an antlion larva Badnik that were stationed in the desert areas of the Lost Hex. The ones here appeared as obstacles on the sand slides. 
  • Orbinauts were also floating around the ruins. Defensive Orbinauts were hanging around the sand slides hoping to stab Sonic with their spike balls while Offensive Orbinauts waited for Sonic on higher floors.
  • Sol was another fire version of Orbinaut. The ones here had a unique defense formation where they had 3, 6, or 12 fireballs that slowly rotated around their bodies to create mini firewalls.
  • Cactus Ball was a special type of cactus that lived in the Lost Hex deserts. They were round green balls with faces on them that came in different sizes and were covered in needles. Sonic had to watch out for an entire garden of Cactus Balls that rolled down one of the sand slides.

SKY ROAD ZONE 4 BOSS (Console Versions): Zavok
Boss Bio: At the top of the ruins, Sonic fought Zavok while standing on top of a Mech Dragon.

Sky Road Zone 4 Boss Battle: Sonic VS Zavok
Zavok would punch and charge at Sonic with a headbutt and then tried to block Sonic’s attacks.

Although he was able to block a few hits from Sonic, Sonic was able to break his guard and do a little damage.

Each time Zavok got hurt, he would disconnect part of the Mech Dragon in an attempt to knock Sonic off. 

He also started activating some of the Mech Dragon’s lasers, that Sonic had to stand between to avoid.

On the last piece of the Mech Dragon, Sonic had to knock Zavok off the Mech Dragon using multiple fully charged Homing Attacks.

Sonic Lost World (3DS Version) – Sky Road Boss: Zavok & the Mech Dragon


Boss Bio: While skydiving in 2D, Sonic had to battle against Zavok as he flew around on the head of his Mech Dragon.

Sky Road Boss Battle (3DS Version): Sonic & the Cyan Wisps VS Zavok & the Dragon Mech
Each time the Dragon Mech got close, Sonic hit Zavok with a Homing Attack.

Sometimes, along with its regular moveset, the Mech Dragon would bite its tail, form a circle, and start rotating while shooting off its lasers.

There were a few Cyan Wisp Capsules falling in the sky that Sonic could grab.

After taking enough damage from Homing Attacks and Cyan Lasers, the Dragon Mech exploded while Zavok left to make some final preparations.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Lava Mountain Zone 1



As soon as Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Orbot, & Cubot entered Lava Mountain, they were attacked by Zazz, Zomom, & Master Zik.

LAVA MOUNTAIN ZONE 1 BOSSES: Zazz, Zomom, & Master Zik
Boss Bio: Powered up after consuming their Extractor Energy Drinks, Zazz, Zomom, and Master Zik fought Sonic in turns.

While the arena was another tiny planet, it was slowly breaking down and becoming covered in lava.

There were also a few meteorites, some falling from the sky while others slowly rolled around the arena. Luckily, they were small and not as bad the ones from Meteor Herd.

Lava Mountain Zone 1 Boss Battle #1: Sonic VS Zazz
Zazz started off this Boss Rush by hiding inside a meteorite and creating shockwave that went over the entire arena after landing.

Although he gained the ability to fire pink projectiles from his palms, similar to Master Zik, he went down after 2 Homing Attacks.

Upon Zazz’s defeat, some of the planet melted away.

Lava Mountain Zone 1 Boss Battle #2: Sonic VS Zomom
Next up was Zomom, whose tornado technique was able to create yellow projectiles that would launch across the planet. 

He also tried digging into the ground and popping up to hit Sonic.

However, Sonic could still safety hit him mid-spin and he also went down after 2 Homing Attacks.

When Zomom fell to the ground, the planet turned into a single safe line of terrain.

Lava Mountain Zone 1 Final Boss Battle: Sonic VS Master Zik
Finally, Master Zik appeared to challenge Sonic a final time.

However, he didn’t use any new techniques and was the easiest to take down.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Lava Mountain Zone 3 Boss: Zeena


Boss Bio: Zeena fought Sonic on a platform that balanced like a seesaw over a pool of lava and tried hopping onto the ends of the platform in an attempt to bounce Sonic into a ceiling covered in spikes.

