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Classic Tails Build-A-Figure Advent Calendar Open For Pre-Orders


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SEGA Shop has officially announced a brand new Tails-themed build-a-figure advent calendar, in the same festive style as its successful Sonic figure in 2021. It's due for release in November 2023, and pre-orders are open right now.


This is the completed Tails figure. Isn't he adorable?

Just like with its predecessor, this figure comes in a big box full of 24 smaller boxes, each one numbered with days of the month of December. Each day, you open a box up, find a new piece, and put it together to help complete the puzzle. By the time Christmas rolls around, you'll have a fancy little statue to sit on your mantelpiece, glass cabinet, or wherever you keep your favourite Sonic trinkets.


This picture is a little bit cursed, though.

Pre-orders are now open on the SEGA Shop website, at a price of £79.99 - which is a little more expensive than its 2021 Sonic counterpart. We're putting that all down to supersonic inflation. But, if it's something you can afford, it'll be sure to be an adorable new piece to add to your collection.

Check out more images and a product description, from the SEGA Shop site, below.


Countdown the days until Christmas and build your very own Tails figurine that you can display and keep forever.  Get into the festive mood with our range of figurine advent calendars, Countdown Characters®. Build a premium quality figure based on your favourite games, movies and TV series to add to the thrill of Christmas. Beginning on December 1st, open a drawer each day to reveal a new aspect of your figure. With 24 components altogether, you’ll complete it by Christmas Eve and have it ready to be kept as a keepsake or gift to a loved one. 

  • Official SEGA product. 
  • Designed and engineered by Numskull Designs. 
  • High-quality figurine split into 24 pieces. 
  • Comes in Collector’s Box - useful packaging, featuring handy drawers, that has other uses once you’ve built your figurine. 
  • This figurine features Tails standing on ‘ice’ by the Checkpoint. 
  • Starting on December 1st, open a door every day to reveal a new part of your model. 
  • Pieces are push-fit—no glue required! 
  • Have your model complete by Christmas Eve, ready to be gifted or kept as a collectable. 
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​ £80!!!??!!! 🧐 ​I paid 45 for the Sonic one in Game last November! I know there has been inflation over the last 12 months, but still!!!

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Is it only UK? I'm not seeing it on the US Sega shop and the UK shop doesn't let me select US as my region in checkout :/

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On 9/25/2023 at 7:08 PM, PIZZA ALERT said:

Is it only UK? I'm not seeing it on the US Sega shop and the UK shop doesn't let me select US as my region in checkout :/

Yeah this is for the SEGA UK shop, I'm not sure if they export to other countries but the US SEGA Shop is generally operated by a different company I think (whereas the UK/Europe one is directly managed by Numskull, that produces a lot of these products).

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