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Sonic Mania End Credits Theme Demo Released In Celebration of Its 6th Anniversary


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A few days ago, Tee Lopes, the main composer for Sonic Mania, released an early version of Sonic Mania’s “Stage Clear” jingle. Today, Sonic Mania celebrates its 6th anniversary, and he’s back at it again, this time releasing an early version of the game’s end credits theme.

Check out the comparison below!



I did a search In the forum If this has been posted yet but It doesn't seem posted. This Is amazing and I love Sonic Mania brings back so many memories of this game.

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Yeah, it definitely sounds better than what we got in the end. Still sad there was no short jingles of each zone like in the credits of each of the classic trilogy games, if you know what I mean.

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Agreed - this is actually much more fitting for the credits IMO than what was used in the end. 

I suppose they wanted something a bit more uplifting compared to this very Sonic CD/NiGHTS retrostalgic chill. 

But yeah, sad times it still wasn’t the typical remixed melody run through like the classic games used to do.

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