Besides that, it’s unknown what her full power set was at the time. 

Lava Mountain Zone 3 Boss Battle #1: Sonic VS Zeena
Sonic could see her plan coming a mile away and hit her with a few Homing Attacks instead.

When Zeena was on the ground and stopped moving, Sonic moved on to the next area.

Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Lava Mountain Zone 3 Boss: Zor


Boss Bio: Zor fought Sonic across 4 lanes of elevator conveyor belt platforms.

While standing on platforms, Zor could fire 4 purple projectiles in 4 different directions and quickly hop away to avoid Sonic.

Lava was slowly rising as Sonic climbed higher and higher.

Lava Mountain Zone 3 Boss Battle #2: Sonic VS Zor
Once Sonic made it to the top of the conveyor belts and pulled a Lever Pulley, the entire machine broke and dropped Zor into a pool of lava.


Sonic Lost World (Console Versions) – Lava Mountain Zone 3 Boss: Zavok


Boss Bio: Thanks to the Extractor Energy, Zavok was able to launch large fireballs from his hands and transform into Giant Zavok.

Giant Zavok was a form Zavok could use if he managed to collect enough power. In this form, Zavok was giant sized and could even fire lasers from his mouth.

Lava Mountain Zone 3 Boss Battle #3: Sonic VS Zavok/Giant Zavok
In the first phase, Zavok would attack Sonic by hopping down to Sonic’s level, trying to punch Sonic and started shooting large fireballs at him, jumping and launching small Bomb Blocks at Sonic, that explode once they make contact with something, and tried Stomping on Sonic, from his high platform of small bomb blocks.

Once Zavok made it to the ground and stopped temporarily, Sonic was able to counterattack.

After taking another Homing Attack, Zavok jumped in the pit and transformed into Giant Zavok.

To defeat Giant Zavok, Sonic had to climb up, avoid his fireballs, lasers, and claws, and Stomp/Bounce Attack any small Bomb Blocks he could find.

Giant Zavok was able to take at least 10 Bomb Blocks before he ran out of juice, shrank back to normal, and fell into the pit of lava.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric – Creeper Gouge


Creeper Gorge was a spooky valley southwest of Bygone Island.

Among the rocky cliffs and pits were the fossils and bones of giant unknown creatures, giant spiky vines that move throughout the land and sea, and the ruins of some sort of factory. It was also where the Ancients hid the Twilight Crystal from Lyric.

Sonic & Knuckles split up with Tails & Amy to investigate the area.

While digging through Creeper Gouge, our heroes destroyed rocks, which opened up paths and lead to some secrets, used their Enerbeams to grab and throw Destruction Troops into vines, to easily destroy them and make the plants move out of the way, navigated a bramble maze, checking areas to collect scrap metal and treasure, operated a crane, to complete an unfinished part of the road, used Dr. Eggman’s temper tantrum as an advantage, borrowing his missiles to take down Enemies and gates, and avoided getting stabbed by the pink spikes of the vines, which was a constant issue throughout the entire exploration.

The Destruction Troops creeping around Creeper Gouge were:

