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WIN: A Ticket to A Sonic Symphony Performance of Your Choice! [Ended]


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The time is almost upon us! The Sonic Symphony is going on a World Tour, with opening shows this coming weekend in London, UK - and to celebrate, the Sonic Stadium is working with MGP Live to stage a special giveaway!

So, fancy a ticket to the greatest Sonic music show on earth?


The Prize

On the Sonic Stadium website (read: here), we are giving one lucky winner ONE Ticket to a Sonic Symphony World Tour performance of their choice (as long as the show is not sold out). Winners will also get a +1 Ticket to the same performance so they can bring a friend or family member with them.

You can check the confirmed performances that you can choose from in the image below. At time of writing, the UK and Los Angeles shows are sold out - so winners will be able to grab a ticket to any other Sonic Symphony World Tour performance!


Many thanks to MGP Live, the production company behind the Sonic Symphony World Tour, for providing the Prizes.

What You Need To Do

Sounds like a tasty prize, right? Well, it can't be easier for you to have a chance of winning! Here's how you can be in with a shot of getting a free ticket to the Symphony:

  • Login to your Sonic Stadium account (register if you don't have one)

  • Post a Comment/Reply to this Story/Topic, about the Sonic Symphony and Sonic Music in general. The more interesting, the better! You could talk about why you're excited about the Sonic Symphony World Tour, your memories of the online Sonic Symphony for Sonic's 30th Anniversary, what it would mean for you to get a ticket to the show, or even chat about your favourite music tracks and how they might sound in an orchestral performance.

  • Make sure your post is made before Friday 15 September 21:00 UK Time.

  • We will read through the thread and pick a winner based on the comments. The more interesting your comment, the better your chances of winning!

  • It's okay to post more than once, if you're having a conversation with others (don't spam the website though, that's an auto-disqualification). The number of posts you make won't have any bearing on your chances of winning though, so just have fun! 

UPDATE: Sep/15: This contest is now closed, and no further entries or comments will be considered.

The objective here is to have a great conversation about the Sonic Symphony and the world of Sonic Music - your favourite songs, most adored composers, the works - with the rest of the Sonic Community on this website. If you find yourself having a conversation with a fellow Sonic fan here, you can keep that going as long as you like. There are no real rules to the chat here - as long as you post here at least once, you'll be entered! How the conversation goes is up to you!

The Winner

UPDATE: Sep/15: We had a wonderful response to this giveaway contest! Thank you to all who took part, and for those who are newly registered, I'd like to welcome you to the Sonic Stadium community! I hope you can stick around and find like-minded Sonic the Hedgehog fans to chat with. We have cookies!

We loved reading all of your thoughtful comments and discussions about Sonic music, the Symphony and what Sonic the Hedgehog means to you... at the end of the day, though, we were extremely moved by @Laser's post about growing up enjoying Sonic media with their dad, and being able to share a new memory together at the Sonic Symphony is incredibly sweet. You can read it here.

Congratulations Laser! A Sonic Symphony ticket for you (and your dad) at the performance of your choice will be heading your way, as soon as we confirm some details over DM.

Some honourable mentions in the comment feed were (in no particular order): @Ghelatlishol's career-defining story and how the power of Sonic the Hedgehog's music defined a life in more ways than one; @emmysama and their mission to share the good word of Sonic soundtracks with friends, family and every music-inclined person in-between; and @periwinkleclouds's thoughtful review of the series' aural history (and we agree, Sonic 06's music was lined with wall-to-wall bangers, despite its more dramatic direction!).

We really appreciate your contributions to the community discussion, along with everyone else who not only entered this contest, but everyone who takes the time to come to the site and forums and engage with fellow fans with their thoughts on our favourite game series.

More Chances To Win!

We are also holding a Sonic Symphony World Tour giveaway on our Twitter/X channel, for the same prize (one ticket to a Symphony performance of choice with a +1), you can check out our social post and enter that too by clicking here. Double your chances!

UPDATE: Sep/15: Our Twitter contest is also closed, and no further reposts will be considered.

