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WIN: A Ticket to A Sonic Symphony Performance of Your Choice! [Ended]


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Ever since I became a fan of the Sonic series, I really love the different soundtracks and music the Sonic series has throughout it's history, from the original 90s games starting with the iconic Green Hill Zone Tune, to the 2000s rock songs "Open Your Heart", "Live and Learn", "Sonic Heroes", and "All of Me" from Crush 40, to the amazing and beautiful soundtracks of Sonic 2006, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Lost World, and to the recent Sonic Frontiers with it's mixture of slow and solemn tone across the Starfall Islands and the epic boss battle songs against the Titans. The Sonic Symphony Orchestra gives a new experience to the soundtracks, with them being performed in a amazing way.

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The music of the whole Sonic franchise is as notorious to it's reputation as the Blue Blur himself! It certainly caught my attention when I was a little girl, without a major console of my own but I had a little VHS television and what was called at the time a "plug-and-play" that had Sonic 1 on it! I'm fairly certain playing that game as much as I did as a young gal is what inspired me to enjoy chiptunes as an adult.

Though I had to skip ahead to it-- Sonic '06 went a slightly more dramatic route than previous games, I loved the atmosphere it created-- and you could ask any of my friends what my favorite musical creation made for the Sonic games ever is definitely Dreams of an Absolution. From there on out I played all the rest of the games, jamming to the Crush40 guitars of the storybook games (notably SatBK), vibing to the BGM of Sonic Unleashed in all the unique cultural themes, and jamming Sonic Colors and the perfectly matching energy of music to the levels they were associated with. 

I had little complaint to the re-introduction of rock/metal with Sonic Forces and later, Frontiers. 

No matter how many times SEGA changed the genre on us, they managed to rock it out and make it great. And that was proven when I witnessed the 30th Anniversary Symphony live on Twitch. I did cry, to be honest. You bet that I was pacing around and singing with each vocal performance and got excited to point out each and every song I recognized. True I am not the person who's played every game and read every comic book, but as a long-time community artist, merch collector, and someone who's always been a big fan of Sonic in general-- listening to that beautiful orchestra recollect all the memories I've had playing the games in the past was enough to remind me just how fortunate I was to have those memories in the first place. 

Good luck to whoever is posting, and here's to whatever SEGA is going to inspire us with next! 


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Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I wanted to update and let you know that we have picked a winner! Congratulations @Laser - please keep an eye out for a DM from me so we can go over some details and secure your tickets!

I've edited the original post with winner details and some honourable mentions - you're all super-amazing fans and the Sonic community is lucky to have you all! :youdidit:

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Oh my gosh!!!!! Thank you all so much!!!!! This means so much to me, my father, and my family! I screamed so much when I read my name as the winner! Look out Chicago, here we come! Dreadknux, I'll contact you as soon as I can to get Back Orchestra seats since those are the only ones available where it's close to the stage and where my dad and I can sit together according to the website! Again, I am very blessed to win this incredible opportunity. You have made my whole day!!! :)

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