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Rouge and Omega Practice Master Ikebana in September 2023 Calendar Art


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The latest monthly artwork for the 2023 Sonic Calendar has been revealed, featuring Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega teaming up to... practice the ancient flower-arranging art of ikebana?


It's all part of the 'Sonic Fantasy Artwork' series - or Isekai Ohgiri - that takes two Sonic the Hedgehog characters and places them in new and interesting scenarios. Rouge in a kimono studiously trying to get the right positioning on the flowers does seem a little out of character for her, while seeing Omega in a hakama and patiently observing in a zen-like fashion is definitely out of pocket for this MDK machine.


Sonic Channel's website has a page dedicated to the new piece, with a full story coming soon. In the meantime, the page invites fans to imagine what the two characters may be thinking and saying at a time like this:


This time, Rouge, who works on ikebana in a dignified kimono, and Omega, who is wearing a hakama, will appear! What is the purpose of Rouge, who beautifully arranges flowers of steel...?

You can download a hi-res PDF of the September 2023 Calendar Art from Sonic Channel's website here.

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That vase looks suspiciously like the Master Emerald...

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Thanks for sharing this love seeing Rouge and Omega together In that Sonic Channel Calendar.

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Beautiful! Love that colours and atmosphere:) And I find that Omega's coming a bit forgotten, so glad they give him a chance.

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September is one of my favourite months, and I really feel this pic captures the essence of it quite well. The mixture of light and shading, the colours, even the choice of Rouge and Omega: everything looks perfect! I really like this one. Wishing everybody a great month and autumn!

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