  • Swordsman Trooper was a red member of the Destruction Troops that had an energy forked sword as a left hand. They were the most common Destruction Troops created by Lyric and used their swords offensively and defensively.
  • Blaster Trooper was a yellow member of the Destruction Troops that had a gun for a left arm. They could generate green ammo that could be thrown as bombs or fired out of their guns as projectiles.
  • Charger Dart was a small dinosaur Destruction Troop with 2 sharp horns on their head. They liked to step back, jump into the air, and spear down towards targets to stab them with their horns. However, their horns could also be grabbed by an Enerbeam.
  • Shocker was a flying, bat-like robot that could shoot lasers from its eye. To defeat them, Sonic & Knuckles had to grab and toss them into the rocks and other enemies with their Enerbeams.
  • Roller Shocker was a round robot that could copy Sonic’s Spin Dash. However, they released electricity while charging and rolling, leaving spark trails that could shock anyone who touches them. Roller Shockers could also create a blue shield that could protect them from almost any attack for a brief amount of time.
  • Ring Thief was an alternate version of Shocker that vacuums up any Rings it can find. It doesn’t attack or defend but will try to escape if anyone gets too close to it. Using the Enerbeam to drag it close enough to beat down is the best strategy for getting rid of them. Once they’re destroyed, all of the Rings they collected will be released.
  • Charger was similar to Charger Dart but was less nimble and had more spikes. Instead of jumping in the air, they would choose a target and start charging towards them. They need a moment to recover each time after they headbutt something, which gave Sonic & Knuckles time to counterattack.
  • Driller Snake was a rattlesnake robot that dug into areas. They like hiding underground and popping up to hurt opponents with their drill trails. Knuckles could Burrow into the ground, chase after them, and turn their hiding spots into graves.
  • Swordsman Guard (aka Swordsman Defender) was an upgraded version of Swordsman Trooper, that had a white paintjob, a device on their hands that generate the same blue shields as the Roller Shockers, and had a jetpack on their back. They were faster and could protect against most attacks. Luckily, Swordsman Guards’ shield generators could be pulled away from them by Sonic & Knuckles’ Enerbeams or destroyed with a Charge Attack.
  • Parasite Snake was an upgraded version of Driller Snake. They could slither inside Commando Husks to reactivate Destruction Troops that are in sleep mode. Fortunately, they still had weak defenses and could be defeated before they had a chance to use their ability. Parasite Snakes also can’t turn on destroyed Commando Husks.
  • Gatling Elite (aka Ranger) was a rare and strong member of the Destruction Troops. They could fire multiple homing projectiles from their hand lasers, drop bombs near itself on the ground, and create mini shockwaves. Gatling Elites were also too heavy to grab with Enerbeams. There was a Commando Husk of 1 Gatling Elite somewhere in Creeper Gorge.
  • Bomber Elite was an alternate version of Gatling Elite. Wearing a yellow-green paintjob, they have the same abilities as a Gatling Elite but can also rain down missiles from the sky and create blue forcefields. Tails & Amy had to fight one after escaping Dr. Eggman.
  • Blaster Guard was an upgraded version of Blaster Trooper. Like the Swordman Guards, they’re faster and can create the same shields. Tails & Amy had to fight some in an area with plant spikes randomly popping out of the ground.
  • Gunslinger Guard was an upgraded version of Gunslinger Trooper. They get the same abilities as the other Guards and had better aim with their gun hands. Tails & Amy had to fight against a group of them while trying to move tall fans.
  • Crusher Brute was a blue variant of the Elite Destruction Troops. Instead of guns, it used a spiky mace to fight. 1 of them appeared during the Eggman Mech Boss Battle.

Boss Bio: The Eggman Mech was a red battle robot created by Dr. Eggman.

It was immune to Lyric’s hacking device, could land on the ground to create shockwaves, fire a barrage of missiles from its back, and even shoot cannonballs from its claw hands.

After failing to get revenge on Lyric, Eggman turned his attention somewhere else.

Creeper Gorge Boss Battle: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy VS Dr. Eggman & the Eggman Mech
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy used their Enerbeams to grab & throw Destruction Troops and the Eggman Mech’s own missiles back into it.

Once it took enough damage, the gang grabbed the Eggman Mech with their Enerbeams, caused it to fall to the ground, and then whaled on Dr. Eggman’s Egg Mobile cockpit.

After getting bum rushed 3 times, Eggman left the Eggman Mech behind and our heroes found the Twilight Crystal.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – Gothic Gardens


Gothic Gardens was the largest island to the Southeast of Ragna Rock.

It contained ruins of an unknown society and had a unique, gothic architecture.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – Spooky Hedge Maze


Spooky Hedge Maze was a grassy canyon located in Gothic Gardens.

The hills and cliffsides were decorated with tombstones, old metal helmets, pots & jars, and a unique variety of flowers, trees, and plants.

