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Japan Getting Mega Drive Mini 2, Will Include Sonic CD

GX -The Spindash-
Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Japan Getting Mega Drive Mini 2, Will Include Sonic CD at some point.

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This morning, SEGA is... well, is actually still in the middle of a reveal stream of a new retro project, a second Mega Drive Mini console based on the design of the Mega Drive 2 (the one with the power button instead of the toggle switch). The micro-console is set to launch on October 27. While it has not been confirmed for any sort of release outside of Japan, it does promise to bigger than the original, featuring 50 games including Mega CD (A.K.A. SEGA CD) titles.

And yes! One of them will indeed be Sonic CD, in its original emulated form with its highly compressed animated sequences (though hopefully no load times).

Details on the Mega Drive Mini 2 are still coming out, like literally, right now, they're still showing off what games are on it as I'm writing this (they're in the middle of revealing Bonanza Brothers at the moment), but if there are further Sonic games, or international release details, we'll be sure to update!

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Posted By: YoshiAngemon

My guess, with the chip shortage, the International Release would probably be Limited, so Limited Run Games might be a choice to release it through, because they did the Astro City Mini International Release. I mean, if I can't get the Genesis Mini 2, I'll just mod my Genesis Mini 1 to have only the games I care about that will be on the Mini 2, like Sonic CD, or just buy Sonic Origins, because that has it in a greater format.

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Posted By: Greatsong1

Meh, there is nothing confirmed (so far) that interest me or that I haven’t played before. Glad atleast for everyone who will enjoy this though.

Also, appearently Sega considered a Saturn Mini & Dreamcast Mini but costs were too high due to the pandemic.


Since the “Mini” treatment is unlikely to happen Sega should have just continued the Sega Ages line (or just make a new collection series) featuring the Arcade models, the Saturn or the Dreamcast games. I would buy those in a heartbeat.

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