Thanks and Small Print

  • Prize is subject to availability and is limited to performances that are not sold out. We cannot predict when shows will be fully booked - while we will do our best to accommodate the winner's chosen venue and date, we cannot guarantee it. If a show is sold out, an alternative show will be offered.

  • Although this is a special occasion, SSMB posting guidelines are still in full effect so please post responsibly.

  • Prizes have been offered and will be provided by MGP Live, the production company behind Sonic Symphony World Tour. Many thanks to MGP Live for working with us on this giveaway!


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Was almost 6 years old when I first heard the Sonic theme and Green Hill Zone, and I've been hearing them for 32 years now. And listened to tunes for every Sonic games ever since. If there's one thing where the Sonic franchise almost never fails, it's music. And hearing them officially played by an orchestra two years ago was something of a dream come true. I've been at three Video Games Live concerts, but now a fully Sonic one? Would be so great!

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I remember on the morning of the digital symphony, Sam Procrastinates was streaming his reaction and he had a whole entire suit on and everything. I found it so funny, but I also wanted to do the same because it just felt right. So I grabbed my, at the time, middle school choir outfit which still fit me, a vest, and tie. I put on a Team Sonic Racing pin on my vest, and I happily watched Sam’s stream on my TV while looking spiffy. I also watched Fadel GamesCage’s stream on my computer, since that concert was how I first found his Twitch channel. It was so much fun listening to these orchestrations of music that I grew up with. My favorites were definitely the Game Gear Medley, Colors Medley, and Mania Medley. And I was very surprised when Tomoya Ohtani and his Band played Speak with Your Heart, the symphony version of that song is the best one.

While I am excited to know that Tomoya Ohtani and Jun Senoue are going to be part of some of the shows, I think the main thing that would mean a lot to me getting a ticket to the Symphony would be to see a bunch of my online friends that are also Sonic fans. They’re coming from all over to visit for the nearby showings in my state! They’re some of the most talented and kindest people I know and getting a ticket would help me get a chance to meet them in person. Taking pictures, saying hello, maybe a few big hugs, and just us talking about our most favorite Hedgehog in the world. It would be so awesome. I’m really ecstatic for when the World Tour starts up on the 16th, and for those who have already gotten tickets, I genuinely hope you have the most Way Past Cool time ever!

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I’m highly anticipating going for the Toronto date. Based on what I hear about the symphony, they’re the best and I cannot wait to hear the pieces from many games that I hopefully will recognize.

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I remember watching the Sonic Symphony on YouTube, and I was blown away by how the music sounded with a full live orchestra. The Crush 40 songs especially (including Live and Learn and Open Your Heart) were a massive improvement over the original. I personally love video game music that is perfomed live, because it elevates the music to a whole new level, and proves that video game music is indeed art. Not just the Sonic Symphony either. I've also been listening to the Undertale Concert a lot, and it's just further proof that video game music sounds better with a live orchestra.

I'm personally hoping to go to the Atlanta date, so hopefully I win

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I've been a fan of Sonic's music as long as I've been a fan of the franchise - so, since the original MegaDrive game! I own multiple soundtracks (Sonic Heroes ftw) and whenever I go to the gym, I find Sonic music and songs are the best to work out to! Rooftop Run on the treadmill is perfection.

Regarding Sonic Symphony, this'll be my FIFTH time considering going! I've turned down multiple tickets because I couldn't get to London, but if I win this time? I'M GOING FOR SURE BAYBEEEEE. And if they play Team Chaotix I'm singing along.

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Watched the stream of the last symphony, it was wild. Part symphony, part rock concert, all awesome. I remember sharing it with my brother (a classic fan) and my cousin (awesome musician). My cousin's kid is big into Sonic. It was a great way for them to bond.

I would love to take one of them with me to the Toronto or Montreal show.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is probably THE reason why I got into music in general. I am now a professional musician, and soon to be an elementary music teacher again. (Probably starting next week!) I remember my uncle used to burn me CDs of the soundtracks from the games because I was so in love with the music. I'd listen to them on the school bus, on field trips, etc. imagining myself going through the levels while watching the landscape outside go by.

Sonic's music has always been top-tier, designed in such a way that its influence and power would last for ages to come. And I think this fanbase speaks to that reality. From the very start, Masato Nakamura, the first composer, wanted to make Sonic's music of cinematic quality. It was meant to tell a story. And it has continued to do so every time.