While escaping the labyrinth, our heroes used their elemental powers, freezing water and melting giant blocks of ice to progress forward, grinded on Grind Rails & swung around special poles with their Enerbeams, to reach other parts of the stage, and avoided falling on the sharp, spike like plants, which are scattered almost everywhere.

The Badniks that were searching the Spooky Hedge Maze for D-Fekt & Ragnium were:

  • War Hog was a wild boar Badnik that checked the ground for intruders. If they spot anyone that’s not Dr. Eggman, they will immediately start charging towards them. Although they have a few spikes on them, they could still be destroyed with a Homing Attack.
  • Batellite was a bat Badnik that flew around with a radar like gun on their bottom. If they spot intruders, they will fire a projectile from their guns towards them. They were perfect for Homing Attack Chains.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – Gargoyle’s Perch


Gargoyle’s Perch was a foggy area located in Gothic Gardens.

While similar to Spooky Hedge Maze, differences include a swinging platform, that characters have to ride to reach the other side, and new Badniks.

The Badniks climbing around Gargoyle’s Perch were:

  • War Hog was a wild boar Badnik that checked the ground for intruders. If they spot anyone that’s not Dr. Eggman, they will immediately start charging towards them. Although they have a few spikes on them, they could still be destroyed with a Homing Attack.
  • Batellite hovered around the area.
  • Thorn Thrower was a beetle Badnik that had red spikes on its back. If they spotted an enemy, they would launch their homing missile spikes at them. Our heroes’ own Homing Attack can take them out, despite their thorns
  • Laser Worm was a blocky caterpillar Badnik that can be found on the ground, walls, and ceilings. Each block on their body could fire a laser beam.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – Rolling Ramparts


Rolling Ramparts was an area closer to the major castle ruins in Gothic Gardens.

In this stage, there are platforms with spikes on the bottom that fall and raise diagonally when someone steps on them. There were also a number of blacksmith anvils with swords sticking out of them.

The Badniks climbing around Gargoyle’s Perch were:

  • War Hog was a wild boar Badnik that checked the ground for intruders. If they spot anyone that’s not Dr. Eggman, they will immediately start charging towards them. Although they have a few spikes on them, they could still be destroyed with a Homing Attack.
  • Batellite hovered around the area.
  • Thorn Thrower was a beetle Badnik that had red spikes on its back. If they spotted an enemy, they would launch their homing missile spikes at them. Our heroes’ own Homing Attack can take them out, despite their thorns
  • Laser Worms were climbing the walls, ready to blast anyone who got too close for comfort.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – Terror Tower


Terror Tower was an area similar to Rolling Ramparts.

In this stage, there are platforms with spikes on the bottom that fall and raise diagonally when someone steps on them. There were also a number of blacksmith anvils with swords sticking out of them.

The Badniks climbing around Gargoyle’s Perch were:

  •  Laser Worms were waiting to zap our heroes near the ice & water blocks.
  • War Hogs roamed the roads.
  • Batellites flew around the floors of the tower.
  • Thorn Thrower was a beetle Badnik that had red spikes on its back. If they spotted an enemy, they would launch their homing missile spikes at them. Our heroes’ own Homing Attack can take them out, despite their thorns

Sonic Runners - Halloween



Halloween was an alternate version of Silent Forest, that was filled with pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

The Badniks trying to ruin the party in Halloween were:

  • Egg Pawns ran towards runners
  • Buzz Bombers flew towards runners
  • Spinners hovered around the Zone
  • Caterkillers crawled around the area
  • Balkiry flew through the skies in flocks
  • Nebulas were also hovering around the area

Sonic Mania Plus – Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2 ENTRY UNDER CONSTRUCTION



Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2 was the labyrinth interior of the Titanic Monarch.

Unlike other Eggman bases, this one seemed more like a haunted church than the inside of a robot.

There were stain glass murals of Dr. Eggman, the HBH, and the Phantom Ruby.

The rooms were also filled with Ruby Mist, a special gas created by the Phantom Ruby that can teleport anyone that runs into it somewhere else.

