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Warlock Infinite Announced for Sonic Forces Mobile


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Forthcoming to Speed Battle, Infinite is kicking off Halloween with a brand new character variant! Coming in as a challenger tier character, much like the base Infinite in the game, Infinite has combined the power of the Phantom Ruby with a whole brand new type of magic courtesy of a spell book.


The event will run from October 3rd, up until October 10th, giving you a full week to get him. If you missed Infinite and Mephiles’ rerun event, this is your chance to get a new Infinite!

As a challenger event, this will mean gathering 500 cards. Luckily however, in addition to free gift cards daily and daily missions, Warlock Infinite will show up as a AI racer in most races, and if you place in the top two spots, you’ll earn a challenger chest that can be unlocked within 30 minutes and will allow for a lot of cards for a dedicated player.

In addition to this however, a Rapid Recap event has been announced. During this, four previous characters will get one day reruns with decreased mission times and mission refresh prices. This is your chance to earn at least enough cards to unlock or upgrade these characters, so don’t miss em if you’ve been waiting!

Character events start and refresh at 12pm BST/7am EST/4am PDT.

  • Popstar Amy - September 29th
  • Darkspine Sonic - September 30th
  • DJ Vector - October 1st
  • Sir Percival (Black Knight Blaze) - October 2nd

Tons of new and returning characters are incoming, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

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Nice, I like the challenger tier events as its pretty easy to rack up a large number of cards, plus Infinites Halloween redesign looks cool!

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