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October 2023's Sonic Pict Illustration Shows Sage and Supreme Holding Out For Hope


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SEGA has marked the launch of the latest Sonic Frontiers DLC, Final Horizon, with a focus on Sage for this month's Sonic Pict illustration.


Shared by the official Sonic JP social media account this weekend, the beautifully-coloured piece shows a melancholic Sage staring off into the distance as The End can be seen approaching on the horizon. Supreme, one of the colossal Titans found among the Starfall Islands, is just vibing in the background there.

Here's the notes from SEGA about this illustration, from their social media account (machine translated):


Ouma is the island of Ouranos in time, facing the moon of the end at dusk...

An uneasy calm before the storm, with the threat of despair approaching...

What will she think at the end of her eternal memories and calculations, as she holds a very faint hope in her crushed heart...?

May light shine into all troubled hearts...! 

Via X

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Sage sits while Supreme poses in the background

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  • The title was changed to Sonic Pict October 2023: Sage & Supreme

I still have to play Sonic Frontiers, but this pic looks great to me.
I love the expression on Sage's face, and the color palette really suits the mood of this part of the year: great credit to Sonic Pict artists, I'm loving their work so far!

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The darkness falls,

Looking sorrowful

But those scars still can be



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