While searching for Dr. Eggman inside the Titanic Monarch, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, & Ray 

The Badniks monitoring the insides of the Titanic Monarch Zone were:

  • Coming Soon

TITANIC MONARCH ZONE ACT 2 BOSSES: Phantom Egg, Phantom Gunner, Phantom Shinobi, Phantom Magician, and Phantom Rider & Phantom Jimmy
Boss Bios:

  • The Phantom Egg was a bodysuit that allowed Dr. Eggman to fully utilize the powers of the Phantom Ruby. Protected by a forcefield and connected via 4 wires, Eggman fought our heroes while launching missiles from his back and sending people into room where they had to survive against the Phantom Heavies.
  • Phantom Gunner was an upgraded version of Heavy Gunner. His hands had turned into rocket launchers and could fire more missiles than his original one. Anyone sent to his room had to dodge all of his missiles.
  • Phantom Shinobi was an upgraded version of Heavy Shinobi. His entire body had turned into a shuriken, with 8 chained blades that could be launched out. Anyone sent to his room had to avoid getting stabbed and chopped up.
  • Phantom Magician was an upgraded version of Heavy Magician. While her appearance didn’t change, her magic abilities were far more powerful. Anyone sent to her room had to play the Shell Game and try not to pick the wrong giant cup.
  • Phantom Rider was an upgraded version of Heavy Rider. She also didn’t change much but she didn’t need the spiky ball anymore. Anyone sent to her room had to survive her new racetrack.
  • Phantom Jimmy was an upgraded version of Jimmy the Motobug. His entire body had transformed into a motorbike, making him faster and more of a threat than before.

Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2 Boss Battle: Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Mighty/Ray VS Dr. Eggman, the Phantom Egg, & the Phantom Heavies
In the brief periods when the Egg Phantom needed to discharge energy through its wires, Sonic & the others could quickly attack the Phantom Egg before the forcefield reformed.

Once the Phantom Egg was destroyed, the Phantom Ruby started changing the Titanic Monarch Zone on its own…

Sonic Mania Plus – Egg Reverie Zone



The Egg Reverie Zone was an area above the Titanic Monarch Zone.

After the Phantom Egg was cracked, the Phantom Ruby flew to the top of the Titanic Monarch and started altering the scaffolding and sky by itself.

Protected by the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic transformed into Super Sonic to try and stop the Phantom Ruby, Dr. Eggman, & Phantom King.

EGG REVERIE ZONE BOSSES: Phantom King & the Klepto Mobile
Boss Bios:

  • Phantom King was an upgraded version of Heavy King. In this new form, he could fly and no longer needed a scepter. However, he still needed the Phantom Ruby in order to do offensive attacks.
  • The Klepto Mobile was an Egg Mobile Dr. Eggman quickly threw together to steal back the Phantom Ruby. Despite appearing shotty, it was able to send Super Sonic flying if he ever got hit by its battering rams.

Egg Reverie Zone Final Boss Battle: Super Sonic VS Phantom King VS Dr. Eggman and the Klepto Mobile

Super Sonic had to fight Phantom King and the Klepto Mobile while also leaving to collect more Rings.

When Phantom King had the Phantom Ruby, he could create and surround himself with projectiles that could knock some of the Rings out of Super Sonic.

When the Klepto Mobile had the Phantom Ruby, Dr. Eggman could use it to warp the Klepto Mobile around the arena.

After Super Sonic rammed into both of them 8 times, the both of them were defeated, the Chaos Emeralds left Sonic and super charged the Phantom Ruby, and a portal to the future appeared and sucked in Sonic & the Phantom Ruby.

Sonic Forces – Death Egg Boss: Phantom Copy Zavok & the Death Queen



Boss Bios:

  • Phantom Copy Zavok was a clone of Zavok created by Infinite using the Phantom Ruby. Unlike the other Phantom Copies, this one was closer to the original and was able to talk.
  • The Death Queen was a giant Buzz Bomber that helped Zavok try to stop Modern Sonic from escaping prison. Like the other Badniks in the Sentinel Series, it was more than likely created by the Phantom Ruby.

