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October Sonic Fantasy Poll Will See Cream Investigate Amy or Big


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Fan voting for the next month's "Isekai Ohgiri" Sonic Fantasy Art piece has kicked off in earnest, and it seems like October 2023's Calendar Art will have a little bit of a 'Team Rose' vibe about it.

The two character choices this time around are between Amy Rose and Big the Cat, and the winner will be placed in a strange and new scenario with Cream the Rabbit and her Chao buddy Cheese.


Cream the Rabbit has been in the voting lineup a number of times this year, and fans have so far rejected her every potential appearance, so this month the Sonic Channel art team is not giving you a choice. Justice for Cream and Cheese, at last!

According to the Sonic Channel post (machine translated), "The talented little detective, Cream will appear! The rumored thing to investigate on Halloween night, is it "Very Dark / Mystical" Amy? Or "Mafia Don" Big ?"

If you want to place your vote, you better do it fast as the poll will close on Monday 4 September at 12:00 Japan time! At time of posting, Big the Cat is currently winning, but everything can change in the final hours of a given poll as we've learned! Get voting!

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YESSSSS!!! This time Cream's not getting screwed out of the isekai series! It's HER time to shine! 

Personally hoping for Amy to get the vote because I've been starving for Amy and Cream's sisterhood. But of course, Big is taking the lead, with most calls being to vote for him... I guess I should accept that: all the underdog characters had been winning these votes, and last months vote had Omega beating Shadow to be featured with Rouge. Ultimately, I'm just glad Cream won't be left out.

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YAHOOO! Sega is finally giving some love to Team Rose after all with Amy being playable in games, Big being in Prime, and more official art for Cream! I

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