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SEGA Announces Sonic Themed Collaboration With Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park


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SEGA and Fuji-Q Highland have announced a new collaboration event, aptly named ‘SONIC SQUARE’ to be held from September 27th (Wednesday) to October 15th (Sunday), 2023!

The event will feature attractions with Sonic and friends, announcements throughout the park, and photo spots that recreate in-game stages and items. This event will offer plenty of activities, including exclusive puzzle-solving games and a gacha game that you can only experience during this event!

Check out the promotional video released alongside the announcement, below!


Event Overview:

Photo Spots: There will be photo panels featuring characters from the Sonic series placed throughout the park. Additionally, there will be photo spots that recreate iconic stages like Green Hill Zone and rings from the games.

Attractions & Park Announcements: Popular attractions at Fuji-Q Highland and park announcements will be hosted by various characters from the Sonic series.

Collaboration Menu: Enjoy collaboration menus featuring items from the Sonic series at the park’s dining establishments.

Puzzle-solving Game: An interactive puzzle-solving game will take place throughout Fuji-Q Highland. Participants will solve puzzles while searching for scattered characters from the Sonic series.

Gacha Game: Collect gacha tickets distributed after completing the puzzle-solving game to participate in a gacha game. Prizes include exclusive Chaos Emerald-shaped candy and the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Frontiers.


Full story can be found via the link above. Would love to experience this event. What's your thoughts on this?

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