Death Egg Boss Battle: Modern Sonic VS Phantom Copy Zavok, the Death Queen, & Buzz Bombers
Zavok rode on top of the Death Queen during the entire battle.

The Death Queen tried to fire stinger projectiles at Sonic from a distance, which he dodged, call in other Buzz Bombers to help her, which Sonic destroyed and also dodged, try to boost into him, which he also dodged, and try to slam the arena to launch Sonic in the air, which allowed Sonic to Homing Attack Zavok.

Eventually, Zavok wasn’t able to block Sonic and Sonic beat him up with a super-fast combo, knocking him onto the ground. Without Zavok, the Death Queen stopped attacking Sonic.

Team Sonic Racing – Boo’s House



Boo’s House was a racetrack built in a pyramid in the Sandopolis Zone on Angel Island.

It might have been made inside of the same pyramid Sonic & Tails ran through before. 

While driving through Boo’s House, Technique Characters could drive on most of the road without slowing down, Power Characters could smash through pots and stone markers, and King Boom Boo seemed very happy to have company.

The Ghosts ready to mess with racers in Boo’s House were:

  • Boos would appear on the track sometimes to create barriers that would harm any racer that wasn’t able to avoid driving into them.

Team Sonic Racing – Haunted Castle



Haunted Castle was a spooky racetrack constructed in an area of Spagonia.

It seems that it was part of a clock tower that got blasted with Jade Ghost Color Power.

While driving around the Haunted Castle, racers avoided giant gears while inside the clock tower, drifted around a sewer system underground, and avoided haunted suits of armor that swung axes at them.

Haunted Castle Fast Facts:

  • Chaos Zero’s face will appear on walls of the castle.
  • The suits of armor are a reference to Night of the Werehog cartoon short.

Sonic Speed Simulator – Pumpkin Hill



This remix of Pumpkin Hill seems to mostly take place on Church Mountain, which has a bigger chapel area to explore.

Unfortunately, there was no Ghost Train and this Zone was limited time only…

During the “Pumpkin Panic!” Event, players had and unlock the Full Moon Chao & Skeleton Knuckles costume.

PUMPKIN HILL BESTIARY (Speed Simulator Version)
The Creatures creeping around Pumpkin Hill were:

  • There were 30 Pumpkin Ghosts scattered around the area where Witch Rouge was imprisoned. After defeating them, Witch Rouge was freed.
  • Dark Bats also made an appearance here.


Spooky Zone Discussion Questions
1. Which Spooky Zone on this list is the BEST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the TOP Spooky Zone in Sonic Games?

2. Which Spooky Zone on this list is the WORST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the BOTTOM Spooky Zone in Sonic Games?

3. What are your favorite Spooky Zone Music Tracks & BGMs?

4. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Spooky Zones in Sonic games?

5. What's another level theme you'd like to see fused together with Spooky Zones, that hasn’t been done yet, in Sonic games?

6. Would you personally, like to see a remixed or new Spooky Zone in an upcoming Mainline or Spinoff Sonic Game?

Monster Boss Discussion Questions
7. Which Monster Boss Battle on this list is the BEST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the TOP Monster Bosses in Sonic Games?

8. Which Monster Boss Battle on this list is the WORST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the BOTTOM Monster Bosses in Sonic Games?

9. What are your favorite Monster Boss Music Tracks & BGMs?

10. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Monster Boss Battles in Sonic games?

11. Would you personally, like to see a returning or new Monster Boss Battle in an upcoming Mainline or Spinoff Sonic Game?

Special Discussion Questions
12. What are your favorite spooky or Halloween outfits for Sonic and his friends?

13. What are some Monsters outside of the Games, like the cartoons or comics, in the Sonic Series that you like?

14. Anything. Feedback, questions, comments, etc.

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Fantastic write-up, great stuff as always @Sonictrainer!

