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Japan-Asia Tour For Sonic Official Fan Meeting Announced


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SEGA has announced that it will be kicking off a 'Sonic Official Fan Meeting' tour across Japan and Asia, as part of an expanded regional community outreach program.


Announced with seemingly new Sonic character artwork above, the "Sonic Official Fan Meeting: Japan-Asia Tour 2023-24" (phew, that was a mouthful) will aim to have discussions and activities between SEGA staff and the local Sonic community. There may even be a guest appearance or two if past events are anything to go by.

While last year there was only one Fan Meeting in Tokyo (and you can see how that went on the official SEGA website here), this time around the number of events have been increased to six, focusing on four major cities in Japan as well as events in Seoul and Taipei.

The official Sonic Channel website has a page where fans who are interested in attending can complete an application to participate - for the Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka events, you have until September 30 to get your forms in if you want to take part, as there is limited space (between 30-50 people capacity per venue).

Here is the current schedule, as per Sonic Channel:

  • Sunday, November 5, 2023
    Tokyo: Sega Head Office Osaki Garden Tower
  • Saturday, December 16, 2023
    Osaka: TKP Garden City PREMIUM Osaka Station
  • Saturday, January 20, 2024
    Fukuoka: TKP Hakata Ekimae City Center
  • Saturday, April 20, 2024
    Sapporo: TKP Garden City PREMIUM Sapporo Odori
  • Scheduled for February 2024
    Seoul: Details to be announced at a later date
  • Scheduled for March 2024
    Taipei: Details to be announced at a later date
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