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New Sonic Superstars Key Art Surfaces With Eggman, Fang and Trip


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A new version of the Sonic Superstars key art has been discovered that includes Dr. Eggman, Fang and Trip alongside the four Sonic heroes.


A digital capture of the key art taken and shared by 'Sonic_Plush1' on social media

The above image, posted on social media, was shared by keen-eyed user 'Sonic_Plush1' and shows the three main villains of the game posing in the most dastardly of ways. We particularly like Eggman's look here - he's not messing around!


An off-screen photo taken by 'Sonic_Plush1' on social media

According to Sonic City, the image appears as a splash screen for players who have already pre-ordered the game on the digital Xbox Store and try to load the application up. You won't get the game this early, but at least you get a cool looking piece of art to gawp at while you wait for October to roll around.

Are you pre-ordering Sonic Superstars? Are you going to try and see if you can get this artwork to appear on your Xbox? Let us know in the comments area below!

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This looks amazing to look at what do you think of this?

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Looks awesome! I've never seen eggman in a giant ring before in any art.

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1 hour ago, A super No.1 washedupgamer said:

Looks awesome! I've never seen eggman in a giant ring before in any art.

Same here like you mentioned I have never seen Eggman In a giant ring before fascinating and very different as well.

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SO glad they're finally ditching the hair textures on Classic Eggman! It never looked right on such a simplistic design. 


(Seriously, who thought this looked good!?)

Now if they could just make Classic Knux's shoes a more orangy-red again, it'd help differentiate him from Modern Knux better!


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Eggman in a giant ring? Sonic, go and save the Emeralds!!!

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