The list of names who have contributed to this franchise is both varied and spectacular, from the likes of Michael Jackson (allegedly) & Brad Buxer, Richard Jacques and the incomparable vocals of T.J. Davis (the soundtrack of Sonic R IS the 90's encapsulated,) to the amazing talent of Jun Senoue and Crush 40, etc. 

I used to scour YouTube for any traces I could find of orchestral renditions of Sonic's music. I dreamed of the day that we'd see a full length "live-action" Sonic film so we could hear his music the way it was meant to be: cinematic! And that day came. I actually went to the theatre to see the first movie three times before the pandemic shut everything down. It was a dream 25 years in the making, and it had been fulfilled!

To have the chance to experience what I did when I watched the 30th anniversary on YouTube, but in person, would be a dream fulfilled once more. Sonic is one of the main reasons I am a musician. I owe that little blue guy a lot. He's been my friend as far back as I can remember. 

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I’ve been a huge fan of sonic the hedgehog for a long time by now. I remember my first ever sonic game I played was Sonic Heroes for the GameCube. The game was notoriously difficult for me but ignoring the difficulty, i had LOTS of fun playing that game. I remember how much my cousin got angry every time I beat him on the 2 player mode 😂. Sonic X was my childhood. It was never SpongeBob or anything else like that, it was always Sonic X. I’m pretty sure my mother has a video of me running around the living room like sonic XD. 
 Now let’s talk about the music. I always loved the music from Sonic the Hedgehog. Especially the soundtrack from Sonic unleashed, I would put the soundtrack on loop whenever I did my homework or draw. But what I think is better has got to be the Crush 40 songs. Open Your Heart, Live and Learn, I am All of me, Knight of the wind, and etc. I love their music and I even learned Live and Learn by ear on the guitar! 
 I would be absolutely honored to receive a ticket to the symphony. If I get this ticket, it would make my entire year. 

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I have been a Sonic fan since I was ten years old when my dad introduced me to the video game. Later, he got me my first comic book. It was part one of the Silver Saga from the Archie comics. I was immediately hooked and spent the years since collecting from both the Archie and IDW series. I even read to him before bed when I was younger because he wanted me to practice reading when I was struggling in school. My dad was there when I went to see the first movie, and he was there when I listened to the online Sonic Symphony concert. Now, I want him to be there with me going to see the amazing music group in person. 

My dad and I are both drummers. We love the same music and have taught each other ways to improve our technique. As soon as I heard about the concert, I was completely ecstatic. I remember the online Sonic Symphony performance vividly. My dad and I were both in the living room of our house. I was holding a Sonic plush and we got goosebumps when the opening number began to play. We flipped out when Crush 40 made an appearance. It was my dream to go to a live concert, and it felt like I was living the dream with my dad despite the concert being virtual. Our favorite moment of the entire concert, however, was the tracks of Escape from the City and Live and Learn. As soon as I heard the classic bass licks followed by the rest of the symphony, I began to jam and sang along to the catchy tune. It would mean so much if my dad and I were able to share another sonic memory as these opportunities do not come by every day. :)

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Sonic the Hedgehog's music shaped me as a person. It's really cheesy to say but it's true. Ever since I was a little kid playing Sonic Heroes I understood how music is important to the whole experience. Learning "What I'm made of" as a kid who didn't know a thing about English was a pretty interesting experience.
To this day I thank this series for introducing me to so many bands, genres and overall great music.
Having a chance to experience the music live would be like a life fulfillment and this is what the original Sonic Symphony was kinda like. We all know how it went but you get what I mean.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was the first game I ever in the early 90s with my mom. The music, especially Emerald Hill & Chemical Plant are etched in my brain. I really like orchestral music too (the classics, filmscores, trailermusic). I love to listen to orchestral versions of Sonic music. I'm just a huge fan! 😀