I think you can now add Pinball Carnival Act 2 from Sonic Superstars to the mix now (I know you mentioned not including it in the OP but I don't think it'd be a massive spoiler). I quite like the funky music in that one.

Favourite spooky stages for me has to be Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes, they just get the vibe down just right. I think Mystic Caves is a close runner-up too! It's all about the environments and the music, baby!

While I adore Pyramid Cave in Sonic Adventure 2, I don't really consider it 'spooky' beyond the fact that it's inhabited by a bunch of ghosts. King Boom Boo is definitely a noteworthy 'spooky boss' though, so that guy would rank top of my list for that. :)

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I'm glad to see Skeleton Dome recognized here. "The White of Sky" gives me a very spooky feeling, and I've been replaying more Skeleton Dome levels in celebration of Halloween.

My favorites here have to be the ones from SatSR and Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion. 

Side note; I think Black Comet is a good contender for a spooky stage.


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Spooky Zone Discussion Questions
1. Which Spooky Zone on this list is the BEST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the TOP Spooky Zone in Sonic Games?

While there are some obvious stand outs like Pumpkin Hill or any version of the haunted pyramid from Angel island, my vote has to go Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes. The idea of being  trapped in a haunted mansion that actively pulls out all the stops to keep you inside, while not falling into full horror game territory is a delicate balance.

2. Which Spooky Zone on this list is the WORST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the BOTTOM Spooky Zone in Sonic Games?

Labyrinth of the Castle, despite having a spooky theme its just a standard Eggman base. Even Eggmanland had a connection to Dark Gaia.

3. What are your favorite Spooky Zone Music Tracks & BGMs?

Pumpkin Hill of course!

4. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Spooky Zones in Sonic games?

A Knuckles based level where he has to "Cleanse yourself of them evil spirits that's in you", its a interesting concept tied to Knuckles more spiritual side that we rarely get to see.

5. What's another level theme you'd like to see fused together with Spooky Zones, that hasn’t been done yet, in Sonic games?

A city thats more haunted than plagued by demons (Solaris/Dark Gaia) could be cool.

6. Would you personally, like to see a remixed or new Spooky Zone in an upcoming Mainline or Spinoff Sonic Game?

Honestly I wouldn't mind either, as long it had new canonical lore for King Boom Boo and the other ghosts from Angel Island. (since Runners didn't make the jump into the new continuity restored era apparently, which is fine I preferred him to be evil anyway)

Monster Boss Discussion Questions
7. Which Monster Boss Battle on this list is the BEST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the TOP Monster Bosses in Sonic Games?

In sense of the season, King Boom Boo, SA2's take on the ghosts that haunt Angel Island is brilliant IMO. Overall though? Thats too hard to choose, Perfect Chaos, Biolizard/Final Hazard, Dark Gaia and even Solaris are all contenders.

8. Which Monster Boss Battle on this list is the WORST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the BOTTOM Monster Bosses in Sonic Games?

The Deadly Six, I'm not fond of the Meta Era.

9. What are your favorite Monster Boss Music Tracks & BGMs?

Live and Learn, no contest.

10. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Monster Boss Battles in Sonic games?

I'm don't know honestly. Perhaps a better light and darkness mechanic for King Boom Boo?

11. Would you personally, like to see a returning or new Monster Boss Battle in an upcoming Mainline or Spinoff Sonic Game?

Returning for sure this time. I think we've of run the gambit of the type of monsters that could work with Sonic. Heck since IDW is now canon Sonic has even done zombies.

Special Discussion Questions
12. What are your favorite spooky or Halloween outfits for Sonic and his friends?

Sonic wore a mask that made him look that creepy image in CD in a promotional artwork for Halloween once, that was neat.

13. What are some Monsters outside of the Games, like the cartoons or comics, in the Sonic Series that you like?

Not really a monster but I think more magic/supernatural villains that can think and make reappearances like Nagus would help flesh out Sonic's world.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Alright, time for the birthday boy to answer his own discussion questions. :)

On 10/25/2023 at 9:00 PM, Sonictrainer said:

Spooky Zone Discussion Questions
1. Which Spooky Zone on this list is the BEST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the TOP Spooky Zone in Sonic Games?

