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Dr. Eggman Puts Up A Fight in October 2023 Sonic Wallpaper


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Get ready to do battle in October, because Sonic Channel's latest official Wallpaper artwork features none other than Dr. Eggman - and he's putting his dukes up in a new expressive pose!

The new art follows the same approach as other Sonic Wallpaper entries for 2023; to showcase well-known characters in cool and dynamic ways. It's not often we see Eggman in this kind of energetic stance, so this is a real treat for Eggheads everywhere.

Visit the Sonic Channel website for a full breakdown of the character artwork from Sonic Team designer Tomoko Hayane and for high-res downloads - or you can take the wallpapers included below for your chosen device.

Desktop Wallpaper


Mobile Wallpaper


Here's the quote from Hayane (provided by @Sonictrainer):


It's unusual for Dr. Eggman, a scientist, to be in a fighting pose...! No, or are they using the machines and robots they created to attack the enemy and watching with a look of satisfaction on their faces...? ? Either way, he has a fearless smile and a perfect pose, making him look really cool.

As you all know, Dr. Eggman is a big villain who has been plotting various evil schemes as Sonic's nemesis ever since his debut in the game Sonic the Hedgehog. There are times when he acts as a serious and dignified "evil genius scientist,'' but he also shows a slightly off-putting "angry old man'' side... Dr. I think this is because Eggman is not just a great villain, but also a great villain.

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Egg Style Martial Arts

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Ha, I love it! That's a really expressive pose for the Doc.

I do agree with the official description: He does look "really cool."

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As much as I love Doc, I honestly prefer to have non-human characters for wallpapers.
Considering Blaze is still to appear for 2023, I'm wondering who could be in for the last spot.
Of course, Metal Sonic and one Chaotix member are the most viable options.

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