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I have been hooked into the series for 3 years and I love the music so much. When I first played Sonic, the music lured me in to play more! They set the game overall and themes like Music plant, Green hill, or Stardust speedway helped me truly enjoy the gift of music.  Basically I love listening to Sonic music and they can brighten up a dark day. Sonic helped me understand the internet because before, in elementary, I wouldn't understand the antics of the people around me and I would get really confused. The Sonic franchise taught me to enjoy the little things and that anybody can change the world no matter how small. I love this franchise from the bottom of my heart and no other franchise will change my mind.:arigato:


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The other day I recommended the Sonic Frontiers soundtrack to my friend that enjoys edm. A week before that I sent Sonic Adventure 2 music to my friend after discussing the versatility of the electric guitar. I showed my partner the the day theme of Windmill Isle after learning of her love of the violin. I've even walked an old acquaintance through the different examples of the samples used throughout the series, like in Sonic 3 and Rush.

I say this all just as examples of how much I am deeply invested in the music of this series. It generational tunes always manage to get me moving no matter what sound track. No matter the game, system, composer, it's probably one of the most well rounded collections of soundtracks in a game franchise. I've argued in the past that even if you hate the gameplay and characters and everything else, you cannot hate on the music, its that good. 

I actually had a plan to drive out all the way to D.C to show my partner the majesty of the Sonic music live. Her love of orchestral music and my second concert ever would've hopefully have made for a beautiful weekend trip.

However, I was a fool to wait on it, and now all the seats are out of my price range . 

If I'm not selected, then its not the end of the world, that's just how it be. I watched the original orchestra live and I can watch it again. I actually was saving rewatching it for a long time so I could have it fresh for when I saw it live. But if I do get the chance to see the live performance, that would be pretty swell start to the new year. (this is running long so I'm ending it abruptly here)

Also, when I was younger I walked around a table in the back of my grandmother's home singing "Escape From the City" silently to myself for like half an hour and I think that's pretty funny. :wheeze:

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Man I'd love to get my hands on some tickets. I debated on buying some, but I'm a boring grown up who just moved houses and has bills to pay. If I got to go I'd take my wife, and hope that I can get her more interested into this blue blur we all know and love so well.

My favorite song would definitely be Live and Learn, I grew up at just the right time for SA2 to form my childhood, lol. My wife's fav is Endless Possibilities, she loves the new live version from the streamed concert.

Good luck to everyone!

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the sonic symphony tour, a whole some experience to watched it online after they played it and put in youtube.

i watched a bit of a 45 minutes a 1 hour just that time stamp made me a happy sonic fan  to hear that glory performance!

the next day i watched it again and again, they performed the classic sonic music so well with the orchestra.

even with my favorite band crush 40 with 'knight of the wind' and 'Open your heart!

and my favorite track 'Live and learn' a track that kept me going through life.

even if they are not present to hangout there will be a wish come true in that same musical living experience

"Hold on to what if" a sentence that kept me beleaving in the positive note of life and sitation that had come in my life.

i was ten years that i heard after school hours what this sonic blue blurr was.

after that encounter i was planning to buy new games in a back then a old game store with dvd's, pc games and VHR sets!

i searched the shelf for now a world changing encounter, for to become a fan of sonic, to find Sonic heroes pc version!

right after that found it i did not had the money... but after days of coming back i had my weekly payment from my parents to buy that game.

from that moment my sonic fan world became to open to have my first adventure of sonic the hedgehog and friends!

why i wanna go to sonic symphony?

to meet other fan in the sonic fan in the francise.

to feel the vibe in the community present while we shout the lyrics out of happyness!

to feel less lonely, even with my disability, i believe that i can overcome many things.

some harder then others but 'Hold on to what if' that it will be alright, and that my ten years olds wish maybe come true and say: "It doesn't matter now what happens I will never give up the fight!"

I wish everyone good luck with this! may your chances and dream come true one day.

wish you all a fantastic day.

fingers crossed!

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Believe in myself: Sonic The Hedgehog is my sweet passion since I first played Sonic The Hedgehog on my Master System III.

My heart is open to watch this performance and finally see in person my favorite game composer, Jun Senoue.

The Sonic Symphony tour dates here in Brazil are the last ones before Sonic Superstars launch. I'm so excited to see how this performance is going to be.

Watching this performance absolutely does matter to me!
Tails crossed :ezpost-tails: 

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