I’m also going to give it to Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes.

There’s just so many questions that are left unanswered about it.

How much of the base is real?

Is it using some kind of virtual reality, unknown technology, or some kind of magic?

What are the skeletons that appear in the halls?

I originally thought the Pumpkin Ghosts were some type of hologram Badnik but now I know they just a type of ghost that exists there.


2. Which Spooky Zone on this list is the WORST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the BOTTOM Spooky Zone in Sonic Games?

Terror Tower from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

The name makes it sound like something similar to Haunted Castle.

Instead we get another variant of the previous stage.


3. What are your favorite Spooky Zone Music Tracks & BGMs?

When working on this list, I listened to a multitude of different spooky Sonic music.

I could make an entire list of my Favorite Spooky Zone Tracks, but I’ll save that for a future Halloween Topic.

I’m going to go with Hang Castle (Inverted Mix).


4. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Spooky Zones in Sonic games?

Gothic Gardens is one of the coolest ideas for a Zone that needs to be revisited as soon as possible.

Also, I want another take on a spooky amusement park, please.


5. What's another level theme you'd like to see fused together with Spooky Zones, that hasn’t been done yet, in Sonic games?

I want a haunted train Zone.

The only thing similar to what I’m talking about is the Train Graveyard in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


6. Would you personally, like to see a remixed or new Spooky Zone in an upcoming Mainline or Spinoff Sonic Game?

I’ll always be there, bewaring for a scare.

On 10/25/2023 at 9:00 PM, Sonictrainer said:

Monster Boss Discussion Questions
7. Which Monster Boss Battle on this list is the BEST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the TOP Monster Bosses in Sonic Games?

Perfect Chaos from Sonic Generations

There’s something very hype about Sonic taking perfect without having to go Super.

Plus, having the Boss Battle play like an actual Zone Sonic has to race through is also fun.


8. Which Monster Boss Battle on this list is the WORST in your opinion? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your contenders for the BOTTOM Monster Bosses in Sonic Games?

Iblis Phase 2 from Sonic 2006

It sucks that Sonic & Shadow’s one Boss Battle with Iblis drags on for way too long.


9. What are your favorite Monster Boss Music Tracks & BGMs?

  • Chaos’ Theme
  • Supporting Me (Original and all remixes)
  • Sonic Unleashed - Night Boss Theme
  • With Me by All Ends (Dark Queen Theme)
  • Deadly 6 Theme (the one with the Banjo)

10. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Monster Boss Battles in Sonic games?

I like the idea of Sonic fighting a giant monster in his regular form like in the Dark Gaia, Perfect Chaos (Generations), and the Starfall Island Titans before immediately switching to Super Sonic


11. Would you personally, like to see a returning or new Monster Boss Battle in an upcoming Mainline or Spinoff Sonic Game?

I’d love to rematch against the other Deadly 6, besides Zavok and Zazz.

On 10/25/2023 at 9:00 PM, Sonictrainer said:

Special Discussion Questions
12. What are your favorite spooky or Halloween outfits for Sonic and his friends?


  • Werehog

I don’t think he has any…


  • Skeleton Knuckles (Sonic Speed Simulator)
  • Mummy Knuckles (SEGA Hardlight)


  • Gothic Amy (I'm not sure where it originates from/Sonic Runners?)


  • Witch Cream (Sonic Channel)


  • Halloween Shadow (Sonic Channel)


  • Halloween Rouge (Sonic Adventure 2 Halloween DLC)
  • Witch Rouge (Sonic Channel)


  • Mummy Espio (Sonic Rivals 2)

Metal Sonic

  • Reaper Metal Sonic (Sonic Channel)

13. What are some Monsters outside of the Games, like the cartoons or comics, in the Sonic Series that you like?

The only one I could think of is the Second Devourer from Post Reboot of Archie


14. Anything. Feedback, questions, comments, etc.

Pictures and corrections are still in process for the opening post

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