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The Sonic Musical Spectacular Runs Again for 2023! Enter Your Submissions Now!

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This topic was good and got turned into The Sonic Musical Spectacular Runs Again for 2023! Enter Your Submissions Now! at some point.

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It's that time of year again! The annual Sonic Music Spectacular is warming up for another run - and to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog's 32nd birthday, the Sonic Stadium community is opening up submissions for the 2023 event right now!


If you're not familiar with this event, the Sonic Music Spectacular is a community event organised by @Ryannumber1gamer that has been running for eight years now. It's a celebration of the music of Sonic the Hedgehog, allowing fans to contribute their favourite tracks to a playlist that is then streamed for all to enjoy! Users who take part will earn themselves exclusive Event Achievements as well. It's loads of fun, and I'm so psyched that it's coming back for another session in 2023.

This year, the theme of the "SMS" is centred around the April Fools Day gag game, The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog. So as you'd expect, the event's artwork and all the Achievements you can earn are similarly themed! The more you participate in the music event, the more Achievements you can earn (these take the form of cute little tickets, and rank from Knuckles all the way up to Super Sonic).

Full details are in the special Community Event topic on the Forums - check it out, read the rules and learn about what you need to do (there's a lot of text, but honestly, it's really quite simple to take part), and then post your music requests in that topic! The closing date for entries is 23 July 2023 - exactly a month after Sonic's birthday. After that, you may miss the chance to get any Achievements (or worse, have your music choices represented in the final stream). So go do it now!

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