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Detective Cream Investigates 'Mafia Don Big' in New Calendar Artwork


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Cream the Rabbit and Big the Cat feature in this latest 'Fantasy Artwork' for the official Sonic 2023 Calendar, and while we were expecting a unique scenario, we weren't expecting an actual Chao Black Market deal to go down!


Big the Cat won the most recent fan poll for a match-up with Cream, and rather than working together as in most of these resulting 'Isekai Ohgiri' artworks, we see the pair working against one another. Cream the Detective is seen scoping out an exchange between "Mafia Don Big" and the Chao Black Market dealer, with the shifty feline receiving a golden Chao egg.

What could possibly be going on? Well, SEGA's Sonic Channel would like you to create your own scenarios here and see what you can come up with. But if you're stuck, the official website has been updated with a full story that accompanies the image. It turns out the Mafia Don is not quite what he seems... You can also download a full calendar PDF for October 2023 with this artwork included from the same website.

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Didn't expect to see a Black Market deal.

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Finally, she gets her due detective story after missing on "Murder of Sonic".

Cheese's hat is too cute.

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Watch out Tails, now its Cream and Cheese's time to shine! Why is Big so sus though?

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